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New members, introduce yourself here.


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On 4/8/2020 at 10:47 PM, Rusty Spanner said:

Hi, I've just come across this site, ooer madam. only because I am a nosey t**t. And hoping to find something interesting. I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. And I am as hard as Nails. (not really, I'm as soft as a bag of tit's) Colin is my 

You have a thread all to yourself. 

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18 hours ago, DanH97 said:

Hey all, 

Dan from Kent here, known about this site for a long time but never got around to signing up. I don't own any older cars unfortunately due to the insurance being stupidly high being a young driver- hope that will change one day though!

wear abouts in kent?

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Hi all,

New to the Forum and wanted to say hi. DIY mechanic enjoying my time on lockdown tinkering with my fleet.

In my forties, had many cool and many shite cars in my time and get bored quickly so chop and change my car's quite frequently. Memorable cars (some of which I'd wished I'd kept) include '90 Nissan 300zx Z32 (owned 4), '89 Nissan 200sx S13, '94 Nissan 100NX, '92 Mitsubishi GTO, '91 Austin Maestro, '97 Nissan Primera P11 (still have one), '98 Nissan QX. '12 Chevrolet Volt.

Recent additions include '92 Fiat Tipo and '88 Fiat Uno Selecta.

Hope to get a chance to meet you all at a meet once we are off lockdown.

Cheers and stay safe,



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Hi all, just registered and into all types of older cars , not interested in any new vehicles as they just don't do it for me...very recently purchased a 1992 Daihatsu Fourtrak to join my current fleet of 3 others.

I've owned my 2004 Nissan 350Z for 4.5 years, 1966 Austin A35 Van for 21 years and 1961 Triumph TR4 for 31 years.

The TR4 and A35 were at the time bought for what was considered banger type money and although a lot of time and money have been invested over the years particularly during the early ones when being subjected to total restorations, they certainly have been labours of love and definitely part of the family now.

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Hello everyone. I'm a long time lurker and I've only posted on a couple of topics but thought it was time to introduce myself

I'm Kieran, 24 from Manchester and a long time Ford nut. Currently I drive A Mk1 Mondeo (as I've posted on a few topics) a car which I've always had a soft spot for as one was our family car for 9 years.

I love the forum, I love the knowledge you people have, I love the variety of cars on here and mostly, I love the collection threads!

Keep doing what you're doing!


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Hello Shiters, Graeme from Glasgow here!  Reintro - ing myself because I've been out of the loop for years... great to see it's exacty the same here ?

For my sins I'm still a mega Citroenist - first car was a Panda but then solid Cits from 1998 till today in varying shades of shite.

I smoke around in a 1993 Xantia 1.9 TD VSX named Auld Katy and I have a jalopy 1968 ID19B complete with swively headlights.

But I love all old chuggers of any type (been developing a thing for old US motors lately that surprised me)

I'd love to get my mits on a Benz W123 estate!


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