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Invacar Model 70 Acquired! and general ramble thread, index on page 1, Phase 2: finding a suitable driving school/instructor getting lessons and a licence! first lesson had!

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The Combe Martin museum cars were collected direct from the dhss stores in Manchester,arranged by Julian who ran the ICR back then,c.96-97. This was when they were about to destroy all villiers machines and spares.only museums were allowed to buy from them and he bought one of each model. The rough mk12 was sold in Rumcar news for 495 iirc.


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1 hour ago, plasticvandan said:

The Combe Martin museum cars were collected direct from the dhss stores in Manchester,arranged by Julian who ran the ICR back then,c.96-97. This was when they were about to destroy all villiers machines and spares.only museums were allowed to buy from them and he bought one of each model. The rough mk12 was sold in Rumcar news for 495 iirc.


aye I had figured such, as thats where pretty much all the villers machines you see in museums today came from mostly :) (side note I dont think the DHSS destroyed all their villiers spares, remember there was at least 1 AC Acedes Model 57 that made it until 2003, JPE789C :) )

very cool that the museum went out their way to get one of each type!

most other museums "just" ended up with Model 57's, as at that specific point in time Heywood was disposing of about 14 Model 57s IIRC


IIRC  JBY503J (LVX250J) was sold when the museum closed, I don't know about KWC896J however



speaking of one of each type!

I just had a load of registration numbers run via my HPI guy, a quite an interesting mix, with some very interesting results which I look forward to discussing with stuart :) 

I had the following run  DPF670J, or DPF680J, NNO246C, 594BGN, GVW600H, RVX309K SHK365K, TVW4R, OPK110L

the 2 DPFs regs are Model 64,s, their chassis numbers are partly what I expected but also different at the same time, im hoping ill figure it out enough that I can figure out the registration number of Simons Model 64 we know the chassis number of but not the reg number

NNO264C is an Invacar Mk12, and its chassis number looks to be accurate and has been added to my list (accurate in that while I dont have enough info to calculate Mk12 chassis numbers like I can Model 70's I do have enough to tell if a chassis number fits roughly within the registration age etc)

594BGN is a Metal AC Acedes Model 57, now I was told this was a private example, however most interestingly it looks like it has the same chassis number format as government Model 57's so I do wonder if 594BGN is its original registration number or if its been plate raped, or if at this point in time private AC's where part of the same chassis number series as the government vehicles (its chassis number is only about 40 behind 1940PE's chassis number, which tallies up with the fact that 1940PE was registried about a month later then 594BGN)

GVW600H checks out and has been added to the list of confirmed Mk12 chassis numbers :) (I believe this is the Mk12 thats pictured with "SFA1873" show plates)

RVX309K and SHK365K are Model 70's and more or less check out/are what I was expecting them to be and has been added to the Model 70 list

TVW4R checks out, which confirms that "TTW906R" is indeed actually TVW4R, im still thinking about how to go about sorting this one out,

as previously mentioned back in stuarts early days when he got TVW4R, he got it with no number plates, and did not know of the TVW-R block, so he thought it was TTW906R, and when he got the V5 and saw that the chassis numbers did not match, he thought it was DVLA shenanigans, so he changed the chassis number to what was on the Model 70 he had, this now means tho that the registration mark TTW906R and TVW4R both have the same chassis number according to the DVLA, and im not sure what would happen if the owner of "TTW906R"  does a V62 for TVW4R etc, I would like to think that the DVLA records showing that TTW906R's chassis number was changed at some point which would make it easier to explain to them that it was changed erroneously back in the day, espically as id want to correct the Chassis number on TTW906R's V5 incase the real TTW906R is out there still)

and finally OPK110L is one of the AC prototype city cars that we suspect are based on a Model 70 chassis, I was wondering if its chassis number would continue on from the Prototype Model 70's but it does not

all in all some very interesting results :) (and once again im very thankful to my HPI guy for running registration numbers for me :) )

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ah happy to know your onboard, tis much appreciated :) 


aye yeah I think its 3/16th 

heres what the "DHSS spare parts list" has to say for brakes should give people some idea what lengths and fittings may be needed, I do wonder what "Kunifer 10" is I know what Kunfier is, but im not sure what the 10 means in this context


(and hopefully Zel will be with us, which is good since he has had a lot of experience with this stuff on TPA!)

and heres the workshop manual for the Model 70 incase anyone wants to have a read and see what involved in doing whatever jobs may be needed :)

DHSS Workshop Manual For The Model 70 Three Wheeler(OCR).pdf

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you know your dealing with the strange and unusual when when your HPI guy goes

"heres my number call me tomorrow of these Registration numbers returned results so weird I need to discuss it over the phone"


most of it seems down to the fact that the HPI thingy is trying to interpret what little data the DVLA has for vehicles this old and weird, and is falling over itself doing so

(for example 594BGN comes up on his HPI checker as ACEDES like it does on the DVLA, but also as a Leyland Unknown. and has a date first registration in the future LOL)

tho the most curious thing is, a LOT of the reg numbers/invalid vehicles i have had run (as in since the start, not just this latest batch) come back as insurance write offs for whatever reason...  go figure that one out!

I know invalid vehicles where insured back in the day, but how it worked with the government owning most of them I dont know...

I do wonder if when they were scrapped they where written off by whoever handled the insurance as a way to try and stop them returning to the road or something like that?

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so heres an interesting thing I noticed on the whole

"Not taxed for on road use"


I was doing some idle googling, and came across XPD805 a Stanley Argson Deluxe from the manchester museum of transport


and I went to shove its reg number into the DVLA to see if  it was on there/what it came back as 

and pleasingly it did show up and I noticed it was "not taxed for on road use"


where on closer inspection I noticed it said "Vehicle status: Tax and due" as if its tax is about to expire

I never noticed this before, and I wondered, are all "not taxed for on road use" vehicles like that

so I checked a few others...

YVX206L was tax not due when I took this screenshot a few months back


but checking it again today shows it as Taxed and due



1940PE comes back as tax not due


LVX293J was Tax not due a few months ago and is still tax not due today





but TEV673N is down as Not taxed, and is still down as not taxed



its very interesting to note that I can pull the chassis numbers (or could until the tools broke)

of all these "not taxed for on road use" invalid vehicles

except for TEV673N, which noticeably is the only one thats down as "not taxed"

its interesting the different "vehicle statuses" despite them all being "not taxed for on road use"

I still wonder "not taxed for on road use" means exactly, especially after noticing the different vehicle statuses


(side note I noticed a lot earlier invalid carriages that do still show up on the DVLA are down as not taxed for on road use)

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Full house? not taxed for on road use, but tax is not due somehow despite having having an export marker!



usually when a vehicle gets an export marker its tax is canceled as seen with ATW722L 

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 19.44.05.png

also remembered that YTB768N is another "not taxed for on road use" Vehicle which was showing tax not due on the 18th of June


but is now showing as taxed and due 



its interesting how a lot of these "not taxed for on road use" vehicles are coming up as "taxed and due" at the same time, but not all of them

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