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Amazingly, I didn't even get any splashback on my specs.  Still not sure how I managed that tbqh, I'm just thankful for small miracles.

What I did manage to do is cock up the valve adjustment by reading the wrong bit of the manual because my goodness I'm so tired and I just need a holiday and can't take one... so I have to go back in and redo it all again to the correct gaps.  At least it'll be a lot less grimy and stuck this time around.

The new rocker cover gasket appears to have cured the miasma of burning oil that wafts into the cabin too, so that's nice.

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2 minutes ago, grogee said:

Mine is now stainless too. I wonder if they're the same system? Mine has a tailpipe that seems to stick out a bit too far, I've been thinking I might trim it a bit.



Mine's not fully stainless it turns out.   Tailpipe and backbox are, the rest looks to be mild steel.  Your exhaust does stick out a long way, at least in that shot, perhaps it's originally for a van?  Nothing an angle grinder can't fix.

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You know when a chip ends up lost at the bottom of the oven for [redacted] and turns into a little black bit of carbon?  That's what the old cork gasket looked and felt like.  I fitted a new one, it should tolerate a refit so I shan't replace it unless I have to.

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  • vulgalour changed the title to Maestro, please. - Cornflakes

Let's have a go at some video write ups, see how we get.  Pat is now testing negative for Covid and is almost entirely well again, which is super.  I've been testing negative since he contract it, but I've also spent the last few days having all the Covid symptoms on speedrun so that's been pretty appaling.  Today I'm sore, my sinuses are blocked, and my temperature is very up and down.  Still, gives me time to try and get caught up on this since I can take breaks as I write if I need to.


The old lower front grille on the Maestro is bust and repaired and needs replacing.  The fixings holding it on aren't original.


The repair works, so I can't fault the creator of it on that front, I can just do better.  First up is removing the four fixings that hold it in place, one at each end of the grille and two in the middle.



The passenger side one proved more challenging because the head had turned to rust.  The stack of improvised parts was curious too.


I'm not entirely sure what the wrinkle paint coated aluminium was off originally that was used to repair the old grille, perhaps some old electrical device?  They'd gone to a lot of trouble with shaping and cutting out holes for air flow, pretty commendable stuff really, just like that front wing.  Just seems a bit strange this much effort was undertaken rather than just buying a replacement.

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Apparently, the original fixings are plastic with a push pin that spreads the legs on the back of the fixing to hold it all in place.  I didn't have anything like that so I reused the plastic squares from the old fixings, some grommet things scavenged from the inside of Princess doors, and some suitable screws.  These worked pretty well.


For a belt and braces approach I also used a couple of cable ties on the outer corners until I can get proper fixings to hold this in place, I didn't entirely trust the ancient plastic of the grommets I'd used and thought it sensible.  You can't tell I fixed anything, so this is definitely something I could have left alone.

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  • vulgalour changed the title to Maestro, please. - The Most Time Of The Year
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  • vulgalour changed the title to Maestro, please. - Support Socks

Hats off @vulgalour  that's good going and far, far better than I managed inside my Saab (which wasn't as holey). Loving the masking tape tip, wish I'd known that instead of pissing about with cereal packets.

Where are you at with it now, is it any more built up or are you still waiting for some non-brass monkey weather?

Mine is going to A Man at end of Feb for sills, arches and a roof repair. I managed to find sills but there is a wait time of about 12 weeks or something stupid like that.

By the way there are 2x arches for sale on the Bay as well as a RH rear quarter panel (both steel bumper cars I think). Both Megabucks of course but may be open to negotiation, who knows.

The bit I'm really interested in is the inner and outer arches and how you fabricate then weld them.

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@Noel Tidybeard I guess someone replaced the original then?  Doesn't look like it's off another car and definitely seems to be plastic rather than steel.


@grogee In real time it's all welded up both sides, and in daily use again and has been for some time.  The rear arches both sides ended up giving me a lot more work than I anticipated, drivers side was definitely the worst of the two.  When I did it the only repair panels I could get were for Montego (which is technically the same) for one side of the car and not great pressings at that. I would have loved to have got a proper pair of metal arch quarter panels when I was doing the repair, sods law that they'd be available now like.  The arch I built out of front wings actually looks more correct than the new panel I used, which is annoying until I remember you can't see both sides of the car at the same time.  Next Maestro vid is probably the 31st Jan, it was either going to be more Lanchester wiring that week or rebuilding the Maestro arch from scrap.  Ended up being a big job so it took rather more videos to document than I expected.

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Oh... speaking of where the car's at now, friend of mine just made me aware I've been spotted by a Facebooker.


What do we think, better or worse than when it was spotted back in December of 2020?


I don't feel like I've had it much more than a few months, never mind two years.  What even is time any more?

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59 minutes ago, vulgalour said:

@Noel Tidybeard When I did it the only repair panels I could get were for Montego (which is technically the same) for one side of the car and not great pressings at that. I would have loved to have got a proper pair of metal arch quarter panels when I was doing the repair, sods law that they'd be available now like.  

£200/pair mind. Although the time you spent making the arches from the Montego panel... possibly good value, possibly not.


Don't Montego ones have more 'boot' behind them? I suppose it doesn't matter for the actual arch bit.

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1 hour ago, grogee said:

£200/pair mind. Although the time you spent making the arches from the Montego panel... possibly good value, possibly not.

Don't Montego ones have more 'boot' behind them? I suppose it doesn't matter for the actual arch bit.

I would have paid £200 a pair since they include all the awkward bits on the corners, would have saved me a load of time if the fit is good, that's really not a bad price for the work involved otherwise.  If you've the cash to and you're in need of them, they're probably worth grabbing to be honest.  A full metal bumper rear quarter did pop up after I'd finished doing mine, the whole thing from roof to valance, I think that was something like £80 so somebody got a bargain.

As for Montego arch repair panels,  they're usually the same as plastic bumper Maestro panels since they usually don't include the lower metal valance section.  Fortunately that didn't cause me too much grief as mine was salvagable due to historic repairs done to a reasonable standard, but it would have been nice to just chop it all off and blend one of those panels you linked in instead for the time saving if nothing else.  The panels I got just seemed over-stretched, and too soft on the details, as if they'd used a slightly too large/worn out stamp.  Which they probably had.  They were cheap though, £30 each I think?  Get what you pay for sometimes.

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