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  1. The one by Bournes Green? I did go past that way on Sunday, didn't see it but then I didn't really look for it. I usually notice it so perhaps it wasn't there.
  2. There is a tatty F reg sporty version near me, what did they call em? anyway think that's a 1.4, edit* Just answering my own question, its a GT and totally bog standard, but tatty.
  3. EssDeeWon

    75 or 406?

    stick up the links for the potential cars on here Barefoot to any you like the look of
  4. Yes!! I had one in red, also with black plastic slidy sunroof.
  5. These also have that cool bonnet opening don't they. The front raises up and the bonnet tilts back (not the way it looks like its going to go)
  6. That confirms win then. Don't see many of these about anymore.
  7. I actually like the 306 in this meridian type form, does it have those nice half leather seats that came in so many of these?
  8. EssDeeWon

    75 or 406?

    Look at both and buy the best example you can with what you got. I am slightly 75 bias but not so much when it comes to Tourers. A chap I know has a 1.8T Tourer and it bloody goes like stink, he did have to have a new HG though, now its sweet.
  9. Whenever I see an early E30 it reminds me of a time in about 1987 when our family car (Rover of course) broke down in central london and we needed water, this chap in his then almost new red E30 pulled over to help and just happened to have a few gallons of water in his boot, to this day we never understood why someone driving an almost new posh BMW thought to carry so much water with him. I can still to this day remember it parked behind us with his blonde bird sat in the passenger seat while this chap and my dad poured water into the Rover. Funny how seeing a photo reminds you of these things, Oh and well bought Martin
  10. Spanish spots from the last couple of weeks.
  11. A couple of central London spots recently... the Citroen was in Southend but not great quality as snapped from inside the car using a camera phone.
  12. Parky, I would be scouring Autotrader now for tidy Seat Leons for when her insurance company offer you £600.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-GRANADA-SCORPIO-2-9-EFI-5-PEED-MANUAL-4X4-VERY-RARE-CAR-74-000-MILES/303189788036?hash=item4697850584:g:qhQAAOSww6NdBSeJ 2.9 4x4 manual
  14. Driving off after pranging someones car seems to be the norm these days, good job your neighbour caught her, shifty cow!!
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