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  1. There is possibly a plan B here as i have been told that TPE 376S is possibly for sale there are two problems with this 1 its on the isle of sky 2 i really didn’t want to have to break another Invacar but this ones chassis is completely rotten so much so that the front wheel has collapsed which is part of the reason why it is apparently £150 It does also have most of the other parts i need on it
  2. Well I lost the body so i am not sure what to do now project KPL is not looking good
  3. Had KPL out again today for a wash and test fitted some of the side windows sadly as the frame is rotten i cant permanently fit them but oh well
  4. I’m not sure what happened with that as far as i knew that was still the plan but obviously not he didn’t say how much
  5. I have and i am not sure what to do
  6. well today Roo is getting a proper clean out and i have a heater resistor repair kit for Sadie
  7. Well last night i decided it would be a good idea to start taking KPL apart we will see how long that lasts she will probably be together again by this weekend as the Metro needs done first
  8. My plan is similar to what yours was but i also want to leave KPL a bit patinated as thats what they all seems to have been like back in the day maybe one day we can swap the engines back round [emoji23]
  9. I did contact DW about TWCs original engine and possibly purchasing it but he says its only good for spares sadly
  10. Looking at the number of MK12s he has had to clear out hopefully not too much
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