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  1. Aldi wanker yesterday afternoon, he was behind me at the lights in a black Q thingy and the huge grill was high in my rear view and an inch from my bumper... pull away from lights and he comes down my offside in a single lane carriageway and drives over the hatchings to overtake, Belts it off... yeah you know what’s coming... 1/2 mile up the road he’s stuck behind slow moving traffic so I eventually catch him up then poodle past him while he gets in the right lane at the upcoming round about. See ya later dick 🙋🏻‍♂️ Last Monday in eurocarparts, guy being served in front of me is really rude to the staff, ordered something and gave his name as Steve Steve (first name last name) then points to loads of wipers on sale “will they fit a 2010 BMW X5”? The sales advisor.. “possibly mate do you know the size blade you need”. Steve Steve.. “No”. Sales advisor “ok you need to measure them”. Steve Steve “how do I do that”?
  2. Ah weird you say that as this afternoon I was out in the Rover and picked up a French radio station, clear as day!
  3. She’s a media puppet mate. When I see her out planting trees and not taking a 747 direct from NY back home to Sweden I might, just might have an ounce of respect for the girl.
  4. Is that the example hubnut drove in one of his road tests?
  5. I tend to switch off and just leave a discussion/argument when people start quoting stuff they were told on ‘The News’ The most annoying argument is religion. I mean FFS just believe or don’t believe and wait for the day you die to find out the score, it can’t be proved until then so religion has to go down as the most stupid thing to argue about.
  6. Finally back home with a cuppa after 200 miles in the Rover visiting family over Christmas down in Kent. Weather coming back this afternoon was atrocious, had to gingerly drive it though some flooded farm roads then the A2 from Dover was under water in places. How we didn’t aquaplane I’ll never know but relieved to be home with the car and myself in one piece.
  7. someone in the office plays music out of their PC, generally not a problem until Lewis Crap audi comes on!! FFS man its like having pins slowly pushed into your ear drums!!
  8. The thought of this Aldi wanker getting away with it boils my piss so I can only try and imagine how you feel. Just keep on at them and state the facts, let his fairy tales eventually become transparent to everyone involved.
  9. Oh and parking around here is still shit. Old biddy neighbours with no lives that deliberately move a car out into the road so when I return home I can’t park outside there house, and the landlord here who has a bloody driveway has left his van out on the road for the last week meaning I can’t park in the one space where I don’t get grief from the local annoying Mrs bucket residents. He has the luxury of a driveway and knows the grief I get outside (petty notes and residents moving their cars out onto the road when I go out)
  10. Heaters in the 75 have packed up again! Won’t have time to get it taken back to the garage before Christmas! Going away in it this Christmas too. Hate my job and wish I had the finances to just hand my notice in. Got pulled in last week for calling out my line manager for being a blatant liar because he’s an alcoholic. The company would rather not deal with it. On Friday I made a written complaint to the top HR person after the company (multi mil $ media agency) used the weekly job referral email to depict a broken Britain following the GE on Thursday. I understand the London bubble is 80% remain and 70% labour but I don’t go to work to receive an individuals political opinion or agenda. Should have just deleted it but I’m in a bad mood whenever I’m there so that probably made me want to complain more. I expect to get called in for that on Monday.. All in all pretty fed up with stuff in general.
  11. *NOW FOUND* This car was recovered by Southend Police yesterday, all complete less headlights, grill and bumper. The hubcaps are also missing but by and large its all complete. It appears it was stashed away in a residential garage in Southend but the tenant was evicted (so a local resident informs me) and the house was boarded up and gutted and the Avenger was in the garage, since pushed out onto the drive and yesterday discovered by local police as stolen. Fantastic news! I am hoping the missing parts are in the car, either way good news its recovered and largely unharmed.
  12. We get given them free at work. PM me your address mate I’ll have one on its way to you tomorrow.
  13. That’s very smart. I quite like these 306 cabs. Is it the 1.6 or 2.0? Half leather? Very nice either way Doc.
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