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The new adventures of brownnova: MX5... is it f&*ked?

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5 minutes ago, SiC said:

They're not convertibles. The roof is a sunroofs or essentially a load cover.

I dunno, looked pretty convertible to me! wind blowing through my passengers hair and all! :mrgreen: (picture of me driving from the august FoD gathering, courtesy of @quicksilver )


10 minutes ago, SiC said:

This is a convertible 2CV:


no thats a picture of @dollywobbler from the future during Elly's nTh Rebuild :mrgreen:

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The Saab ‘vert has performed sterling service as my daily drive since school went back... MoT is now less than a month off due though... so I’d better get that booked in! 

It’s be a shame to not have the opportunity to drive home from work with the roof down in December. 

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