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Shitting in the shallow end. Rexton (still)

Jim Bell

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As is now widely known, @Jim Bell uses a team of North Korean writers for his collection threads. Here are some photos of the teams at work.

The team do take some artistic licence but the collections are always real, the poo counts are real and the dogs always exist. 

Greetings from Pyongyang 





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Well. Not much of interest has been going down in groovetown. The yellow SLK went off to @garellikatia and the Rexton has continued to be a great bunch of car. 




Because I'm planning on keeping it for a wee while, I have endeavoured to make some small improvements. 


The sad demise of Cobra in the UK has made it impossible to code new alarm/immobiliser fobs without the pin code for the system, which I don't have. With only one key/fob for the car, I foresaw a terrible day when the fob battery would go flat leaving me stranded double parked outside a massage parlour, when I'd just stopped to ask directions to the local church so I decided that it's probably best to pull the immobiliser out. 

Knowing nothing about electrons or diodes, I asked @cobblers for some advice. He said "just do it yourself, cut some wires and stuff, get stuck in, what's the worst that could happen?"

I immediately ignored this and hounded several local specialists till an accredited professional agreed to do it. 




Out you come you little twot. 


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It really is a class thing. Shit, but it has so much character. 


The OEM alloys that were on it were frankly shit. They were peeling, unpleasing to the eye and a bit damaged from when the rear discs exploded at speed in the past. The front hub selectors dictate that even though the pcd is common, the centre bore is massive which really limits wheel choice. I fucking hate alloys almost as much as I hate immobilisers and sunroofs so kept my eyes open for some steel wheels. 





I sourced some steels and had the best new road tyres swapped on. 










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3 minutes ago, garbaldy said:

Have you been to the doctors lately as I think you might have something wrong with you 🤔 

That's got to be record for the length of time you've kept that samyungdung.

I have been to the doctor's recently  and he gave me some cream and told me to stop picking it. 

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I've also perfected my NO SPILL, NO DRAMA, ENVIRONMENTAL FREND filling system. 

The Fillatron 4000 magnetic funnel, has now been joined by the SPORT SPOUT 600. 






I don't spill a drop and get maximum mpgs while also saving the world and dinosaurs. 

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I had a Cobra system removed from a 1989 eunos roadster courtesy of 'Tony's Audio' in Sunderland back in the day... Mine was a particularly nasty system in that it was designed to lock both doors around 60 seconds after start up (Presumably to avoid being car jacked at traffic lights etc?) Basically this translated to a situation whereby if you weren't careful, you'd find yourself locked out of your own car (Such indignity) and having to wreck the hood or a window to get back in.

It took them a good hour and amazingly there was literally about a stone in weight of wiring and parts once all of the gubbins were removed and piled up.

Not envy.

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Doing my man mathematics calculations, using the difference in the cost of veg oil and pump diesel as a bench mark, the amount of savings I've made over the last six months has effectively paid for the purchase price of the car. 

Its now a free car, that's needed nothing but fuel filters, that hopefully will continue to provide big savings on into the future. 




Good car. 

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On 10/28/2022 at 9:05 PM, Jim Bell said:

I've also perfected my NO SPILL, NO DRAMA, ENVIRONMENTAL FREND filling system. 

The Fillatron 4000 magnetic funnel, has now been joined by the SPORT SPOUT 600. 






I don't spill a drop and get maximum mpgs while also saving the world and dinosaurs. 

Share the wealth, man. I loaned you the patent for the MAGNAFUNNEL14 and you don't tell me about the spout? 


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4 hours ago, mitsisigma01 said:

No it's just the first time I've seen a local shop selling 20 litre cans , I would hope that I can find it cheaper.... I might have to bring the tdci out of mothballs as the K11 ain't big enough for moving shite to the tip

It would be worth an experiment if new veg oil was very cheap or you get waste oil for free, otherwise no.

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8 months into Ssangyong Rexton ownership update. 


I've been running the Rexton as an only car for eight months now and my general findings are as follows. 


Practicality: the cabin space, passenger space and load space offer a great and varied combination of practical usage possibilities. I usually travel by myself or with my small crew, but having the option to fill it up with IKEA tat, tip run treasures or just 500 litres of veg oil in 20litre jugs is a fantastic ability to have in your pocket with your dailly driver. 

Practicality: 9/10





Reliability/maintenance: In almost dailly use, running on filtered waste veg oil (8% petrol blend at sub zero temps) there has been only one FTP. That was on the coldest morning of the coldest month of this cold cold winter. Initially I thought it was the battery but there was enough volts to spin but nothing from the key. A jump lead from the Neg to the block shocked it awake and it's been no trouble since. Maybe the starter or an earth frozen or summat. I dunno. Seems to be charging fine. Other than that, it's needed nothing but fuel filters. So far no parts or work required. 
















The DRIVE: It's a bit like driving a van or a tractor or a bus or a bad car. It doesn't feel slow to me, but I'm sure it is. The steering is light and the roadfeel disappears beneath the live axle and tired suspension cloak of unfeelability. Visibility is great all round and pedal & shifter travel is long but accurate. Basically, it's an easy plodding drive. You get there eventually feeling refreshed but if you want to feel engaged, buy the person that you're fucking a ring and ask them to marry you. 

The DRIVE: 5/10. 


VALUE: it's a £1000 car that's saved me over 2 grand in fuel savings running on veg oil so far. It's had £30 worth of fuel filters and needed nothing else. I don't see how you can beat these old beasts on value. If you don't mind sloshing oil about and adding a bit of petrol in the winter, they're fantastic value. I've been to the actual petrol station three times in 8 months, for 8litres of petrol to put in my diesel car. 

Value: 10/10







Ssangyong Rexton Total score. 9/10

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With nothing going wrong with the car, I did try and improve it a bit. The plastic headlight lenses set getting a bit cloudy so I armed myself with some items and warmed up the elbow grease. 


Lubrication water. 






Hand scrob. 







It's not looking bad for a shit auld bus. 












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  • Jim Bell changed the title to Shitting in the shallow end. Rexton (still)

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