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  1. Having got this thing running properly I intended to move on to replacing the front wishbone bushes. Dived under the front to jack it up and found a large pool of oil on my newly-cleaned drive. I hate this bloody car! It looked like oil but was not under the engine or the gearbox, it was towards the nearside rear of the engine compartment, under the ABS unit, so my first thought was brake fluid, since I have already pratted about with this. But no. Turns out that the nearside steering rack gaiter had decided to split spectacularly and dump all the (new) power steering fluid. Another job I didn
  2. Hi LBF. Guess you have already seen this one but posted it just in case. Probably a library photo but currently featured on an MSN photo gallery entitled "Oops! 20 motoring misfires".
  3. Problem solved thanks to egg's link above. From this link: Checked the butterfly flap and, as above, it looked fully closed, but when I pushed it against the tension of the cable I could see it move slightly. Released the cable and now I could actually feel and hear it hitting the throttle body when released. So I set out to adjust the cable. I followed the route of the cable towards the bulkhead and realised that it was jammed down the back of the engine. Pulled it out and I could see that it should come straight out of the bulkhead, right over the cam cover to the front of the engine
  4. The tyres were fitted in July 2020 and I set them all to 30psi. I know that the correct pressures are less than this but I suspected that they would be standing for some time and hence would lose a bit. Only one was actually still at 30, REV's offside rear. It's nearside rear was at 28 and, as mentioned, the front was at 26. I also checked Dolly's and they were all about 28. This seems reasonable after nine months of mostly standing. They have all been reset to 30 now. On a four wheeler I would normally expect the two at the engine end to lose the most due to the extra weight at that end, but
  5. I am pretty certain that the timing is correct. I checked it multiple times before attempting to start it and it runs perfectly at higher revs, it just won't tick over slowly. I did think about using some sealant on the gasket but don't like to use the stuff if I can avoid it and it doesn't appear to be leaking (so far). The throttle body and breather hoses are next for inspection, although nothing in this area has been disturbed since it was running OK before. Maybe standing outside for a year hasn't helped.
  6. From a useful link posted on this thread I bought a new water pump from Amazon for the bargain price of £10. Unfortunately it did not come with a new gasket and when attempting to buy one I discovered that they appear to be unobtanium. I only found one seller listing on Ebay and that was for the 1.6 & 1.8 engines only. Who would have guessed that the 2.0 litre is different? It was also about £14, more than I paid for the pump. So I made one out of gasket paper: Not pretty but will hopefully do the job. Lots of shiny new bits fitted: New water pump, cam belt, idle
  7. Finally managed to get the power steering pump off. Completely different to the above diagram. Instead of the fourth bolt going in to the top of the pump from the back it actually goes into the bottom. But it is hidden behind the heat shield over the exhaust manifold, which has to be taken off to access it. Removal reveals this: The water pump hose connection is buried inside a huge cast metal bracket with the only access from the top left quadrant. It has a stupid squeeze to release clip on it which only opened about 10mm and was really, really tight. I eventually managed to wriggl
  8. Yep. Been watching VdV. In later episodes he swaps his little white Daf for a Mk 4 Cortina / Taunus or whatever they were called in Holland. TPTV, which is available on Freeview channel 81, is now also showing reruns of The Champions from 1968. One episode had Sharon Macready (Alexandra Bastedo) driving what I think was an Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint in Holland. EDIT: According to IMDB it was a 1963 Alfa Romeo Guilia SS, registration number 3388 F, which belonged to Monty Berman, the producer of the show, and also appeared in The Saint, The Baron & Department S, which he also produced. Don
  9. We have been watching recordings of an old series on Talking Pictures TV called "Public Eye", about a private detective called Frank Marker, played by Alfred Burke. In an episode called "Many A Slip" from 1972, Marker, who doesn't own a car, supposedly travels by train from his office in Windsor to Kings Lynn. He then walks from the station, passing a yard in which there is a Model 70 (I won't call it an Invacar because it could be an AC. I am learning stuff from this thread!). I paused the PVR and took a potatocam mobile phone picture of the TV screen, with the above result. No chance of see
  10. A bit too far from Buckingham for a round trip, unless you happen to find yourself heading Milton Keynes way on an "essential" journey. If not, maybe if @RustyRuss is nearer he could collect and store them for future dispersal.
  11. Would love to save this stuff but collection logistics at the moment. Whereabouts are you?
  12. When the sun finally came out I realised what a state my garage doors were in. When I fitted them exactly 10 years ago they were a lovely dark brown mahogany colour and nice and shiny. Now they looked more of a teak colour and really dull. Didn't fancy trying to paint them as they are self-coloured uPVC and don't know of any type of primer which would stop the paint flaking off after a short while. Tried some T-Cut style colour restorer but didn't help much and was very hard work so, after great success with boiled linseed oil on plastic and rubber car parts (as previously recommended by me on
  13. Thanks for this. It does look as though the front three bolts have to be removed through the pulley but at least I can now see the location of the fourth bolt threading into the top of the pump from the back. I will look again when I get a chance.
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