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  1. Sorry, don't get he joke. While not a fan of moderns I don't remember referring to them as "Ugly Bloody Moderns". Although my most "modern" is a 21 year old Zafira A, the Mondeo (still dead) is 27, the Maxi we will probably come over in is 43 and Bob the Renault (also very dead) is 48. The newest vehicle I have taken to the FoD was the Zafira on our first visit to the FoD for Shitefest 2016 when it was then only* 17 years old. To me anything with a new style registration is modern, even though the earliest of these is now nearly 20 years old.
  2. While I am waiting for the new used ABS unit to arrive from Latvia (due tomorrow so only a seven day turnaround if it comes then. Pretty good all the way from foreign parts) I decided to tinker with some nasty bits of bodywork. The offside rear corner between the rear light and the fuel filler cap had been given a very poor point and squirt with an aerosol, resulting in a nice* matt finish and several large runs. Attempting to polish it out simply highlighted it in white, making it look much worse. Attacked it with some 400 grit wet and dry, used wet. This revealed two small patches where the paint had chipped off down to the primer and a very shallow crease. Quick masking up job and a blast from an aerosol of Cayman Blue. Still needs a bit of a polish and some lacquer but will do for now. At least I can no longer see the marks from the lounge window. The crease was so shallow that I thought it wasn't worth filling it but I did slip up with the two chips. I feathered the edges back until smooth before painting but now if you look obliquely along the panel you can clearly see two dimples in the panel where these were. I should have filled them with some cellulose putty and flatted them back level with the surrounding paintwork. Maybe I will have another go if it is back on the road in my ownership.
  3. Decided to try out the free set of 15" Vauxhall wheel trims kindly provided by @TheDoctor on our Zafira. Compare and contrast. The old: Original trims. Twenty years old and fitted to the car from new. Bit scuffed but generally not in bad condition considering their age. Vauhall griffin logo in the centre is actually a sticker which makes then easy to clean but a couple of them have had to be restuck, although fortunately none have gone missing. The valve cutouts are rather obvious. The new (well actually second hand but new to this car): Genuine Vauxhall with proper moulded griffin logo in the centre. The valve cutouts are much less obvious. Must be from a newer car but may well have been standard fit on a later model Zafira or Astra. New ones look quite smart but are probably more difficult to clean than the old smooth ones, particularly the centre logo, and obviously compromise the originality of the car, which is otherwise pretty much as it left the factory. Can't decide which look better so I will probably leave the new ones on for a while until I get used to / fed up with them. Anyone have any thoughts / opinions?
  4. I have found that dry cardboard gaskets do soak up the oil and leak after a while. But if you coat both sides in a thin layer of grease or, better still, petroleum jelly they seem to seal much better and last much longer. Incidentally, if you need petroleum jelly for this sort of thing you don't need to buy expensive medical-grade stuff like Vaseline, you can buy commercial stuff much cheaper. I bought a massive tub of it for less than a small tub of Vaseline.
  5. Quite so. In fact I have ordered one today. Even if it doesn't cure my problem I can see how it is piped and fits on the car and it will be interesting to dismantle it and see what is actually possible by way of repair. As you say, for £30 it is worth a punt and not too much to lose if it all goes wrong. The seller seems to be some sort of parts supplier who has nearly 3,000 feedback which is 97.9% positive, so fingers crossed.
  6. After much swearing and skinned knuckles today I finally managed to remove the master cylinder and the servo to allow me to see the ABS unit. Judging by the difficulty I had removing them I have no idea how I am going to get them back on again, but I'll worry about that later. There are two numbers on it, one below the barcode on the same sticker, which is B552551, and one above the barcode on a separate sticker which is F4RF2C219-AK. I put the first number into Ebay and it returned several results, most of which also mentioned the second number. Unfortunately there do not appear to be any in the UK. They are either from Latvia for about £30 including postage or from Spain for about £100 including postage. Probably wishful thinking but it occured to me that the problem could be that the pressure control valve for the nearside rear brake is blocked or stuck shut. This is a separate valve which is screwed into the ABS module so I think I will try to remove this first and check it, if that is possible.
  7. Nice idea but apart from no MoT the handbrake is self-adjusting and relies on the shoes self-adjusting via the footbrake. Because the hydraulics don't work on one back wheel the handbrake does not adjust up on that side, which probably explains why it failed its last MoT for an ineffective handbrake as well as unbalanced rear brakes. It's a pity they didn't put "no braking effort on nearside rear" rather than just "unbalanced". To me unbalanced just means a bit different, not nothing at all on one side.
  8. Thank you for your kind words. Boiled linseed oil was recommended to me some time ago to revive the rubbing strips on the doors of my Zafira, which had gone really grey and stripey after 20 years. I can't remember where the tip came from (possibly even on here). I bought a 250ml bottle from Ebay for about £7 including postage then on my next trip into town I discovered that our small local hardware shop had 500ml bottles in stock for about £4. Never thought to check there first but will know now for when I need some more. Since I bought some I have used it on numerous things. Anything black rubber or plastic, inside or outside, comes up a treat. It is particulary good at restoring black plastic which has faded to grey. If you apply it sparingly it is not too shiny and soon fades to a nice natural patina, unlike the "back to black" type stuff, which is more expensive and usually looks too shiny. The bonus is that anything you use it on smells like a cricket bat 🙂. Thanks for the tip about the rag. When I read your post I immediately rushed out into the garage and spread it out flat, although it was well soaked and, even screwed up, it actually felt colder than the ambient temperature.
  9. Talk of the bridge is (I hope) only tongue in cheek banter. There already seems to be several people on here offering it a good home if I fail. Would be nice if I could get it on the road and drive it for a bit though, instead of just staring at it on the drive.
  10. Hold your horses. Not beaten yet. Investigations will continue until I either get it roadworthy or admit defeat.
  11. Still not sure if this approach will pass an MoT. As mentioned before on here it would seem to be an acceptable solution to remove the ABS if it was optional, but from what I have read all Ghia models had ABS fitted as standard. Let's get the thing to bits first and see what we can find.
  12. Decided that I was fed up with all the trim bits cluttering up the garage and burying Bob so I decided to put them all back in the car to give more room for when I attack the brakes. Forgot to post these pics last time. Underneath the windscreen grilles looked like this: All cleaned out, pollen filter housing resealed to bulkhead with some 10mm diameter foam cord. New pollen filter fitted. Grilles cleaned up. Boiled linseed oil is your friend. Compare the as-removed passenger's side with the cleaned-up driver's side: Same trick with the wiper arms. The metal bits looked OK but the plastic covers that fold down over the fixings nuts had gone a very pale grey. All back together: After three attempts the leaks past the rear lights into the boot are finally fixed. 6mm diameter nitrile rubber cord is too hard to deform and seal against the back panel, 6mm foam rubber cord doesn't protrude enough to seal against the back panel, 8mm diameter foam rubber cord is ideal. It can be pushed into the sealing groove and doesn't need to be glued. It then sits about 3mm proud of the groove and you can see it being satisfyingly squashed as the mounting nuts are tightened. One heavy rain shower later confirms no leaks from here. But while checking for leaks I noticed this: Water dripping down onto the driver's side wheelarch and pooling on the boot floor. I had noticed a leak here once before but this time I had inadvertently aided the tracing of the source of the leak by having the back of the car jacked up on axle stands to investigate the braking problem. It was coming in here: Directly above the leak is this join where the panel under the back window joins the gutter down the side of the boot below the rubber seal. This gutter is normally about horizontal or slightly downwards towards the rear of the car but because it was jacked up it was actually sloping downwards towards the front of the car, You can hopefully see the rainwater pooling against the join. I felt underneath this seam inside the top of the boot and, sure enough, it was soaking wet. This join appears to have originally been sealed with some sort of white mastic but this has obviously failed. So a good clean up on both sides and judicious application of some silicone sealant and finally we have a watertight boot. So all the cleaned-up boot trim was replaced: The carpets, seats and interior trim were all cleaned up and replaced and the interior is now complete again. Some more boiled linseed oil smartened up the dashboard, the centre console and the grotty-looking floor mats. Phew! Finally have a complete car again and some room in the garage. Can't put it off any longer. ABS unit is next on the agenda. If I can't fix it this will probably be the cleanest car ever to go over the bridge 🙂.
  13. Isn't @Six-cylinder's Visa Cabriolet still slumbering oop north somewhere?
  14. Are all three wheels on an Invacar the same offset or is the front one different from the rears? If so it means I need to mark the front wheel before I take all three off for tyre fitting. Is the offset the same as an early Mini / Riley Elf / Wolseley Hornet? Since you have warned him about this I presume not.
  15. Glad you're happy with the plan. Please still come if you can, it would be good to meet up again. Thanks for the printing offer but the wiring diagram is only a single page so I have already printed it out.
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