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  1. I used to know of one K Reg Estate, K577 BNE which was scrapped a few years ago This one turned up on Flickr the other day https://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_sam/50269039187/in/faves-117096107@N03/
  2. @egg My local bodywork man has put me in touch with somebody who hopefully sort the head and then it needs the rear arches doing, the drivers side rear door is bubbling too
  3. I've bought this March 1993 GLX from a few pages back... It's got a cracked head but it was either going to be bangered or sold to a breakers yard so I thought I had to step in
  4. Has that gone already? I can't find it on marketplace
  5. Great little cars! I drove my Mum's 07 Plate Luxury for a year or so after passing my test, huge fun although being a later Mk1 it seemed to rot worse than the early ones
  6. I'm biased being a Mk1 owner, but this is one of my favourite cars. It brings me a great level of comfort knowing that a K Plate BASE in arguably the best colour is in safe hands!
  7. One I regret not buying, I was on holiday when it was for sale in 2015. The advert was still on gumtree when I came back but the car was sold. Registered on 4th February 1993 so mega early, SORN'd with no MOT since 2016 *pictures from gumtree ad
  8. This was for sale last year, it's owner has recently joined a Mk1 Mondeo Facebook group
  9. Hello everyone. I'm a long time lurker and I've only posted on a couple of topics but thought it was time to introduce myself I'm Kieran, 24 from Manchester and a long time Ford nut. Currently I drive A Mk1 Mondeo (as I've posted on a few topics) a car which I've always had a soft spot for as one was our family car for 9 years. I love the forum, I love the knowledge you people have, I love the variety of cars on here and mostly, I love the collection threads! Keep doing what you're doing! Kieran
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Ka/264433712077?hash=item3d Can't be many 1996 registered Ka's left917a3bcd:g:7q4AAOSwV05dV9JB
  11. @egg I know, it's a shame there's no reg plate!
  12. Another Base, spotted by a Scottish Flickr contact
  13. I'd say the one on Ebay is Cayman Blue like mine, it was available on all models at launch
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