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Oops, I bought a car by mistake. Anyone want it?

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11 minutes ago, EssDeeWon said:

Did you buy the Prairie locally?  I know / knew of two locally, one rather abandoned looking one near Castle Rd, Hadleigh and another high top near Belfairs.  I have photographed both.

No, bought it off someone on Retro Rides. Will - Datman I think. 

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1 hour ago, AnthonyG said:

If the registration was D520CLL (which is what the petrol station photo reads to me) then the DVLA have no record of it anymore.

Sadly I think it’s been weighed in. 

Seems like people give up too easily nowadays.

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5 hours ago, Dannyk said:

Yep, its been scrapped. 


interesting it does the exact same thing JNJ135L does

it wont show up for love nor money in the DVLA checker but it does show up on the MOT checker

and im pretty positive JNJ135L still exists somewhere...

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Im 99% sure thats what "tax data not available" means.

My old polo..

And getting back on topic, i've done similar, got outbid on a car i wanted so bid on another, then it got relisted so i done buy it now and completely forgot id bid on the other, ended up buying both though.




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