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Polo G40 oddball


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Cam belt and water pump replaced - these too were supposed to have been done in 2010 with receipt to prove it. Don't know about the belt but the water pump was the one it left the factory with.




Block, water pipe and charger bracket freshened up with engine enamel.







Inlet manifold cleaned and painted.




And ready to go back on.



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Top work! Nice to finally see someone with an old polo who isn't 12 and is solely interested in removing metal from the underside of their exhaust while fitting wheelchair wheels with tyres that look like a prolapsed arse!

Sorry,but been wanting to vent that for a while!

Here's my little comet,found through the auto of shite, not fast(understatement of the year) but special none the less,mainly because no one has heard of it!


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Dash went in - all was well. Several hours later it wouldn't start any more, no relay click, no indicators no nuffink! Dash came out again to find that the interior loom plugs were hanging out of the back of the fuse box on the bulkhead. Arse. Shoved them back in and put the dash back in again. Getting quite good at that now!




Fitted wiper motor and mechanism next (properly difficult job when you're trying not to scratch anything) closely followed by the scuttle cover and nice new decals.





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Front bumper and mirrors went on next. Managed to find a genuine new old stock bumper on egay. Most fortunate as the one the car came with had a bit of scuffage.






Many hours were then spent cleaning the arch trims, side trims, sill trims, spoiler etc of all the boot polish type stuff that the previous owner hurled at them. Patience, elbow grease and thinners required. After cleaning they were rubbed with boiled linseed oil and looked pretty good. Time to fit it all!









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Rear badge went missing for a few weeks - fortunately it turned up whilst sorting out my hoard of polo shite last month. Would have been difficult and expensive to replace it!




Done 400 miles or so since its rebuild - check out the comedy speedometer!




Been driving the other quite a lot recently as it didn't see much action over the summer due to this build. A rare shot of the pair -



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Superb job you've made of it. Well done.


Always really liked the G40 (the G60 was a bit OTT for my taste), super little Q-car. About 2-3 years ago I was searching for one as a keeper, but all I found were either expensive, rather unloved/poorly mod'd, leggy and needed alot (ALOT!) of work or stupidly overpriced, nice looking but still in need of a good deal of expensive body & engine work.

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