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Cresta, an update.


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Is there anyone in the Kettering area that could have a look at a Cresta van in Irthlington.

It's on the bay as a project and an Autoshite report would be rewarded with some Queens tokens to exchange for beerage.



It's this one - https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/vauxhall-cresta-project-/312069541582?nav=SEARCH

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Friary converted the Cresta PA (I think...) - the one with the fins and the 'kneecapper' windscreen.


Yep, having checked my collection of Vauxhall cuttings and brochures it appears Friary did the PA as well as one of two conversions available on the E Series (pre-PA).   The other E Series conversion was offered by Martin Walter who did the subsequent PB/PC conversions.   I have also seen a woodie E Series but that seems to have been a one-off (by McLaughlin if my shaky memory is at all to be relied upon).


Not questioning the quality or otherwise of the van conversion but just the reasoning.   I suppose it could look OK in a kind of Opel Rekord /  Holden panel / Chevy sedan delivery kind of way but these estates were never common things.   Maybe they broke some glass in the past and couldn't replace it.......

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Thanks for all the, erm, input.

Looks like I'll have to take time off work to have a look. Difficult at the moment.


Although it was an estate, and a shame it isn't still, whats done is done and I think if its been converted 

reasonably well I would love to have something like that, being a bit of a van licker.

I think it would be well cool. A bit of a waft van with the 3.3. innit, innit.

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^^^ Aha - thanks for that, now found and readed.


Auspices seem fairly good, then... I'm a sucker for random large Vauxhalls, and would love to see someone on here take it on. No rot makes it very unusual for a PC Cresta, let alone the van conversion.


Waiting for any further updates with baited breath...

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^^ That's what it looks like and I love a car derived van.

The guy who showed me it said he'd do a vid of it running, today, but hasn't.

Going to give him a ring tomorrow. I don't want to seem too keen, but I don't want to lose it either.

I think its furkin wonderful even though the purists will think its been ruined.

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