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On 11/21/2022 at 9:35 PM, Spottedlaurel said:

That cage looks very purposeful, your own handiwork or bought-in?

Sounds rather challenging that you've got to meet rules that haven't been released yet....

I bent it and tacked it in. My son welded it complete.

When you scrutineer they ask who fitted the cage. There are well known, recognised builders.

We are known in Stock Car circles, Someday we may make the Autograss list.

Autograss rules changes are a bugbear every year. Understandable in a way, as they apply from 1st Jan next year. But you start building too soon in their eyes.

There are also different interpretations, takes us a while to understand what the written words  mean to a Scrutineer.

First car we built failed on tube thickness. Rule says 2.5mm with a tolerance of  0.2mm. Our tube was rejected at 2.35mm.

"But it's over minimum"

Tolerance only applies on bends, rest of structure must be 2.5 min.

We cut it all out and  did it all again in 2.7.  

In Brisca most work to minimum dimensions. ....Add lightness.

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16 minutes ago, primeradoner said:

Who are you using for the sign writing? Dom Davies? 

Not this time, I think it's stick on graphics but nothing is planned yet. Not my department. 

I'm more into fitting leaf springs and rear discs on Tranny vans in the rain lately.

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