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eBay tat volume 3.


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12 hours ago, scooobydont said:

Wonder what is up with this? It's had a few bob spent on it



"Currently a non runner. Recently it failed to start. We could hear clicking from the lower crankcase. The crank is turning. It will need to be transported as is not drivable.


Housed at CP Garage Services – Alfa specialist in Dundee."


Sounds a bit ominous ...


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19 minutes ago, egg said:

No you're right, not really like an old Mini is it!

Depends how honest the rebuilder/restorer/bodger is i suppose.

I was always told if it was a new item of original design with paperwork to prove it then it could keep its identity (as long as axle, engine etc were also used to keep enough DVLA points)

Having said that, its all seemingly a minefield anyway, depending on who you speak to at the DVLA


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11 minutes ago, wuvvum said:




If my experience is representative, it'll struggle to do 30mpg, and then it'll shit its DPF and head gasket. Every month or two it'll need a replacement brake caliper when one randomly sticks on. EGR valve will need cleaning out roughly every 6 weeks but at least it's a very, very easy job.


Absolute pile of shit

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1 hour ago, grogee said:

That's a good price, I wonder how rusty it is? Either it's had welding or it's been taken to a 'sympathetic' tester. 



I mean the seller reckons it passed with "no advisories" so who knows the truth 

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8 minutes ago, grogee said:

Jesus Christ. £3990. I paid less than that for an 06 plate one with a bigger engine, lower mileage and better spec and 21k miles. In 2010. Fourteen years ago!

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