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  1. I liked mine and my dads when I borrowed it. In my opinion they piss all over the mk1 focus, better car in every way Looks like mine lived for a couple years after then a mot fail sent it to the bridge
  2. That is cool also found this in a box of crap, if any use i can post it out after the apocalypse has finished
  3. i didn't think that was 'essential'? Plus my local petrol station is twice as busy as usual and people seem to think the two metre rule also applies to cars in the que to get in there
  4. Decided to wash and polish the polo. Can't wait till I'm aloud to the jet wash again, much easier Also found a sticker in a box of crap, spose i could stick it on my jumper for next time I go shop
  5. I like it so far, think a bullbar and spotlamps would suit it
  6. easier than finding a picture myself. And the '79 version
  7. Well i think the only option is an alarm, probably not a moss one though, I was always told Clifford or toad were good
  8. That is lovely! Would the owner notice if the seats were swapped for polo cl ones? 😂 And yes I like it lighting up green, my dad had a kuga from work and I found all the blinding bright lights horrible at night, think all 80/90s vw light up green
  9. Think the poolo is out of warranty now, its it 23rd birthday next Friday so I may treat it to its first wash since november
  10. Nice golf! Shame the blue things in the wa... Oh I see. But seriously, that's shit about the test, when I done mine I was like a kid waiting for christmas. Might of missed it and don't want to scare you but have you thought about security for rev when its home? Can't use a disklok
  11. Someone on the comments mentioned this, you've probably already heard of the place but I struggle to keep up I knew you'd already know of that one but its the first time I've been on Facebook for a while (as I'm bored of bogroll moaning) and this was the first thing on there.
  12. 'Rusty rear arch' fits... I'll try remember to come on at 1pm, (and probably forget till 10pm) to see what colour this ka is
  13. Wow! My mate had a ka, he popped in to say his exhaust had fallen off, I expected it had come off the hanger, nope the exhaust was still attached to the hangers along with around 3" of a bit of floor.
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