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Update on my current condition, which is far better than I ever thought.

Had a txt from Hospital 2/3 days after my first X ray.

"Is your breathing OK?"  Yes!

"Ah good, I must apologise, but we just realised you also have 2 cracked ribs".      Explains why I can't get out of my bed!

Saw Dr a few days later, very little pain by now. Another X ray, all good, movement quite good.

"You have an option, leave well alone, or have an op. There can be benefits either way, it has to be your decision, but you can make your decision later if you wish." I've done a bit of Google foo. Stay as I am for now please.

OK that's fine, throw the sling away, bit of Physio, see you in 2 months.

Seen the Physio this morning. He was great.

"What info have you had about your injury?

Grade 3 ligament damage, wear a sling, take the sling off, see you (physio man).

Everything else I've picked up from Google.

He talked me through the whole thing, complete with plastic joint. asked which arm I mainly used, what I normally did.

Seemed to think my decision was sound, said eventually if I keep up the physio, I'm likely to be as near normal as most people.

I could actually do many of the excercises quite easily. 

One I can't do because  it hurts. If it hurts don't do it he said. 

I have emails of my exercises with video. Can't go wrong.

Don't overstretch, don't grab at things, avoid too much pressure.

I thought my days in the pit under cars were over.

I may get a ladder.


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