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On 10/23/2019 at 12:24 AM, RobT said:

Gotta love a Sava Centre.  Sydenham SE London.  I also shop here sometimes, if I can bear it.  Too busy and full of scrotes these days.


I did a school geography project down there in the early 90s. It was the town layout vs CBD thing, and I took a load of photos down that end of Sydenham. Pretty sure it was before the Savacentre was built so it would have still been the old gas works with the huge wall round it. For years we thought that land could never be developed because it was so polluted with heavy metals from the gas works. Amazing to think that these days there's no trace of it ever even being there.

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East Dulwich Sainsburys, SE London 1992/1993. This was a properly posh shop when it opened. Peckham was starting a major change from, basically, how you see it in Only Fools and Horses and Desmond's to a more gentrified area. That end of East Dulwich was what resulted. My mum used to drive from Sydenham to shop here before the ^ Savacentre was built. Today that journey would be complete madness - it would probably be a 45 minute drive or longer. When the Savacentre opened I don't remember ever going back there.




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14 hours ago, adw1977 said:

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, Clios are popular in 1998:



Looks like the Forestside Centre, at the top of the Ormeau Road. It must have just opened in 1998 - the first Sainsburys in NI, I think. Tesco and WH Smith came over the same year, too - once they were reasonably sure they weren't going to get firebombed.

Lots of Belfast AZ series numberplates in evidence - and yes, many locals were fiercely loyal to Renault. It was NI's biggest selling new car brand for much of the 1990s (mostly sold through Charles Hurst dealerships), with Ford generally in second place, then Vauxhall, then Volkswagen.

Until the Laguna II and Mégane II came along, anyway...

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@jonny69 Thanks for the info on the Sydenham Sava Centre.  There's still some gas container things there.  I did wonder if they were leftovers from a bigger site.

More shops the other side now.  Lidl, Next etc.  Your usual retail park shite.

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