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  1. The new arrival 2.4 v6 full service history years mot roof work flawless v6 is lovely quite impressed with this.
  2. Me and my kid spent many a time eating McDonald’s sitting in the boot good memories
  3. Amazing machine I replaced it with a saloon version me and my wife wired the towbar in lol done disks and pads all round and serviced it trouble free motering
  4. Yes the Saab was a lovely machine and is in the right hands to make it perfect my wife just didn't like it I loved it though lol but hey Ho the tigra dots the bill and always a pleasure to deal with sri05 a true shitter who like myself is open and honest and you know what your getting from the start
  5. Lmao we've had a good chuckle over happy gallop lmao
  6. Round the corner from me lol
  7. There may as well be no back window for all the use it is lol
  8. Ive told the guy to advertise it here
  9. Miss it already lol was a pleasure too meet you and your boys both fine gents may i add. So please it will be your lads first car he was so pleased.
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