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Nice to see the place hasn't changed !


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I haven't been posting here for a bit but lurking over the past few days got me logging in again, nice to see the place is the same!


I don't have any Renault 20 stories to spin , but I may have to change the name to skoda eejit or similar,still it's better than a few other names I have been called in the fuego scrappage all moderns aren't wank scandals!


Anyway the present fleet as we all know threads without pics are useless!




This seems to really upset anybody that looks down on it for some reason?





Just started as a wee project





My winter 4x4 ,but must go as red estate in my possession, I can see the snowflakes fall just as the tail lights disappear from my street no doubt!






4x4 parts car just about gone .


Nearly ten years here , what do I win?




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Not been to the 'ring yet but it's on the to do list - the pic on my avatar is actually knockhill, me getting a little carried away coming out of the chicane - a brilliant picture, I really should buy the original off the photographer.




I'm a regular up at knockhill on TrackScotland days and have been getting into sprints and hillclimbs last year, down at Kames and forrestburn, also did a few autotests in the mazda which was damn good fun :)


If I see the bmw owner, I'll stop and say hello - it's a cracking motor, I'd love to have a go in it


I'm in Ashley road, down behind the Claremont inn. I did look at a flat in Montrose road but it had gone by the time I arranged a viewing

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Wee story about the fabia, bought as an emergency car in 2014 while I moved back down this way and changed job roles again, once the company car arrived it was dumped in a corner at work for a while.












In February last year my old mum passed, needed something to take my mind of things , so why not do wee bits to the fabia, another job role change meant it was going to be back in daily use in a month or so too .






After getting back in touch with old friends n Nijmegen, it would be a shame not to drive it over , and there not to far from the Nurburgring.


So belts, pump, service , ac gassed ,laser aligned, 4 16 inch steels, Pirelli p zeros, brakes , exhaust and induction tweaks , and some trickery led it to...






Made it there and back with a few laps inbetween with only a brake light bulb failing, thank Feck !


Currently looks like this at the mo,






Apologies if some pics aren't In the correct order!



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The Octavias kinda came about by accident .First this green 4x4 that I broke up,





Then the silver 4x4 that's now for sale,




The vrs estate was a cheapy, that's now a wee project,






Just passed its mot , and currently sitting on winter wheels and tyres while I refurb the originals.







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