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  1. I'm biased being a Mk1 owner, but this is one of my favourite cars. It brings me a great level of comfort knowing that a K Plate BASE in arguably the best colour is in safe hands!
  2. One I regret not buying, I was on holiday when it was for sale in 2015. The advert was still on gumtree when I came back but the car was sold. Registered on 4th February 1993 so mega early, SORN'd with no MOT since 2016 *pictures from gumtree ad
  3. This was for sale last year, it's owner has recently joined a Mk1 Mondeo Facebook group
  4. Hello everyone. I'm a long time lurker and I've only posted on a couple of topics but thought it was time to introduce myself I'm Kieran, 24 from Manchester and a long time Ford nut. Currently I drive A Mk1 Mondeo (as I've posted on a few topics) a car which I've always had a soft spot for as one was our family car for 9 years. I love the forum, I love the knowledge you people have, I love the variety of cars on here and mostly, I love the collection threads! Keep doing what you're doing! Kieran
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Ka/264433712077?hash=item3d Can't be many 1996 registered Ka's left917a3bcd:g:7q4AAOSwV05dV9JB
  6. @egg I know, it's a shame there's no reg plate!
  7. Another Base, spotted by a Scottish Flickr contact
  8. I'd say the one on Ebay is Cayman Blue like mine, it was available on all models at launch
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2379115562368148/
  10. Oh and another! March '93 registered but Specced up with Ghia bits https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/24728288820/in/photolist-DF9WKf-SR6EsF-hid6es-9cCu7a-hjYUdA-dtiNZF-jtekzA-HUdMgA-hjYU61-GUzXPv-23K8rMo-dBBKk3-qLKx75-bmKtbD-FW2E1k-hjYTXW-y8bVdC-wqdVs9-rhw8FA-qjBHBs-5VdAbm-5V9dKg-pEb5Sh-sWYdyt-hjYUdf-hid6d5-GUhMWK-21KVT5d-y6Lggo-dohgvX-RdLFff-qtPBEg-qLaRFG-5V9dvc-tHFumj-CKBoJZ-9AqKNv-23QSsio-5V9dEB-5V9dVH-RVA3xN-FhveYS-21MRWAJ-SDE6du-GaUQwd-qttzBY-LHfpax-25C1hsS-Ygpnpx-u1pVPe https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/24396951713/in/photolist-DaSKLv-ror9JM-DF9WKf-SR6EsF-hid6es-9cCu7a-hjYUdA-dtiNZF-jtekzA-HUdMgA-hjYU61-GUzXPv-23K8rMo-dBBKk3-qLKx75-bmKtbD-FW2E1k-hjYTXW-y8bVdC-wqdVs9-rhw8FA-qjBHBs-5VdAbm-5V9dKg-pEb5Sh-sWYdyt-hjYUdf-hid6d5-GUhMWK-21KVT5d-y6Lggo-dohgvX-RdLFff-qtPBEg-qLaRFG-5V9dvc-tHFumj-CKBoJZ-9AqKNv-23QSsio-5V9dEB-5V9dVH-RVA3xN-FhveYS-21MRWAJ-SDE6du-GaUQwd-qttzBY-LHfpax-25C1hsS
  11. A Couple from Flickr including a TD https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/26948797370/in/photolist-GUzXPv-RAarv7-FW2E1k-gazfzf-N6UNgk-r3byzt-p4BhDt-nSPsTC-SiJ3EN-d8hkgY-RAaqSU-SvpM8F-S9kzi8-g7a9eL-J32XkG-9BiRdt-G3fSWS-ucYgiq-VN2H6v-FLiQjA-7GDVsp-UpcZWL-H4nCzq-KjP5NK-tHFumj-Rbrgtr-21MRWAJ-S8kM77-f3k5jv-wMoreB-oykVLC-oVBRkD-TD762N-BNyP9n-CzrcWR-21C2jXC-23ia28L-UiLK8s-vcTb7Q-GXp87j-vC3X1U-xqCibF-xvMoBN-PYrWKQ-qsYauD-sFEDMj-r7n2Sx-Kf8JaA-PjLN73-zpJ1fM https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/31840701633/in/photolist-QvDVhn-fGr2AN-o6jpBC-dwrRC4-qDherD-Z9hdWS-dSCBoJ-qwutY2-9VGf2j-qoeHnF-bL2CqX-ror9JM-kdUVkV-ghPPM8-iBBTx7-qzUb3H-kmAY97-doWHqH-p2Z2mf-DF9WKf-doWS8h-bK7Qq6-bK7Qg4-22DTVR6-U7ZPuE-ecAeCJ-gMAMLB-f3k5jv-HUdMgA-kE1jXe-TGTSiQ-ctRQPo-GUzXPv-oghURA-DieRq9-dZFGUw-9yUjyu-9qTdsZ-dGrH7s-qkYEjz-daa3um-CMXBrr-DaSKLv-e6QphL-dCsYuS-cPh9Mo-eWXB35-9XQrwJ-noXqTM-kzs2gt
  12. The last keeper change for the Carlton was 10/02/1989!
  13. Superb, it passed its MOT yesterday
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