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Honda Prelude 2.0 Automatic - Sexy car for sale/roffle £750 or £12.50


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I'd be surprised if this hasn't sold out by the weekend. It's a proper decent car with long MoT.

There's tons of stuff on here just now, plus Christmas innit. As long as it goes before the 2nd of January, my direct debits came off the other day for the insurance and tax for this and it spurred me into action :D

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Apologies rofflers, a fellow Glaswegian shiter appeared carrying notes with Nicola Sturgeon's face on them last night and took the Honda away.I'm sure he'll make himself known in due course, really nice guy. I'm happy it's still in the fold. Thanks to those who expressed interest in the roffle.

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Many thanks sir for a really gr8 deal and such a plesent transaction.it will continue to be cared for that I assure you.And thank you for your honesty car was exactly as described.a pleasure to meet you and the Jag is stunning ????????✌️????????

Cheers bud, enjoy the car. I'll certainly miss having it. Its a shame to split these two up, but the shite cycle goes on


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