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  1. Observations after following the Rolls Royce to storage. It gets down the road really well for an old'un. I didn't have any trouble keeping up with it in the Mondeo but certainly wasn't held up by it. It handles pretty well too, some body roll evident on corners but nowhere near 2CV levels. I'm not sure I would be happy (I was going to say not comfortable but that certainly doesn't apply in the lushy-appointed interior of this beast) doing 60mph on a twisty road in a valuable 90-year-old vehicle weighing about two tons with cable-operated drum brakes and skinny tyres but Chris seems to have mastered it. It is ironic that so far this historic vehicle has been more reliable than the equally expensive but only seven year old Range Rover. Old RR versus new RR - no contest.
  2. The most repeated words in a row to make sense I can recall seeing was 5. A signwriter is doing the sign for a pub named "The Pig and Whistle". When he has finished the landlord comes out and says "You have left too much space between the words Pig and and and and and Whistle"
  3. I can understand the tyre pressures affecting the economy but were the windows really so dirty that the weight of the dirt would have reduced the mpg? ☺️
  4. Pair of front seats with subframes and headrests. I was told they came out of a Rover 100 but I cannot confirm. Part leather part fabric. They will fit in a classic Mini. Belong to one of my neighbours. Free to collect from Buckingham MK18. Photos below:
  5. Google "royal mail send a parcel", enter the weight and size of the parcel, and it will give you a price for various services. Single magazine will probably be large letter, about £1.50, stack of magazines will probably be small parcel, about £3 by cheapest second class. You don't have to complete the postage purchase but if you do it is quite straightforward and you can usually arrange a free collection. They will even bring a printed label for it.
  6. I trust that the shame you are referring to was caused by you having to take an expensive 5-year old Range Rover in for a (doubtless) expensive repair and not by having to hitch a lift in a 45 year old Maxi that is still working perfectly. Money doesn't always buy reliability! ☺️
  7. I trust that you have also acquired the correct attire and headwear for the loyal retainer to enable him to perform his chauffeuring duties for Lord and Lady 6C on their formal engagements. I am, as always, at your disposal M'lud and M'Lady.
  8. My dad with his 1967 Morris Oxford beside my uncle's caravan on South Denes caravan park in Great Yarmouth. My uncle bought the car new then sold it to my dad, so probably early 1970s. We used to spend our annual holiday in this caravan every year when I was younger.
  9. Me, the wife and the Mother-In-Law with a friend's Mini on our drive 11th September 1982.
  10. I was watching a programme that I had recorded called "Dial 999" on Talking Pictures TV. It was an episode called "Extradition", made in 1958 so obviously in black and white. I spotted the following: This is the full-resolution picture taken from the whole paused TV screen. And this is a potato-cam style closeup. It appears to be an invalid carriage of some sort, possibly an early AC. The registration number looks like WPL 874. I don't know if @LightBulbFun has seen this before or knows of the vehicle but I thought it was worth posting for interest.
  11. Another unexpected visitor to Chez Silver last weekend. A near neighbour just round the corner, an American guy now living over here, who had not previously owned a classic car, bought this 1981 Mini Clubman estate about 6 weeks ago. It appears to have been restored fairly well, though certainly not perfect, and has a 1275 Metro engine in it. He wanted to have a good look at the condition of the underside and also see if he could find some mounting points for rear seat belts as he has a son who travels in the back, so I offered him the use of my drive and ramps. The electrics are a bit suspect so I also helped him fix the hazard flashers and the interior light. It is perfectly useable but he is slowly tinkering with it to fix some of the minor niggles.
  12. Thanks for the tip @egg. Unfortunately I didn't see your post until this morning and they are now out of stock. Supposedly 66 sold. Fortunately my existing weather strips are not too bad. I did remove them all, scrape off all the moss, clean them up and reshape them as best as I could and they look reasonable now.
  13. Two wooden slatted single beds. 2 metres x 1 metre. Both take a 6'6" x 3' mattress. Reasonable condition. All fixings included. Dismantled for transport. Headboard in first picture looks manky but is actually covered in stickers which should be easy to remove. Free for collection from Buckingham MK18.
  14. AS-worthy bodge applied and we can now select reverse again. Removed the roll pin and slid the collar off then cut the top of it straight and drilled a suitably-sized hole in the thickest part of the bulge above the finger groove. Pressed the roll pin through this hole and into the cable ferrule. This means that the collar now sits higher up on the lever so I had to ditch the (broken) plastic bit that fits inside the knob to allow the collar to move up inside it. It also means that I now have to put my fingers underneath the collar to lift it, rather than in the finger groove. But it works. I don't know how long it will last as the 30-year-old plastic has gone horribly brittle but I deliberately drilled the hole at the thickest point for (hopefully) maximum strength. I forgot to take a picture before I bashed the knob back on but it now looks like this: Not a brilliant job but doesn't look too bad and will hopefully last a while until the remaining plastic disintegrates. In the meantime if anyone finds a replacement collar, knob with collar, or complete lever in their spares stash or sees one for sale please let me know. Also, does anyone know if the later gear lever is the same at the bottom end and would fit into the early linkage?
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