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  1. Havn't got any pics of my dads metro, renault 5, mk2 escort, mk4 cortina, mk1 sierra (B583HVV) no idea how i remember that, escort eclipse (H751XFL) But i have got a poor picture taken on a rubbish phone of a photo taken on a disposable 90's camera of his crapi (C370MNV) and one of the cavalier (H???DNV) that replaced it. Also have a pic with my gramps nova photobombing, he bought it brand new and traded in his viva he bought new in the 70s, then traded it in for a brand new corsa in 98 which he gave to me in 06 when i passed my test as he was too ill to drive. My other grandad had a mk3 cortina estate then a mk2 cavalier
  2. I never heard anything from it, have quite a few people from kettering on it too but no one seems to have seen it
  3. Ruined breadbin has an mot till september with no advisories 3 escorts vans. A fiesta with the usal mk3 ignition, aldi that looked very tidy Also had a mk2 transit that was fucked but my phone didnt want to save them so pic from their bookface page
  4. In higham ferrers, northamptonshire
  5. Dannyk


    My exes mum had one that was 5 years old, she leant it to me. It was miserable, gutless, piss poor build quality and the gear linkage was knackerd, apperantly it was a common fault and no one could get the parts. I actually gave it back early. Only thing i liked was the "made in india" sticker in the boot.
  6. Im localish to kettering, i'll share it on my bookface
  7. Saw this on ebay, didn't sell first time if any good to anyone? 25 cars/vans corgi schabak matchbox https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/joblo-matchbox-cars-some-boxed-sierra-capri/264299464846
  8. It could be, i don't recognise it and a few people commented on the bookface post asking where it was
  9. Corgi Professionals capri 1/36 £224.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Corgi-CI537-Professionals-Exclusive-From-Professionalmania-Ford-Capri-3-0S/323770752891 Corgi capri 2.8 1:43 £44.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vanguards-Ford-Capri-Mk3-2-8inj-Caspian-Blue-1-43-MIB-Ltd-Ed-VA10800/233189083509 Corgi granada 2.8 1:43 £54.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CORGI-VANGUARD-Ford-Granada-MkII-2-8-Ghia-Imperial-Red-VA12410/173799691404 Norev capri 1:18...£275!!! Collection only https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ultra-rare-norev-ford-capri-2-8i-blue-over-silver-1-18/273798266027 Depends what youd like to spend, i personally wouldn't be spending £45-100+ on a toy car, can get a real car for that!
  10. Funny you should say that. I've been eyeing up the vanguards granadas....
  11. "Mega rare barn find,i know what its worth, better than money in the bank, £17,900 if it don't sell i won't sell it" Happily accept the death threats this is going to get me, was a mint low mileage 2.8 aswell Worlds smallest polos,( 1:87 i think) wasn't red as it looked in the pics. Something else i like other than shite cars
  12. I'm about 15-20 miles away, have a fucked red polo and called dan(ny) but have a feeling you mean someone else
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-205-D-Turbo/254199599557 Doesn't like starting, no mot, no rear seats, dents, diesel,needs welding,sunroof siliconed shut, seller describes them as bad points
  14. Ohh i've never had a "classic" car before, £1200!!! If someone offerd me £400 for my identical one id rip their bloody arm off.not sure what donnas been smoking.
  15. Can't remember if i've shown theese 2 before
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