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  1. Just caught up on this thread.... I saw this pink metro yesterday in Eastwood near Progress Road about 17.30
  2. Managed to get this moved and put away on Saturday. Now garaged and SORN’d. A bonus it’s been dry here recently so the car went away dry.
  3. An email from The AA... To remind me its nearly Mothers Day. Seriously, Fooook Offff! Stick to what you're good at repairing cars at the side of the road.
  4. So after 6 years of faithful service I think this car has seen the tarmac for the last time in a while. I now have another car so this has been stood since christmas on a friends driveway. I fired it up yesterday (first time) and purred but then left loads of coolant on the road outside my flat so back off the road for now and awaiting a flat bed down to my garage in Kent after lockdown. The bonnet came open after pulling off yesterday too, the cable is duff, The sills are rusty and jacking points have gone again. It was cracking and creaking somewhat when I recently had a new rear tyre on it. I need to have a look at how and why it spat coolant out yesterday and dry the boot out then stash it away. Not sure what to do with it long term, I do hope it doesn't get dragged back out in 2050 in series 30 of Bangers and Cash.
  5. Fcktards driving along in the dark with snow covered front headlights.... Buts ok, they have their muzzle on while driving so they are safe. It can only be 2021.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Astra-mk2-van-with-loads-of-gte-spares-to-convert-1-6-petrol-project-barn-find/174605669930?hash=item28a74f162a:g:gHoAAOSwXyBgCd0u “Spares or repairs "REPOSSESSED VEHICLE"”
  7. Drive back into 1987 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1982-FORD-CORTINA-mk5-1600-crusader/284156127544?hash=item4229066938:g:APoAAOSwqqBgCc3u
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-B-GT-FOR-RESTORATION-UNIQUE-BUILD-OR-SPARES/224324129624?hash=item343ac29358:g:FjMAAOSw1VZgCehd "This is a double hit for the right buyer." Yuuhhh ok.
  9. Ideal for looking like 'old money' when you go shopping at Waitrose https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MERCEDES-BENZ-E-CLASS-E430-AUTO-V8-W210-FULL-SERVICE-HISTORY-LOW-MILEAGE/193859099138?hash=item2d22e71a02:g:vfMAAOSwIy1f49IN
  10. A great choice of car and what more could you want for going to the shops in once a week, or when permitted by our leaders in modern day communist Britain.
  11. A really rare thing but talk of *no reserve* but starting an auction at £4000 surely acts as a reserve. Not seen one in the wild for a long time now. The Previa that replaced this was far superior in every which way.
  12. No, that's the only snag, its in Kent. But have family on the manor who will pass by and keep one eye on the garage but it seems a nice enough area. There was nothing local at all.
  13. Finally managed to find a nice dry safe secure garage to park the 75 in. Best bit is its FREE! Belongs to a family member who has been telling me for over a year "That big Rover wont go in" but all yours if you want it. Popped over today with a trusty tape measure and there is plenty of room, well about 6 inches to spare.
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