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eBay tat volume 3.


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1 hour ago, egg said:

Not so classy, what's this 'Regency' based on?



What an absolute disgrace. Wedding would be off if she turned up in that. Good info @MiniMinorMk3

And well done @egg for finding something worse than I found on the bottom of my shoe the other day. 

"Hark, the diesel clatter of a Sherpa! My beautiful bride has arrived"

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2 hours ago, BorniteIdentity said:



Armchair trader who probably got paid to take the old car away, but sexy nonetheless.  


I can't see the ad but I don't suppose it's six grand like the one I posted yesterday. Looks a bit more bASe too, all the better for it

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23 hours ago, ProgRocker said:

Mamma Mia! This looks good for not much cash.

1998 Fiat Marea ELX! 52,000 miles. MOT due in June. £495.

1998 Fiat Marea Elx For Sale (picture 1 of 6)


Edit: or maybe not...


I had that car a couple years ago and sold it too the current owner. Was a perfect car, just uncomfortable for me. 

There is no issue with the airbag system, you just need a fiat tool to turn the light out. (I replace a seat belt tensioner and caused that issue)! 

Some information about it is in my thread! It's pretty solid for a marea and had working climate control. 


Was a one owner car when I got it in 2021

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