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  1. Dry car storage is difficult unless you want to lay out loads in deposits and months of rent up front for a garage, that always come unmeasured. I tried recently to find somewhere for the 75 but in the end found a nice big driveway locally in a nice leafy part of town. Not in the dry but at least its safe and tucked away off the road for a whole tenner a week. How about a cover for the Sierra?
  2. Lets see it then, a second, third or umpteen extra set of eyes might help in spotting any potential issues, or reassurances.
  3. Sorry to hear that Doctor. Being told I could not attend a close relatives funeral because of convid would result in someone getting a broken nose.
  4. I don't know to be honest, I only saw it on Ebay and Car&Classic
  5. He looks to have made a nice job of it. Does he spray cars for a living or just as a hobby?
  6. Don't forget the red socks.
  7. Yes I agree with tasmin, I think crystal was on the XR2, Sapphire Cosworth and a few XR3i's from 1988, and yes they did.
  8. It is. I think tasmin blue or crystal blue? A once common 1988 colour option.
  9. Pin eck m8 thats epic, my Grandad had one identical on an F plate in about 1993ish replacing his Ital estate. F***KBH
  10. 1986 has got to the height of motor manufacturing in my opinion. You could buy a new Range Rover Vogue, an SD1 VDP, a new mk4 XR3i for the missus , and E28 M5 oh and an MG Metro for local hops and shopping. Imagine that sweeping gravel driveway lineup in your tasselled loafers if you will.
  11. Good god thats awful. An unthinkable thing to have happen to a young family. The only minor, and it is a minor consolation is the SUV twat now has to live with that and hopefully thinks twice before being a dickhead next time.
  12. F.F.S. pissing out the main engine to rad hose that was replaced last year!
  13. Living somewhere with no allocated parking since July, the price of the property reflects no parking however after lockdown I didn't have much choice so took this place, its in the town and every side road has restricted parking. The parking so far has turned out ok as there is some 'no mans land' across the road that fits 4 cars. Other residents from this apartment block use it but one couple have 2 vehicles (Fiesta and van) and have started playing 'dibs the spaces' including the one I have been using. Due to the odd shape of this piece of land my car fits ok in 2 of the spaces but the
  14. Living on a main road where the traffic often backs up during the day, from my first floor window I can almost constantly spot people creeping along in the traffic and glancing down with their phone in their laps, typically young women in almost new Fiat 500, aldi a1, bini types. I mean FFS can these people not put their phones away for 5 minutes? Heard a load of revving outside this morning, some young lad with a black 04 clio was billowing smoke out the front, I thought the thing was on fire, low and behold in true modern day “OMG look Insta” fashion the lad first jumps out and films
  15. Any car with a fckin stupid loud exhaust system. I now live on a fairly busy road which I don’t mind until some twat boots it past in some heap of crap with a completely unnecessarily loud exhaust. Often bolted to something about 10 years old and under 1300cc
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