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  1. No idea where to post this but here seems vaguely appropriate. Nothing odd about it until you realise the photo was taken in New York State USA.
  2. This is the car Classics magazine restored over the last few months. The resto costs virtually bankrupt the magazine from what I could work out!
  3. Another interesting old Caddy story here.
  4. This seemed like the most obvious place to post this. It ain’t normally my thing but goodness me…… I like….. a lot.
  5. Didn’t quite know where to put this…..
  6. In ~2005 I owned a VW T25 Syncro Westfalia, Xantia V6, BX GTi 4x4, BX TZD Turbo and a 2cv. They were all in really nice condition and all road legal. Didn’t last long mind you, it was killing me financially. Came across a picture of the 2cv today and bonus T25 just showing (which I had forgotten about)
  7. Ok, it’s low LOW mileage but really? Say it had 30k on the clock, might it be worth £1500? So a 5k example, maybe £5k? What am I missing?
  8. This is a new one on me https://www.drive.com.au/caradvice/cars-you-didnt-know-you-want-opel-rekord-380-v6-gsi/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=f33cfc35-7fd9-46b3-a48e-a8dcf3268014
  9. @Zelandethtry big Mick at euro car care in Derby for service parts for your 25. He’s helped me out with various 80/90s French and Italian car parts over the years.
  10. There’s a garage near me that used to be a Skoda MD back in the day. They must have lost the franchise in the early VAG days and became a Skoda specialist. They exist to this day and my outlaws always bought their Fabias from them despite the outlandish prices. I kept my mouth shut but they were paying new prices for 2 year old cars. BUT. The cars always came with a 100% no quibble warranty and real old fashioned personal service. If it went wrong (normally a flat battery!) they would come to your house or as once happened come straight to a breakdown, give them another car, fix theirs often for free and drop the car back to them. Servicing and MOTs, the cars were always collected from their house and dropped back and the prices were very reasonable. I think all their customers were over 65 and I imagine they never got hassled by your average Marketplace problem generator. In other words, they paid upfront for top quality no worries service. I latterly realised it was the right call for them.
  11. I’m pretty sure I talked to him once and that he’d had multiple head gasket failures on the 6 cylinder. I did a 6 cylinder head gasket change once for a friend and it went again shortly after. Were they susceptible to it?
  12. Ever head of a guy who removed a 6 cylinder and fitted a Perkins Prima? I can’t remember if it was the turbo version. I wonder if it’s still about. He used to attend quite a few of the BL events back in 2005/6 ish.
  13. That rear quarter panel (wing) isn’t removable. Well, it is but you’d need to drill out all the spot welds, you’d most likely destroy the panel in the process. Assuming you can’t identify the leak by flowing water over it, first thing I’d look at is the rear light cluster gasket. Notorious for letting water in.
  14. Really looking forward to regular reports on this. From a practical perspective I’ve always thought the brilliant engine bay access and wider door openings make the Spitfire a better proposition for daily use.
  15. Would make a great YouTube video 😂
  16. Another Cyprus spot from an underground car park. I don’t know much/anything about beetles but this looks like a really old one to me. Doesn’t look like it’s seen the light of day for a VERY long time.
  17. In that case, you can still get seal kits, I’ve changed seals on Bosch pump 1.9 XUDs which are pretty straightforward to remove if you can change your own timing belts. On the Bosch pump you set the timing manually with a Dti but I have a feeling the EPIC is electronically controlled and I’ve never done one of these.
  18. Just spotted this in Cyprus, it’s a v12 HE too. Looks completely abandoned. It says Coombes on the side, is that something special? Exported in 2008 apparently, just in time for the financial crisis that this place never seems to have recovered from.
  19. Is this a 2.1 TD with the Lucas Epic pump? The last I heard about these pumps a few years back is that rebuilds are not successful.
  20. sorry….. did I read that right? Best of luck.
  21. Looks great! Would love to know which LPG system warrants a £5k install bill!! The one on my old 5.7 Jeep was only about £2k for a Prins system.
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