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I saw you on the M90 headed north yesterday as we were coming back from Loch Ness - is that a Devon camper - there was one for sale up here recently and I thought that was it didn’t realise it was you!

I could have made you an insulting offer for the Sunny and you could have dropped it off !

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5 minutes ago, spartacus said:

Yeah! That was us, it is a Devon, not the one for sale up there though. I'd have probably accepted an insulating offer on the Sunny.

What were you driving, anything noticeable?

Nah a modern XC90 with a caravan and bikes on the roof - hardly unusual on that road yesterday!!


I was semi tempted with the Devon it was strong money but very clean - looks like a great layout inside

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If it was there same layout as mine it'll have had a dining area/double bed at the back and two singles at the front. Then a w/c shower in the centre o/s with the kitchen opposite. We always leave the rear bed made up and eat at the front. My climbing mates sometimes sneer a little at the bathroom because of the space it takes up, but they're happy enough to use it when necessary!

It wasn't cheap but then there aren't many of that size that can sleep four and have a bathroom, both of which I really wanted. In an ideal world I'd convert a van myself but I just haven't got the time.

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That sounds like the same layout - agree I would favour the bathroom and found it a good layout which was the interest.  Wouldn’t want to replace the caravan but fancy a day van and something to go places you cant get the van - just a short term itch to scratch!  In my youth if you told me I would tow a caravan and have bikes on the roof I would have laughed in your face!

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On 8/2/2020 at 1:33 PM, spartacus said:

A couple of spots from our journey, the Escort was in Tesco filling station in Cupar, it made me think of Hendry.:-/




Nice Mexican Beetle, I've not seen one in cream before, doesn't look too pineappled up. 

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@SiC apologies for the belated reply.

No, it'll be staying this colour. It needs to be reliable* and roadworthy. Mrs Spart doesn't particularly like the fact it's changed colour but realises the expense and work involved in changing it back. 

She wants to be able to jump in it and drive off on one of her jaunts without worrying about it breaking down continuously. I realise this is a tall order!

I'll obviously have to do all the usual recommissioning stuff, with the addition of electronic ignition, some kind of front towing eye, (because we're realistic), and any other additions/modifications we feel are necessary.

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Hagerty insurance included RAC breakdown cover! Mine has towing eyes under the area of each bumper overrider. 

Reliability is down to how well the previous owners kept on maintenance and how long it's been left sitting. I reckon MGBs get a bad reputation for reliability because they're classic cars often bought by people who like the car not bothered about the mechanicals. So drive them without looking after them until they start being unreliable. Then flog on, next person has problems soon after and calls it unreliable. So flogs it on. Next person does the same, etc...

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Aye, it's definitely going to need a few miles shakedown but that's not a problem, we're lucky enough to have a broad spread of relatively quiet roads around us.

I thought I'd give it a go and see if it would start... I put a brand new battery on, sloshed a couple of gallons of fresh fuel into the empty tank and gave it a good cranking. It didn't start but the oil pressure gauge went up to about 60psi which was good to see and the fuel pump ticked until the fuel system pressurised. I'll take a look at the ignition system and come back to that another day.

The owner did say that the water pump gasket was leaking, he was nearly right! It was the pump, although it had to come off anyway. I'll order a new one from Moss, along with points, rotor and condenser. 

While I'm at it I'll paint any parts that I have to take off that are looking scabby, so far that's the fan and the radiator support panel.



I polished the grill, it came out ok.


End of play today. Easy to work on so far, all the bolts came undone!

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