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  1. I found out on Wednesday afternoon that the ABS works very well on the Rover, ask the silly cow in a black aldi a4 cabriolet who pulled straight out in front of me how I know. Honestly, she saw me coming then took a look left then just went, good job I adopt the 'assume everyone else is incompetent' style of driving, silly cow gave a half arsed sorry gesture and obviously avoided eye contact and drove off. Maybe I should buy a car that's more obvious to spot when coming towards you.
  2. I cant get my head around why people WANT an extension. You still need to get it tested six months later with a higher chance of it failing. Short term gain, long term pain.
  3. Not seen that one but I did pass an immaculate silver M reg 214SLi I think? it was pulling into a drive up Nobles Green Road in Eastwood a few days ago.
  4. 😩😩 this is today. D reg Vitesse TP
  5. Surely the most random spot to stop and take some photos of your car? Was he/she about to turn right and thought " I know what, i'll take some photos and stick this up for sale today' ?
  6. This, This and This. I did go in a 1.8T once, very quick car. I'd rather leave slightly earlier and enjoy the V6 waft.
  7. Do you have a thread for this lovely motor Bren? It’s a black EFi from memory?
  8. Goodness me. There are no words for some of those spots. That Avenger has time travelled from 1990. There is/was an old Saab like that parked on a side street just off the cally rd near kings cross.
  9. From those photos I can almost tell which route you took there Doctor. There is an F reg Suzuki Swift just around the corner from that red 2cv on the roundabout.
  10. EssDeeWon

    Morris 1300

    What a cool car I like that. Hope you get it running. Have you checked the points?
  11. Fckin photo bucket have claimed this photo but have a crystal blue XR3i our roads were once paved with red white black and grey MK4 XR3s but these crystal blue cars were a thing. My old neighbour had one 20 years ago. A batch were painted in 1988 as special order.
  12. Well saved and well timed. I bet the scrappy would have seen pound signs when they turned up to collect that. Glad you got in there first. A Ford with Essex number plates, OMG Ford management car!!!
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