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  1. Bentley Turbo R with Hooper coachwork (I think ), but very nice in any case ☺
  2. I can't find Cannock, perhaps it is too new? The Renault is a 15, the 17 had 'slatted' rear side windows /anorak mode
  3. Thought that you might like that one ;) Yes, but not sure if it is both Gary and Peter who own it I'm not sure, I was on 'conducting' duties for most of the day so I didn't really get a chance to speak to many visitors.
  4. Last Sunday A selection of local buses Hard to believe this is 30 years old 1950 wants its buses back ☺ Volvo Citybus, better than it looks, just awaiting a repaint Classic cars from the Owen Motoring Club, thanks for supporting us A couple of Autoshite favourites, thanks to the North Birmingham Classic Car Club Finally an oily rag Oxford, which in spite of appearances will not need the attention of the Midland Red breakdown truck ☺
  5. How many boxes would a Kia Sorento tick? Should be big enough and they seem to be reliable and rugged
  6. Well I still have the Mazanussi estate that I bought in 2010 and from the miserable part-ex offers I have had for it recently it is likely to still be on the books in three month's time. No Caterham has been bought, but I have recently been looking at a couple CLKs, both of which had doubtful MOT histories, so some modern shite is more likely be on the horizon. Of course on the other hand I may well be copy and pasting this very post in 2029
  7. The Austin Seven was not only designed on his billiard table but the prototype was actually constructed on it which accounts for its compact dimensions. His successor Leonard Lord was similarly honoured and as Lord Lord had a long and successful second career as a gospel singer
  8. Gorgeous car especially in that colour, there was always a good showing of them at the Sandwell Car Show (after all they were only made just down the road ) From the colour and the Middlesex registration I can imagine it was originally owned by some famous entertainer who had just finished the panto at the London Palladium and had now settled down to a summer season at Great Yarmouth (those were the days )
  9. Perhaps I can add a bit more on the history of KOW 296 P. I bought it in 1986 from Regal Motors (Peugeot dealers in Bilston, and still going strong) It was up for £385 in their 'Bargain Basement' but as it wouldn't stay in 3rd gear on the test drive they reduced it to £285 (they probably wanted shot of it )so of course I snapped it up. I was living in Walsall at the time, not far from Highgate Garage who did one or two jobs on it, so I may be the owner referred to in artdjones's post I , especially as i didn't do that many miles in that time, as life tended to get in the way. I'm pretty sure that I sold it in about 1993, but it may have been a little while later. I sold it directly to Bill Faulkner, who I thought was living in south Birmingham at the time, but not for anything like £820 . However he worked for Saab GB when they first imported 96 two-strokes in 1960 and were based in Marlow so he could well have lived in Sonning at some time and I'm certain he knew Chris Partington,they were both well-known in Saab circles. I think that Graham Macdonald bought the Saab 93 from the Patrick Collection whwn it closed down, if so I might have met him a couple of times at Saab Club events, but not to know him. Interesting how much of the history of an ordinary and unknown car and its links to people can emerge from just a random thread on AS, but then I suppose that's a thing with early Saabs, they've always been an enthusiasts car
  10. Here is a rather poor photo of it captured in an earlier existence. Mike, who sadly died early last year, did a very good likeness of it and the number plates definitely had a black border. Serck? The person I sold it to was an ex Saab engineer who bought it as retirement project, but was going to have some of the work done professionally so perhaps thats where the Graham Mac Donald connection and possibly the current number plates came in.
  11. Wow, what an amazing co-incidence 😮 I bought the car in 1986ish as a weekend toy and it was more fun to drive than anything else I have owned (with the possible exception of a 1973 96V4 ) I kept it for about 7-8 years then reluctantly sold it to another Saab Club member when I changed jobs and realised that I wouldn't have the time to lavish the care on it that it deserved. I did have a significant birthday at the time I owned it and my wife commissioned a portrait of it (with me at the wheel ) from a friend who was a leading marine and wildlife artist, and it still hangs on my study/spare bedroom wall.
  12. Good to see at least one has survived. I had one exactly the same colour (KOW 296 P) which apparently survived till 2009. Mine only had a little rot on the front valance panel, but it is amazing that any car of mine could survive for 15 years after I sold it (and 33 years in total 😮 }
  13. Spotted on the M40, a Mercedes CLS number plate spaced to read OO0 5 LTR. I like to think it was a 220 CDI under the bonnet
  14. Sorry I missed you all at Aldridge , but hope that you enjoyed it I'm a volunteer there but yesterday I took Mrs C to Windsor for the day, so you missed a guided* tour, but I hope that you all managed to have a 'drive ' on the Guy LUF, it is a great favourite with the children
  15. It is a 1935 (ish) Stout Scarab (named after the designer and not the shape ), possibly the world,s frst people carrier, but with a rear-mounted Ford V8 engine to power it, definitely the world's scariest https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stout_Scarab I didn't know that any existed in the world, let alone the leafy suburbs of South-West London 😮
  16. When siting their new factory, the Audi planners spell-checker auto-corrected 'Ingoldmells' to 'Ingolstadt' which is why it is located in Bavaria and the Lincolnshire coast does not have a thriving motor industry,
  17. I think that with many here, it is guilt by association with the typical owner that puts many people off paricular cars. for example I was in Cornwall last week and of course there were lots of T2 Campers around, but they were nearly all in original spec, full of families and being used as they were intended to ;). This always raised a grin, but when I see one dangerously modified and parked in a field with a lot of others, I reach for the sick-bucket. In fact this applies to jut about everything. I have driven and passengered MGBs in the days when they were just sports cars that were getting on a bit and they were FUN even at the modest speeds they were capable of, but what's the point in over-restoring one and parking it in a field with a row of others instead of spending the day giving it a good B-road blast, and not worrying about the odd stone-chip?
  18. A good week on holiday in Cornwall There are a lot of LOO3 plates in Looe (naturally) best ones were LOO3 CAB on a local taxi and LOO3 LOG on a tree surgeon's pick-up. However first prize must go to a Looe fish wholesalers VW Crafter van ; E 1 COD
  19. All 3 wheel Reliants. Horrible to drive, cramped, uncomfortable, you can't miss potholes because there are three tracks and when you do hit one all the electrics fail because theye are earthed by tying the wires onto the chassis with bits of string. /thread
  20. A Lancia Delta Integrale at a dealer in Bromsgrove who made Arthur Daley look like the tooth fairy. The service history consisted of a few receipts for oil and filters from Halfords as 'there aren't any Integrale specialists' When I pointed out that the country's leading specialist was less than 20 miles away he gave an excellent impression of a balloon gently deflating. Needless to say I left empty handed and bought an Alfa 156 that ran out of fuel on the test drive ☺
  21. From the 'you couldn't make it up' department. This morning driving along the road from Wolverhampton to Bridgnorth, I caught up with two honda Jazzes, both hurtling* along at a heady 38mph in a 50 limit. However I wasn't delayed for too long, they both turned off into (different) garden centres. A full set of stereotypes and it was still only 10 o'clock in the morning
  22. Car cruising has been banned in the Black Country for a few years now: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-30285191 It has been successful, since the ban came in fewer people have been injured in such events than in arguments about where the boundary of the Black Country is.
  23. It is actually an earlier Fordson ET6, early to mid 50s It looks as if it has a petrol engine, I hope that it has the V8 engine and that a fire service wouldn't just go for the cost-cutter option Very nice and looks pretty complete, but the LR series 3 would be the one for me
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