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New members, introduce yourself here.


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Hello. I'm new too. I got in before this thread and posted an intro here:




I've got loads from this place already as a lurker, it's so nice to find such a knowledgeable bunch of folk that don't take things too seriously. I'm beginning to realise there's a 'shite car that I don't need' shaped hole in my life. To be filled...



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Morning all, I've been lurking here for years, never really felt the need to sign up before as I genuinely prefer to read other people's writing/humour than try and fail myself.


I love old shite and am a continual and massive embarrassment to my colleagues when I squeeze my rusty old chod in between their new Audis and Hondas.  I've been driving an L400 Delica for a year or so and an E30 Baur convertible before that.  I mentioned I was getting a new car a couple of months ago, so a couple of colleagues were genuinely keen to see what shiny Germanic, aluminium bodied, oil burner I had parked outside... they were rather disappointed with my 11 year old Fiat Multipla :D   I'm also into shite bikes too, although only because I did my test the cheap way and have to wait another year before I can ride anything with more than 33bhp.

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Welcome Brent, are any of these Big 90s Rovers you mention Rover 800s? I'm guessing not, but if so, get some pics up lad!


You bet your ballbag there were and I will have a trawl through the pics this weekend and get scanning. I remember a rather tasty MkII 827 Sterling the old man kept for a while and he persisted with the 75 for some years before retiring into Aldi obscurity.

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Hi Everyone


Been a lurker ever since someone mentioned this fine site about 10 months ago on AROnline, so whoever mentioned it thank you!

Sadly I'm only an apprentice shiter, only got my pink card last year (I'm 26!), and admittedly wasn't much of a chod-spotter before, but now, and God damn you all, I can't not spot anything anymore. My driving experience is limited to my '03 Fiesta (not even povo, so can't count that!), a handful of VAG diesel affairs through work (though my Fiesta is much much better than the '12 plate Ibiza I had recently), and a day hooning* about in a work Defender 90.


To seal my opening post, please have a photo of my Mum's neighbour's Jewish Racing Gold with questionable reg plate Maestro 1.3 HL...



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Well, the last time I traveled in it the aforementioned neighbour tried to merge us right into an arctic, so not so many happy memories! That was 9 years ago. How on earth a) she's still driving, and b ) it's still driving I have no idea!


It might not be my cup o' tea, but at least I know there's a tepid enthusiasm for them out there now!

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  • 3 months later...

Holy thread resurrection, Batman...


Hello all, I'm Julian and I have a V40 and I'm 40 so picked V40ish as my user name.


I have had an autoshite past with owning a Fiat Uno 45S (oh the power), a Renault Laguna (mk1) and the current flying brick V40 (2 litre, no turbo).

I also have a Datsun 260Z which was very autoshite when I bought it, with a dodgy gearbox, leaking fuel tank, flaky paint and the rest. But it is now quite respectable. It has been a proper wallet killing classic in that I bought it for £1450 and have spent over £10,000 on it since (don't tell the wife).


So now that I am thinking of getting rid of the Volvo after 8 years and 80,000 miles then I have joined autoshite in a fit of remembering why I do like slightly (and very) shoddy cars. Long may they drop critical fluids at the most inconvenient time.

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I was looking around for an introduction thread and couldn't find one earlier. 


Anyway, to not be rude. I'm Richard and have been lurking unregistered on this forum for years.  I now have a merc. e320 coupé as my everyday car which replaced a Citroën C5 Hpi (yes, I know now!) that I had for six years.

The C5 replaced a CX DTR turbo that I took up to 174,000miles over five years before the subframe parted company with anything structural. Amazingly that CX is now being restored - the current owner must have shares in MIG wire.

The DTR replaced a CX20Pallas, the last metal bumpered CX registered in the UK, which met its end in the Loire when a frenchman hit it head on and shortened it by two feet and put a crease in the roof. I'd only had it two years too. 

The pallas replaced a 2CV which was my first car and was on 130,000miles  after eight years in my care- new engine, chassis, etc, etc.


I have a late Bertone x1/9 as a summer car, which was owned by my godmother from new and is now on 40,000miles and also look after my sister's 2CV for her since she bought a renault scenic (boo hiss) when my first niece was born.


As you can see, I have a fondness for cars that leak and rust in equal measure. The C5 was an aberration in not doing either of these, but it did make up for itself with many, many other faults. I'm not particularly mechanical and usually take the cars to my 2CV specialist and do what they call "point and pay".


I think this website is great and hope you get many more new members now that the issues with new approvals are fixed.

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Yo, thanks for having me.

Transit Connect , MR2 and a Legacy. All PETROL and road legal.


Had some real shite over the years: Maestro, Minor, Ro80, Gamma Coupe, Ambassador, Visa, 99, BX, Cavalier Mk2, 145E, Ami Super, Farina Magnette, Avantime, 518, + many others; you get the picture.


Haven't sold a car for years, except to the totter. Been through a dark period of makers or dealers warranty, one-make forums, franchise servicing etc but I'm ok now and lurking here has been part of the therapy.

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I'm Fatchance, Fat to my friends, and owner of treble trouble in Rover-shaped form: Pride of the Fleet is a 1993 Rover 416Si; my daily transport, when I can afford the 15 mpg in town is a 2003 MG ZT180 with 130,000 miles on it, £560 plus an Ebay-sourced working (as opposed to the only worked for 4 miles after the auction) auto-box, bought 3 years ago; and last, and very much least Mrs FC's Rover 75-shaped part-time novelty paperweight/part-time car, subject of a contribution to the Worst Car You've Ever Owned thread elsewhere.


3 cars, 3 different breakdown operators we use in rotation so as not to overload any one operator.

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That Datsun is a tasty piece of kit. If it wouldn't look utterly stupid when someone who looks like me peels himself out of it, there might be a lot more wantage attached to it than I currently manage to muster.

Maybe time to start saving up for a set of original BUMBERS and two or three Watanabes? Even four?

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Well, at the risk of boring everyone. Here is a new folder of my cars.



2CV and CX Pallas in 1999. The 2CV was a sensible first car for someone in a Francophile family, the CX started the trip to the darkside - bought it after seeing it on New Years Day in the CX Centre, Cambridge.






I still feel upset at how it ended up, dead in the middle of the road - one month after having the bonnet painted!  Idiot Frenchman on the wrong side of the road round a blind corner. Hurt a bit!




Summer fun car.








And the current "sensible everyday car"



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