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  1. crikey where is that?? I mean rough area, not exact location obvs. I want to try and pap the sinking B reg Orion Ghia in East Tilbury soon.
  2. Got to be worth a note under the wiper arm Bornite, if you're still after one of these. That one doesn't look too bad, they often come up a little brighter in real life as every photo of mine looks more faded than it actually is. Its the horizontal panels that come off worse over time.
  3. Sorry I can't help with the rough idle but wow look how retro they look now. Once street furniture but that looks so cool. My step dad had a white D reg with matching white trims the same style as yours for years 1991-1997, reg D761FHX (A late mk1) Hope you get it sorted man.
  4. Yo any of you essex chod spotters, I saw a black B reg Orion 1.6 Ghia that has literally sunk into someones front lawn this morning in East Tilbury, along Princess Margaret Road. Annoyingly I didn't have my phone on me, but if any of you essex shiters happen to be down that way its well worth a look, it has badly faded and gone green in places, Must have been there a good 20 years judging by how much the wheels have sunk into the grass. Local 'YTW' plates too.
  5. Not really a grin because the below relates to two very nice people I know... But yesterday they picked up a 2016 Nissan Cashcow from a main dealer on some PCP scheme Turns out its a complete pile with half a dozen things wrong with. I'd be fckin fuming. Their 2007 Civic wasn't big enough cos baby, so bought this cashcow with a list of things wrong with it. What is required for having a kid these days, a shit load of stuff by the sound of it. When me and my brother were very little the 1300 Dolomite was more than adequate but nowadays people seem to need something 4x4 or crossover to accomodate a very small human. A grin because some of the things that fail to function on this 2016 jap bus work fine on my 20 year old £400 peice of british crap.
  6. I thought all the mummies and their kids were outside Westminster this afternoon protesting against that very thing. Bless em.
  7. Good grief I would snap that up. I have recently been looking at flats in Haywards Heath, West Sussex for that money. Yeah I know norf and saaf but even so.. *edit sorry I wasn't telling you what life decisions to make there, was just a comparison at property rental prices.
  8. Love the front of this bird. I bet the local mobile mechanics will all be queuing up to deal with her and her broken aldy
  9. Ha, I work on the finance side of things and not every day with the 'media types' but I wouldn't miss it for more than about 90 seconds, generally its ok but im not all that sociable at work anyway. My lying alcohlic manager is the biggest bug bear but thats for another thread on another day.
  10. Some great uploads there chaps, love the 80's street scenes.
  11. How odd to use that lovely E28 but to some people its just old and looks good for the advert. They drive Evokes and got their bunce for producing the advert so don't really care. I work in media and might even know some of the people behind this advert, we do book for Go-Compare. Without tarnishing every single one of them they would not care about the rarest of all cars getting crushed if it delivered the advert as ordered by Go-Co, it funds the evokes, flats in Clapham and nights out in shoreditch.
  12. Agreed, I personally wouldn't go near the stuff in my own Rover but as a stop gap that costs only a few quid whilst the OP funds something else, it could knock on for another year or so. Not ideal but funds are the main issue here.
  13. What a bummer, so the water has now drastically dropped? Has the oil mayo'd? What about throwing in some of that steal seal / K seal stuff if you are sure the HG has gone? I have never heard of these sniff tests before but if they are conclusive (and I have been reading they are not) then that seems the cheapest fix without any real outlay. FWIW im not entirely sure that top hose fix is helping matters either.
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