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  1. I stopped posting again didn’t i Anyway some things have happened not invacar related sorry Dez! the 25 is now repaired his only happened tonight so no pictures in the light yet I have also decided to keep the CityRover so have been changing nuts and bolts to stainless and polishing it etc and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER there is some Metro news it has got a new exhaust! its a sportex one for a bit more noise but not too much so the cat is still on also because that might be the law and i do want to pass an MOT but that will probably end up being in 2030
  2. I have decided to put TPE forwards for the Carol Nash barn find display at the practical classics restoration show in march quite how I would get her off the trailer and in to the hall if they accept her I don't know but we will see what happens
  3. Ok so as some of you are probably aware TPE is now home after a fairly uneventful 8 hour drive on the trailer Graham was a bit upset to see her go I think he must have had since 2008 Here she is on grahams driveway where she was for those 11 years having previously been outside an antiques shop in Broadway Skye and before that on Shetland as you can probably imagine the chassis is non existent The engine actually fell out on the way back we managed to get her on the trailer using a mini digger and some old rope which then snapped so we had to use a ratchet strap I did see some good shite on the way back though including a Peugeot 505 Estate a Citroen BX Estate and a Fiat Marea Estate weirdly all in red The next morning I decided to give her a wash and all things considered I think she came up quite well I also put the covers back on Now I just need to figure out what to do next
  4. TPE has just left skye for the last time and the first time in over 20 years i reckon
  5. Heres an idea for a thread if you think you have spotted a fellow shiter out and about or at a show and happen to have taken a photo why not post it here
  6. Not sure what type of JCB but it doesn't roll because the front suspension has collapsed so I don't think new wheels would make too much of a difference but it could be worth a try
  7. That is a good point but I don't see another way of getting it on the trailer as it doesn't roll
  8. Right time for an update I think I need to post just a little bit more regularly So this weekend I am off to the isle of Skye to collect TPE 376S I am not quite sure how I am going to get it on and off the trailer but Graham the owner says he has a JCB so I think I may have to utilise that sadly nothing more has happened to KPL apart from me breaking the dashboard In Rover news I have begun the Metro weldathon starting with the boot floor And tbh for my first time welding I am pretty pleased with it Sadie the 211 is currently in hibernation but did come out last weekend for some polishing and as I have decided to change 90% of the nuts screws bolts etc to stainless steel ones Roo the 75 (which is meant to be the winter car) has decided that she doesn't need an alternator typically when she is actually needed so I am in the process of fixing this In Reliant news there really isn't anything going on still going perfectly fine and the Rover 25 will be going soon so sadly will the CityRover but to Craig Cheetham so a good home I think then I will be on the lookout for a 1.4 45 400 or Streetwise
  9. Right update time lots has happened I haven’t posted anything about it 1st off we have the Metro which went away for welding that didn’t go well so its on its way back home for either me to do it or for it to go somewhere else Next is the 75 this has had various things including the thermostat being done as it had snapped in half gearbox oil changed which was very overdue PCV filter pollen filter and air filter all of which were disgusting aswell as various bits of trim from a scrapyard in Hull and two badges replaced i have also since my last post bought a Rover 25 with 9000 miles at first i bought it with a friend as a project but as it was stored at his Grans and she kept being bothered by scrapmen asking if she wanted to sell it to them it had to go so i bought it The Robin has had lots going on it has had the diff pinion seal changed gearbox front and rear seals changed and the little spring for 1st and 2nd gear to stop it jumping out of gear in traffic and had a new radio fitted the next job will be fitting electronic ignition finally the Invacar i can officially say i have started work on this now as i have started taking the body off for chassis welding and painting aswell as painting the front suspension and steering components i am currently waiting to figure out when to go and get TPE the donor car from the isle of Skye then i can start rebuilding everything i have also courtesy of Dez found out that my outriggers have been messed about with they have been cut and bent in then secured with two bolts there is some more welding for me to do [emoji53] The CityRover is still broken and sat at the bottom of the hill waiting for some attention and the 200 is fine
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