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LML STAR.. Taking damage

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Shall I go fetch bike trailer and do a reccy mission following map further up? On a serious note though he should get quite a way on a tank full especially if he taking his time. Which on a unknown two stroke over a long distance I would be

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Well that was brilliant and terrifying in equal measure!


Apologies for going quiet, I was just concentrating on battery life and making progress...


Thanks to all for the offers of support.


Write up to follow once my hands stop tingling...





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I wondered about that, looks like leg warmer.

Not sure about the stirrup though.

Aye it's a cosy waterproof leg warmer complete with bib to keep the cold and wet off your chest. I hate it but it's soooo practical, it means I can commute in only jeans (well, not only jeans) all through winter.


The stirrup is for a lock to stop people thieving it.




Am I disqualified?

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After spending many years in all weather's doing domiciliary care work on two wheels I have come to the theory that regardless how you look, warmth and keeping dry is key to safe riding as well as the obvious safety of protective gear too. When you get a puddle of water round your knackers it really freezes you up! Nothing more dangerous than being frozen or sodden to affect concentration

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They use those leg muff things in Italy and they're all professional scooterists over there, two passengers, dogs in a basket, all that kind of thing.

For me this has got to be collection of the year.


Saw a lot of them in Paris earlier this year too.

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Well flipping LOLS.


"suspect quality electrics" equates to a highly complex selection of electrical faults on the way to work at 7:30 this morning- no electric start, dead battery, non functioning left and right indicator varying between staying on and not going on at all, randomly intermittent headlight. 


I actually cannot believe that it held on for all of yesterday with out any of this happening. I reckon that if the vendor prayed for me, it was clearly only up until midnight. Cuts and all that...


It's a good job I've got another one. The Autoshite solution. 

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