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  1. Yes they do. I thought this might be the problem as all the BL stuff I have owned with electric fuel pumps has started promptly even after standing for a long time. The valves in the pump should prevent the fuel from leaking back but I thought they could be a bit leaky so I fitted a new fuel pump but no improvement. Even if they were they would only drain the feed pipe to the carb, not the float chamber. I took the top off the float chamber after it had been standing for a week and it was about half full, which I think should be enough to start it, although I topped it up from a fuel can anyway but it still took the same amount of cranking time to start.
  2. Funny you should mention this. The one small problem with the Maxi is the length of time it needs to be cranked for before it will start when it has been left unused for more than two or three days. It always starts eventually but takes 30 seconds or more of continuous cranking before it will fire. After it has started once it will restart straight away, even if left long enough to need the choke again, or even the next morning. It has a fairly new battery but I am concerned that when the weather gets colder and it is left for say a week there may not be enough charge in the battery to crank it for this length of time. Fortunately it lives in a garage with power, so I bought a trickle charger to leave connected to it just in case. Maybe this is a common problem with the E series engines but so far I have been unable to find any reference to it elsewhere.
  3. When I click "Load more activity" the page used to stay at the first newly-loaded item, allowing me to then scroll down, and on my desktop it still does, but on my laptop, which also used to do this, it now scrolls to the last newly-loaded item and I have to scroll up and then can't tell where the last original item ends and the first new one begins. Have I accidentally changed a setting on the laptop? If so, how do I revert to the original behaviour? TIA
  4. When I got a new V5 for Bob the Renault, which has been off the road since 1993, it came with the standard PLG taxation class. I SORNed it online and it was accepted. I even received a confirmation email from the DVLA. About a week later I received a threatening letter from them saying that I would be fined if I did not either tax or SORN it. Went online and SORNed it again. Got another confirmation email. About a week later I received the same threatening letter from them again. Emailed DVLA to ask what was going on and was told that because the car had been off the road since before SORN was introduced it could not be SORNed until it had been retaxed. They also said that I could not change the taxation class to historic vehicle until it was retaxed. I asked them what I needed to do to stop the threatening letters and was assured there would be no more, which there haven't been. My plan is therefore to leave everything as is until it is roadworthy again, then tax it, change to historic and verify its MoT exemption all at the same time.
  5. That takes the term 'high-waisted' to a new level (pun intended). More 'low-shouldered' in fact. Did he wear them for additional support when turning the car on its side? He could end up being the only person ever to die of suffocation by his own trousers while still wearing them 😃.
  6. OMG I think I see what she means! Not a good look even for an old git. Good job there weren't any mirrors at the museum. At least that means that I didn't have to see this fashion disaster until @richardmorris kindly* posted it on here for everyone to ridicule. Thanks Richard. Thrichard.
  7. Oh No! Photobombed by that bloody Maxi again!
  8. Whenever I make comments like this my wife just sighs and says "It's fashion dear. You wouldn't understand".
  9. No problem. We have the technology. Her new handle is going to be MrsTractorSeat. Just promise not to leave it at home.
  10. @Six-cylinder has a field.
  11. Not the only thing. Try sniffing limited slip diff oil. New = disgusting. Used = even more so.
  12. Remember seeing one of these some years back and chatting to the owner, who had just finished building it. They have the middle axle driven and the rearmost axle is simply another Cortina back axle, but unpowered. He said that the first time he drove it into a field it got stranded on the outer four undriven wheels with the two driven centre ones spinning helplessly. I think he either fitted softer springs to the rear axle or harder (estate) springs to the driven axle to stop it happening again.
  13. If we get any problems we will simply remove or cover up the M and the I on the badges and tell everyone it's a kit car based on a Citroen AX 😊.
  14. Oops sorry, quite right. K prefix not K suffix. Hastily edited to hide cock-up 😊.
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