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Toyotally Fixerating Bitz 'n Bobs.. A Diary


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12 minutes ago, loserone said:

The seats in these were pretty low too, no?

Heyy.... I'm working to a schedule here!

IF one is low and one is adjudged 'not too low' then Trigger Is Pulled ;)

..... owned one before (1.0 3door 5sp) and <apart from 'hate this, having to get out for the back!'> all was fine :)

..... do not look for reason where none to be found = married mans mantra lol

I can hardly wait.... Brumm Brumm (Klonk...Whirrrr...) Ha Ha

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For those who may be wonderinn..... How comes I flippsee ToMM©?

Well, I have got into the Suzuki for £250, after Jim paying me for ToMM©

I save myself £105 a year, dropping my ved from £270 to £165

I have spunked £70 on a set of 5 alloys (a fuckkin steal, no mistake) but am out for *tyres as these are all shagged...

*technically 'nil cost/loss' as the MOT has ToMM© needing new boots now.

Allowing for no change in policy price on my insurance or any other variances.....

I have shuffled the pack for just £215 (and inevitable fuelly run around)

.... My petrol this next year will drop a bit ;)


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Hmm.... Just 'spun the bottle' on J424LFY "is it taxed?"

Seems after last change of V5 (4 Dec 20).... and a big 'this car is not taxed' sticker over the last few weeks [..I do look].

We are now SORN :(

Hmmm..... Welding fest/20V upgrade  :)


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Went for £1000, Bradford.

Who says no 'scene'..... I hope it pops up on a forum, mebbies.

I have read the MOT history of other 'suggested' toyyos, in the bay ad. Corrosion + brake pipes appear year after year.... Not on ToMM©

*interested in 'ticklestick' action for this MOT ;)

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