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  1. Brilliant! I had an 85 ex police RR. 3.5 on carbs. It was absolutely knackered by the time I got it but very capable of towing trailers, off roading and taking me to work. Would 110% love a later model with an injected V8.
  2. @chodweaverthe Landrover is only diesel powered but the cooking facilities run on LPG from a fixed tank filled with LPG/auto gas. Eurotunnel allows this but not vehicles propelled by LPG.
  3. @Peter Cthe NHS app with bar code is accepted by the EU. I’m now in Austria where COVID passports appear to be required to enter restaurants and they accept our NHS app. Its a bit odd being at a mountain hut at 2000m altitude and somebody asking for our vaccination status but hey ho, that’s life these days. I think the reality is they just want to minimise risk which is fair in my eyes.
  4. You need the NHS COVID app AND the sworn declaration that you have no COVID symptoms. Although, I was asked, neither was checked when I went across last week. https://mobile.interieur.gouv.fr/Actualites/L-actu-du-Ministere/Certificate-of-international-travel
  5. You’re absolutely right, who needs a modern for trans continental travel! Really enjoying this trip report, thank you.
  6. I went through the tunnel 2 days ago with the Landrover motorhome. The only thing they wanted to see was that the LPG tank was switched off, Very straightforward if you are double jabbed. Download the NHS COVID app showing your vaccination status (they didn’t check ours) and print out and sign the ‘I’ve not got COVID’ sworn declaration from the French (they didn’t ask/check for ours). They stamp your passport and ask no questions. Very cordial. So no checking of the fridge in our motorhome, no questions about what food we are carrying etc. It didn’t feel ANY different to pre Brexit apart from the stamp. Edit: I really don’t think French customs gives a flying shit about us bringing in a ham sandwich or food for your dog. They’ve got better things to worry about.
  7. I’ve never understood why Fiats have such a bad rep. I’ve now had 3 (admittedly all Pandas) from 94 to 07 and despite everything they’ve had thrown at them, they are great. I reckon they are well built too but because they were relatively cheap to buy, they attracted disinterested owners who never maintained them and threw them away when a minor bill came. Well bought, would love to try a Marea.
  8. Agreed. If you do ever have the appallingly bad luck of an accident, a 10p hole in your windscreen pillar will be the least of your worries.
  9. Absolutely brilliant. I know how much perseverance it takes to do these sort of projects. 11.5/10.
  10. When I was a lad, to me the Belmont CD and Cavalier CD were the classiest cars around, properly aspirational. I even had a picture of a Belmont GLSi on my bedroom wall (assuming I’d never quite get good enough school grades to ultimately buy a CD).
  11. Shit ain’t it….. After a lifetime of chronically knackered cars my wife declared we would be buying something that I didn’t need to work on all the time. That turned out to be a nightmare with slimy dealers, a warranty that wouldn’t pay out and the car continually returned with the fault I could have fixed myself (and did in the end) not fixed for reasons relating solely to them not wanting to pay for it. We’re back to shit cars now and all the happier for it. Glad you’re sticking with it! My advice would be to get the car back and sort it yourself, life is easier that way…..
  12. Back to old faithful, the blue Panda. This car is a real trooper. I can’t imagine ever finding a car more suited to my needs. As mentioned on the grumpy thread, i am so tired of replacing newish shocks. Virtually every one of my fleet has needed replacements for shocks I’ve changed within a year of fitting. Bilsteins, Monroe and others have all proved worthless. I finally thought I’d solved it with Sachs shocks but after less than 5k, the passenger side rear on blue Panda is knocking its nuts off. At least they are super quick to change. As a result, I bought the cheapest shittiest shocks I could find. These are branded NAPA which is an American brand trying to get a foothold in the European market. The know it all’s on the internet suggest they are made by KYB which I have high* hopes for. £31 for a pair delivered and a 3 year warranty.
  13. Ian_Fearn

    Stop smoke

    There’s a guy on YouTube called DIY Dave that has spent a fortune on magic potions to stop his otherwise sweetly running Corolla from consuming oil. Nothing worked even temporarily.
  14. I love these things. I’ve wanted a Ranger for years. Never been in the right place at the right time to buy one.
  15. Same thing happened to me last week. It’s very sobering to think how much worse it could have been. I got a bit stuck just outside my field of vision but a few mm in the wrong direction and…….
  16. I always enjoy an update on this thread. I just love mid mounted 6 cylinder turbo vehicles 😎
  17. I’m out. What a strange experience, not a pleasant one either but it’s out. They removed the piece of metal and then had to scrub the cornea to get rid of the rust! That’s right, my eye was rusting like a 70s Fiat. All I can say is, thank goodness for the NHS. What a bloody brilliant service that really is. The lady that dealt with me was fantastic, despite me telling her I am an idiot, she was super kind and professional. The wife has been driving the Panda this afternoon and when she collected me from hospital I noticed it’s now showing 67mpg!! She’s only been pottering round the houses in it!
  18. I’m now sat in A+E…… Turns out I got a piece of metal embedded in my cornea repairing the rear axle. Apparently got to have my cornea scraped. Shit.
  19. Thanks for all the kind and reassuring comments. I’ve just taken it back to see it’s previous owner and done about 80 miles in it. 65 mpg showing now. He’s just bought a year newer otherwise identical model in white with air con (not working) in worse condition for £1950 and he missed out on quite a few before he dropped onto his new one. So maybe £1750 isn’t as ridiculous as I first thought.
  20. In the relatively recent past, this thing also had springs and Monroe shocks all round, top mounts and drop links.
  21. Sorry, I don’t mean to give the run around, I’m just embarrassed. After much discussion: read me saying £1000 My wife will not let me ask less than £1750. But it feels very high to me.
  22. Full disclosure: My wife won’t let me sell it cheap. I’d give it away
  23. I’ve got a massive problem with this. I’ve hugely overspent, the car really isn’t in shitter state now, it’s not perfect by any means but it’s better than any sub £2k retail car I’ve ever viewed. Yes, Vredestein Quatrac 5 tyres. I spent over £250 on paint alone! £250 on tyres, £100 of consumables inc Bilthamber stuff, £130 on service items etc. Therefore, I’m in a quandary. Having spent probably a hundred hours on it and more money than it’s worth to a shitter, I can’t justify a straight bargain sale to a shitter. Its £30/year to tax, 60+mpg whilst I’ve been driving it and after I’ve done the glow plugs, problem free.
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