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LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, Model 70 survivors list on page 24, pre Model 70 AC and Invacar survivors lists on page 134 :)

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2 hours ago, LightBulbFun said:

I like to know what speed im doing without having to stare into the speedo

Don't worry about seeing the numbers, just follow the speedo needle. If it is pointing midway between 20 and 40, which you can see more clearly, then that's your 30. You don't need to read that it's '30'.

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in invalid carriage news pleased to report that I have been contacted by the newer owner of both RDE346 the Stanley Argson that showed up last month and the Harding Consort that showed up more recently :) 

and he has kindly allowed me to share some of his pictures to my thread :)


he has already done a smashing job on the Stanley Argson, and has it moving under its own power already (although is battling some electrical issues so only running on 24V instead of the full 36V currently)


which keep in mind in March looked like this 

s-l1600 (44).jpg

so I am very much looking forward to seeing how he gets on the Consort :) 

which he has already given a clean and is looking better already


he also very kindly provided me with full scans of its buff logbook which has been very interesting to study, if it had 1 more keeper change a Continuation book would of been issued and we would have never known for sure that this one was registered to harding themselves for the first little while, so we got lucky there!


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in the above harding news the owner has stripped it down to fix it up and hopefully put it back together again :) 





quite interesting to see one in its component form like this :) 


and speaking of disassembled Invalid vehicles, Adam and his buddies have been working on and making very good progress with KPL139P's chassis, got it blasted and is now fabricating patches/repair sections where needed


including a nice new chassis outriggers and fuel tank mounting frame to replace the old lot which was hacked off/about



I have been given lots of photographs, and its been very interesting to see a Model 70 Chassis in such detail :) (he even found a mystery 3 digit number stamped somewhere else on the chassis, which I have never seen it before! will be interesting to see if its there on his other Model 70's and see if I can figure out if it means anything)


once KPL's chassis is fixed cleaned up and painted etc I believe the plan is to re body it with TPE376S's Body (and maybe driveline, im not sure if its yet been deemed salvageable or not)

so against literally almost all the odds it looks like KPL139P will ride again I wonder how many people would have thought that when she was minus a driveline and missing most body work!


so yeah all really quite exciting to see and very awesome to see a Model 70 get some thorough attention like this :) 

(and in general along with @AdgeCutler's awesome work its gotten very restoration heavy all of sudden in the World of Autoshite invalid vehicles which is very awesome to see :)

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work on KPL's chassis is now complete :) (just needs injecting with rust proofing)


plan now is to start reassembling things and hopefully recreate this shot


then continue onwards to fully building her up to a complete car again :)

although he does need a pair of rear shocks if anyones got any going spare! (perhaps @AdgeCutler he did mention he had some fronts so maybe you can work out some sort of exchange with him, maybe if you have found some rears you can swap a pair for a front for the Mk12 :)

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It would be good to get a hold of a front suspension unit if there is a spare to be had, I've not had a reply to my Email to the chap with the model 70 rears but I did enquire after a price.

I collected the two sets of Mk12 chassis components this morning , one for Brian and a set for another lucky Mk12. They are very nice and with very minor fettling by hand make a perfect fit, a really nice job was made of Tig welding the flanges onto the large radii too. The other two components I've not mentioned before but that are pictured are the rear end body mounting brackets that bolt to the end of the centre spar of the Chassis.


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4 hours ago, AdgeCutler said:

It would be good to get a hold of a front suspension unit if there is a spare to be had, I've not had a reply to my Email to the chap with the model 70 rears but I did enquire after a price.

I collected the two sets of Mk12 chassis components this morning , one for Brian and a set for another lucky Mk12. They are very nice and with very minor fettling by hand make a perfect fit, a really nice job was made of Tig welding the flanges onto the large radii too. The other two components I've not mentioned before but that are pictured are the rear end body mounting brackets that bolt to the end of the centre spar of the Chassis.


when you say suspension unit, do you mean the coil-over/shock absorber or do you mean the entire parallelogram front suspension setup? I dont think he has one of those spare I think he just has the STY197 shock/coil-over

well I say that, he does have this from TPE376S but its probably worse then whats on your Mk12! (and while I know the front coilover/shock is the same between the Model 70 and Mk12E, I dont think the actual suspension metal bits are)



nice to see the chassis components coming together they look very good to me! I look forward to seeing the completed chassis with them :) 


4 hours ago, 500tops said:



I think i missed who the current owner of KPL is.  Can you point me in the direction so I can get up to speed?

heres a writeup I did for @Dick Longbridge which explains exactly who has what and who has had what and so should hopefully get you up to speed :) 

On 03/01/2021 at 23:34, LightBulbFun said:

if it makes you feel better even Adam the owner gets confused by it all LOL but here goes

KPL139P is indeed @Zelandeth's Original Model 70, with the hacked up body (where it was rescued from a Caravan park where it was used as a Tug), which was then used as a Parts car to recommission TPA621M (which was used as a parts car to recommission TWC725K)

so TWC725K has TPA621M's engine and, TPA621M has KPL139P's entire driveline and Rear window and doors

after Zel was done with KPL139P he offered it up for free on here, where it was taken up by @OliD-E who then also bought/rescued the Isle of Skye Model 70, TPE376S with the intention of putting the 2 together to make 1 good Model 70 (as KPL139P had a good chassis but no body or mechanicals and TPE376S had no chassis but good bodywork and mechanicals)

but this never came to fruition and so recently they where stuck on ebay where Adam Bid and won them, (Mainly just for the glass!)

but also with the same idea of combining the 2 together into one good Model 70,

(although he did not realise just quite how bad TPE376S was and how many little ancillary bits where missing in general, despite me warning him so! but hopefully KPL139P can be restored with TPE376S's bits, it would be very fun/cool to see it on the road again as I doubt many would have thought it would see the road again given the state of it!)

KPL139P is what you see in the first 2 pictures, the small pile of body work pictured is the front and rear sections of KPL, whats left of them anyway!

I think the current plan is to just combine the 2 into a rolling shell and then go from there


now GTW614N (the one with the broken nose) is part of 4 Model 70's  that Adam rescued a couple years ago now (all trapped in abandoned building being demolished and had to be ripped out of the building with a JCB hence the bodywork damage and broken glass sadly)

and put into storage to await recommissioning, in October/November 2019, I was contacted by @st185cs as Adam had gotten ahold of him somehow looking for some bits like glass, and to V62 for the 4 Model 70's

and so @st185cs thankfully contacted me to make sure the V62's where correct etc, and im glad he did as I immediately spotted that they had been filled in incorrectly and that the chassis numbers and registration numbers did not match up, so I knew right away that there was past Approved Repairer shenanigans on the go, and so to V62 the cars id need to see their actual chassis number and figure out what the cars actually where

so I was put in direct contact with Adam to help him with the Model 70's, but the cars where in storage at the time, so the numbers could not be got, however Starting in October/November 2020, their turn finally came up and Adam got them out of storage, got me the Numbers I needed, where I was able to quickly ID which cars they actually where, while Adam and his friends got All the Model 70's road worthy in record quick time :) (while I provided Model 70 specific technical support on the side)

(and so with the cars properly ID'ed he was able to V62 for them all, and the first of the V5's arrived in his name for them recently, with funnily enough GTW614N's V5 turning up first we are still waiting on the other 3 which are GPF282N KPC538P and VJN960S)


and so to clarify Adam has GTW614N, GPF282N KPC538P, VJN960S and KPL139P and TPE376S


hopefully this all makes sense!

and KPL came from Big al/the same place @AdgeCutler's Mk12E came from :) 


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2 hours ago, eifion said:

I've just spotted tihs one on Flickr while looking for something else. CPC441H by the look of it.

Negative No: 1972-3870 - Negatives Book Entry: Chisholm Street, C.P.O


very cool! a new photo to me (just uploaded today intact I see :) ) thanks for letting me know about it :) 

tis an AC Acedes Mk15 Model 67, part of the CPC251H-CPC450H block, (in fact CPC317H is a survivor but I sadly dont know much of its current whereabouts or even have a picture of it sadly)

its nice to see a relatively detailed/close up picture of a Model 67 there are not all that many good pics of them floating around sadly

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14 minutes ago, Slowsilver said:


Hi LBF. Guess you have already seen this one but posted it just in case. Probably a library photo but currently featured on an MSN photo gallery entitled "Oops! 20 motoring misfires".

indeed, its one of the most common pictures you find of a Model 70 on the internet as its a public domain free use photo, no copyright or such stuff to worry about

which is hilarious because that means it gets used in all the "they where all government owned and banned from the road and made illegal to drive or have in 2003" articles 

like this one :mrgreen: http://rustyoldrubbish.blogspot.com/2015/09/unsung-heroes-invacar.html

and thats hilarious because NPN924P, is a Private Model 70, it was never owned by the Government and as such they had no say at all what happened with it! and is probably how it survived!


I appreciate the heads up still tho :) 

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