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Tickman's stuff. Back to the Minor and roll over jig 'how to'

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Back to the Toledo. My parts arrived.


So I lined everything up and discovered my 90 bend shouldn't be a 90 so time to remedy that.


In total I did three cuts and stuck it back together. I also didn't want to use the clamp between the bend and straight I had bought so welded that up too.


I then added the mounting tab and gave it a splash of paint.


Can clearly see my 90* bend.

Then fitted.




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Got a message from a friend, "want some junk from someone's shed?"

After asking what junk there was I ended up with this lot.


The main tool box has plenty of spanners and sockets in.

This is it without the spanners.


Then there was a 3.5 ton trolley jack which may or may not work.

It works.


I thought the large SGS 3 ton jack I had was large!


Lifts an extra 40mm and seems to work exactly as it should.

All the tools are certainly not draper budget shit so we'll chuffed with my haul.

Just have to get some motivation back to going and using stuff again.

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Nice one, that's a real fine pile of "junk".  I find the best way to get motivation back is to set aside a whole day to cleaning, tidying, spanner polishing and general faffing around while listening to the wireless. Making the work area a nicer place to be, throwing out rubbish and general pottering with no expectation of achieving anything meaningful on any of the vehicles lifts the spirits no end.

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Back on with the Minor.

Driver's side front inner wing. The lower point is very weak and I managed to hole it easily so time to chop out.

However the bit I want to chop out is behind a panel that is fine so out with the spot weld drill.


So lots of holes drilled and that was loose. Underneath was great*


This got a bit of a clean up.


Then the bottom bit got chopped out.


The captive plate for the wing got stuck to the piece I had made.


In the picture above you can see the 'joddle' I put in it. I tried using the joddler but it isn't strong enough so vice, hammer etc was used.

Tried for size.


That's all I got done after a tidy. It is ready for welding in after I've done the rust converter stuff tomorrow.


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The amount of work the car is needing is thankfully small and because of this I'm trying to do it properly.

My standard of work has improved because I'm trying to only do it once. I have already cut out two plates that I did as my first welding on cars. Thankfully all of this should be hidden when I'm done. I don't think I have the patience required for bodywork repairs yet. Maybe it is just finding the right frame of mind.

Most importantly I'm actually quite enjoying myself.

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Looks like nice thick metal on your Minor, I've been annoying the neighbours today with cutting and hammering sheet steel for my Allagro but I don't think the metal is as thick as yours which makes it fun when welding 🙄, keep at the good work 👍

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Time to get it ready for putting back together.

Need to deal with these holes.


So I got my handy bit of copper and set to work.




Now to get the panel from yesterday in.


With that in the bit I had the panel I had removed to put back. Lined up.


Welded in.


Cleaned back.


The last piece for the driver's side, that I'm aware of, was next. This is the underside of the front of the sill. I had made a card piece already so I managed to find that.


Cut a piece and added a flange to most of it.


Tried it in the hole to see what else needed doing to it.


So I needed a flange at the bottom, another on the floor to weld to. These were added then another test fit.


Then it got stuck in.


That hopefully is the driver's side done.

I will need to add captive nuts for the rear wing but that should be it.

Time to turn it round and put it on the other side.



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So the Minor has been like this for a while.


The roll over jig is great and has made working on the car much easier so since I needed to have it lying on the other side I thought I would do a quick write up and how to.

Step one, jack up and wheel off, I started at the rear.


Bolt on the adaptors


These I put on only finger tight, then bolt on the crescent.


Now the front, up




And crescent. Fantastic* picture.


Then with the car on the floor make sure there is room for it to roll into.


I took a wheel off and added some extra leverage.


You can see the axle stand ready. Then deep breath and lift.


It wasn't light and I did use the axle stand on the scaffold pole.

Finally in position with two stands so it rocks less.


So now it is ready for me to make more mess. I'm expecting about the same amount of work needed.

I have helpfully* not taken a picture if the bar that goes between the two crescent brackets. This stops the 'wheels' turning and stiffens the whole thing up.

It took about an hour going from lying on one side to lying on the other.

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Only one picture from today as I was busy removing paint and underseal. 

Front and rear arch stripped back and the underneath of the sill and some floor also cleaned back. 

It then got a coat of Hydrate 80 


This side is better than the other. At the front there is a tiny hole and at the rear there appears to be not too much looking terrible. 

Cutting shall take place another day as about 5 hours of wire wheeling is enough for one day.

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I got a bit bored so had a break. Then to ease myself back in I had another tidy as well as a visitor.


Then I got back on with cutting up the car.



Time to out some stuff back in. These should help.


First one.


For here.


That is holding itself in.

Welding time, in.


Dressed back.


You can see the next bit above required.

Pieces for that.




That will do for today.


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      Thats the blighter.

      Does someone want to tell me why it's blowing raspberries at me?

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