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Honda Prelude 2.0 Automatic - Sexy car for sale/roffle £750 or £12.50


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OK, this car is just sitting on my drive while I'm continuing to insure and tax it. I can't hold onto it any longer, it's costing me too much while I'm running 2 others and could be doing with the monies.


Previous thread which led to my purchase:




Good Points are thus:


It's in amazing condition. Bodywork is mint, and underneath is amazingly rot free for a 25 year old Japanese car. There is no rot around the rear arches which is extremely rare. There is a small bubble on the rear passenger side, but hasn't broken through. Interior is in fine condition, no rips tears etc. Alloys are perfect. Engine bay is spotless.


Drives absolutely great, handles lovely around corners, engine pulls well especially in sport mode, auto gear box works as it should. Tyres and brakes in very good condition.


MOT to August 2019, very clean history. K940 XFX if anyone wants to look it up. This car has been looked after very well in it's lifetime. 108k miles


Bad points :


Very slight knock through the steering when turning sometimes. I was aware of the issue when buying it previously, a worn ball joint is thought to be the culprit.


Over rough roads there is a slight clunk from the rear passenger side, I suspect a new droplink is needed, but have not investigated it fully.


Gear selector can sometimes take a bit of persuasion to get out of park, you have to force it out. 99% of the time I park in neutral with the handbrake anyway, so hasn't been an issue.


And that's it really. This is a very reluctant sale, I love this car (cliche alert) it really is lovely, and has had so many compliments from people. It always gets glances in it's direction when driving/sat at lights. I'm sure it's previous owners on here will vouch for this car. Unfortunately it just isn't getting the attention it deserves with the XJ Sport Jagwah taking up my chod time.


I am asking for £750 for this, or £12.50 per roffle ticket. I think it's a bargain at this price in all honesty, as there are some absolute dogs going for more than this. This is one of the very best examples I think you could get.


I've just uploaded what pictures I have from my phone at the moment, there are more in the link I posted above, once I get daylight I'll get some interior pictures and some close ups.


Car is located in Glasgow as usual.


Cheers !








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