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  1. Austin metro 1.0 done up as a MG Renault 5 Mk4 cortina, in midnight blue, black roof,brown interior 😎 Mk1 sierra 1.6 l in silver with tide mark, xr3i doglegs and a peco backbox Mk4 escort eclipse in blue Capri 2.0 laser in white/rust/wob Mk3 cavalier 1.6l in frost blue Then went all posh in the early 2000s and got a 3 year old mk2 mondeo zetec in purple*
  2. Will look good on them wheels with trim rings. I had mk3 golf steels with the trim rings on.
  3. Beat me to it, was going to ask if it was this one
  4. Nothing wrong with rattlecanning a cheap car that has knackered paint. Cant wait to see the meltdowns it causes when it's an inch off the floor on fluorescent green banded steels 🤣🤣
  5. Mk1 focus 1.6 estate, speedo didn't work, heating didn't work, aircon didn't work, heated windscreen didn't work, front fogs didn't work. Had the battery light on but had a new battery, alternator and "smart charge" wiring loom. The drivers seat was awful, forever adjusting it but it still gave me backache and weirdly ball ache?? It was asthmatic, poor on fuel, terrible handling and pisspoor build quality. never understood why random strangers on tinternet think they're wonderful
  6. my polo I bought back in may '18 for £100 broke down for the first time the other week then got worse, it was now a 3 cylinder that smoked like a 2smoke and done 35mph flat out. Scrapyard gave me £100.28 for it. I suppose 75000 miles and 23 years is a good innings for a VW *pic from when I magically made it look reasonable from a distance
  7. Probably watched too much fast & loud, but very similar looks to this and a dodge challenger hellcat engine.
  8. If it makes you feel any better the fan in my old corsa used to kick in here
  9. Just think of all the birds you'd pull in this, bouncing it off the limiter in 2nd through the high street https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-nova-modified-project/184299420865?hash=item2ae919fcc1:g:lwMAAOSwx79exVID&redirect=mobile
  10. Aslong as no one pays a deposit via bank transfer before viewing then it could be a bargain, apparently its her dad's Dearer sierra
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