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Beckenham, SE London c1983.


I drive up this ramp every week to do the weekly shop.  Always in shite, last few times it's been the 11.  Doesn't look much different now, apart from the ramp has some massive pot holes.

High Street ped entrance.


Thanks for the link Trig.  I was hoping to go to bed soon.  No chance.  Too much to perv over.

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Selly Oak, Birmingham








This store closed sometime last year as the okd Battery retail park and the long-unused land around it have been revamped and built on which included a massive new Sainsburys store. The old building has been kept but its unclear exactly what it is to be used for.

Things looked so much nicer, cleaner and more looked after back then. 

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Kidderminster, not a great amount of chod in this:



Building on the right was subsequently demolished (why?) and replaced with a then-new furniture warehouse store built just after Sainsburys (in the 80s) which subsequently burnt down in 2011, then demolished and has been left as fenced-off waste ground. Sainsburys moved to a much bigger and newer store and now Wilko is based there. The beige-brick building on left was also demolished and a new college and library (incorperating Job Centre) is there now. You can no longer drive through the road in the pic either.



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5 hours ago, trigger said:



SA/BRA/7/B/21/2/27 - Image of the exterior and the car park at Thorley Centre, Bishop's Stortford branch









I had a super sport the same colour of this. I swapped it for an f reg metro city which I'd hit a bus stop with in about 1991. I paid to have a 1.6 kent made with a flowed head and uprated cam. I then swapped the 1.3 engine and mated the 1.6 with a 950cc gearbox. It used to fly but would eat the scrapyard gearboxes. they were only £20 each or so at the time. It must have had 5 before I clipped a roundabout doing about 90 and bent the rear axle. Can't remember what I swapped it for after that. One of my favourite cars ever. Other than my 1998 s70t5 cd. Which I swapped for an xj8.

Happy Days!


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I really miss having some old shite to tinker with and I've had over 100 in the past but I just can't justify it atm. I'm racking my brains looking for an excuse but I rarely drive the saab so some shite would be driven even less. Looking back the amount of engines/gearboxes I've changed without hoist is silly. I'm amazed my back's not shaped like a question mark.

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