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  1. When the sun finally came out I realised what a state my garage doors were in. When I fitted them exactly 10 years ago they were a lovely dark brown mahogany colour and nice and shiny. Now they looked more of a teak colour and really dull. Didn't fancy trying to paint them as they are self-coloured uPVC and don't know of any type of primer which would stop the paint flaking off after a short while. Tried some T-Cut style colour restorer but didn't help much and was very hard work so, after great success with boiled linseed oil on plastic and rubber car parts (as previously recommended by me on
  2. Thanks for this. It does look as though the front three bolts have to be removed through the pulley but at least I can now see the location of the fourth bolt threading into the top of the pump from the back. I will look again when I get a chance.
  3. Thanks for the diagrams. I have done all the other steps shown but on the actual car the "Detach the bottom hose at the water pump" sketch looks completely different. It is impossible to even see the hose stub on the water pump, let alone remove the hose. I think this must have been drawn with the power steering pump already removed, so I still have the same problem.
  4. Wow, can't believe I haven't posted on here since the MoT fail in November. This project is now going from bad to worse. Having finally managed to remove the cam belt and all the pulleys I only need to remove the water pump and I can start reassembly with new bits. Four bolts, all visible and easily accessible, so no problem. But wait, the hose outlet for the water pump is hidden behind the power-steering pump, so that needs to come off. No pictures or diagrams in the HBOL but it says remove the four bolts, the front ones are accessed through holes in the PS pump pulley. Impossible to see th
  5. Upgrade, pah! Downgrade more like. The Maestro may be a more modern design but why would I exchange my lovely torquey 1750cc engine and five-speed gearbox for a wheezy, asthmatic 1275cc engine out of a Metro with a four-speed box. Much more space inside too. And the Maestro seats don't fold into a double bed, wink, wink, say no more.
  6. This happened to me with Bob the Renault 6. I tried twice to SORN it online and got two email confirmations, followed by two threatening letters. I emailed DVLA and they told me the reason was that it had not been taxed since SORN was introduced and therefore could not be SORNed. Since then I had no further letters from them and did not receive any automatic fine, then I sold it (well, gave it away) and did an online change of ownership, at which point it still showed as untaxed. Hopefully, although the letters are obviously automatically generated, they do actually check before issuing any fi
  7. It does work. I took @Six-cylinder to fetch this motor and while he was dealing with the paperwork I amused myself by checking everything over. Found a cassette in the car so was able to check both the radio and the cassette player. The only things I found that didn't work were the fuel and temperature gauges and the nearside rear foglamp. I followed him back to his place and it seems to get down the road pretty well with no problems on the maybe 5 mile trip. When we arrived at his place I managed to fix the foglamp (just cleaned up a bad connection on the bulb) then spent about two hours sit
  8. No chance. I can be there in 10 minutes.
  9. According to the wiring diagrams I have seen, the fuel gauge on 6C's Maestro is driven by a conventional variable-resistor sensor but the temperature gauge is driven by some sort of electronic temperature control unit. However, since neither of them work I suspect the common supply, which is usually supplied by an electronic voltage regulator, is faulty or disconnected. The problem is that on all the wiring diagrams I have found this supply is shown as going via one of the PCB tracks to a pin on an unidentified connector (presumably one of the two that plug into the dashboard) which then goes
  10. I find it strange that these sockets which were designed specifically for a cigarette lighter got hijacked as accessory sockets and now some (most) new cars still have them fitted but without the lighter. They are not really ideal for this new purposes as the plug has no way to grip in the socket apart from the spring tension. I find that mine always want to work their way out when driving, so my phone ends up not fully charged. If these were redesigned specifically as accessory sockets they could be similar but quite a lot smaller and have maybe a bayonet fitting to stop them falling out.
  11. @Six-cylinder was discreet enough not to mention it but today he also drove this: Yes, the saved from the scrapman Mondeo finally hit the road again after 7 years of inactivity to go for an MoT. He drove it there and back for me which was only about a mile each way, but he said that he enjoyed it very much as he had not driven a Mondeo for many years. Needless to say it failed, as I knew it would, but at least I now know what I am up against.
  12. Car went for MoT test this afternoon courtesy of @Six-cylinder. Because he is insured to drive it and it didn't need tax to drive to a pre-booked MoT this could actually be done legally. I know it needs a new set of tyres but didn't want to spend out on these untl I knew what else needed doing. The results were as follows: Nothing terminal. Bit disappointed about not being able to do the emissions test because the noise wasn't there previously. Started it up this morning and left it ticking over to warm it up. Initially it was fine but after about five minutes the noise start
  13. Not long after we got our Maxi (about four years ago now) we decided to take it to the annual Citroen Chevrons Rally which was just down the road from where we live. Despite not being a Citroen we were warmly welcomed and as soon as we parked up one of the Citroen owners came over to us and said "Would you like these": They were unused but as you can see the "MAXI" one on the right has now been in use for the last four years and has got a bit grubby. The "AUSTIN" one holds the spare set so isn't quite so dirty. I couldn't believe that, despite not having a Maxi, this guy must have b
  14. Not sure DIY shops would have it. Got mine off ebay for about £2-3 per metre. Available in several different diameters to suit the application. Make sure you get the foam / sponge / neoprene stuff though, not the nitrile which is too hard to squash up and seal properly. See my "Early Mondeo Saved From The Scrapman" thread for all the gory details.
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