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  1. I remember bako my gran and granddad had some which I always played with when we went over there as a kid loved it
  2. I'm going to be honest it may be advisable to remove it as it was designed to be used when towing a caravan so could have an adverse effect
  3. where did you get it from need one for mine (big metallica fan)
  4. I remember once having some builders who were working on house across road come knocking on door because my range rover was parked there asking if I could move my jeep I just said I don't own a jeep ive had the Cortina called a capri and once someone called it a corvette or the "my mate had a 3.0 ghia one" bearing in mind mine is a mk3 I remember one story a mate once told me a mate of his came round and said " ive got a corvette" my mate says really he says " yeah ive got a corvette" he goes outside to have a look and goes "no that's a chevette"
  5. that white charger mega drool worthy and looks to be a 770 from the vinyl side panel dad had a vh770 in oz when I was tiny I will have one one day
  6. do you have any more info on the range rover please if they will be doing any other colours its nice to see one been done of a 4 door
  7. yes and it also makes them squeal on gravel and grass
  8. ive only got 2 ford Cortina 4 cylinder ohc inline rwd injection range rover v8 ohv inline 4x4 injection had fwds in the past wont again prefer rwd
  9. all this 4g simcard and wifi built into cars gets me confused they seem more like mobile computers than cars these days or am I just showing my age lol
  10. the junkman was by hb halicki iirc it was all about his life and iirc he was actually killed while making it
  11. this reminds me of when I was at school there were always loads of national geographic magazines from the 50,s they used to let me cut the adverts out all 50,s American stuff
  12. I remember my first car and first date in said car it was December so all windows frosty inside and out decided to use de icer on inside not a good idea second time I went to take same lady out big end went so had to walk but now the ladies love the car (bronze mk3 Cortina ) but see me and run a mile lol
  13. my favourite has already been mentioned the ford sports steel as fitted to higher spec mk3/4 and 5,s I also like the chrome hubcaps and discovered they make a good frying pan
  14. yes if the engine had been built better another one where rover missed a trick it could have been a highly revered engine but instead got labelled the hgf engine
  15. my dad had a valiant charger when I was tiny in aussie I would absolutely love one but more uk drivers may have had chance of one they did intend selling them in the uk but with the only engine option been the 318 v8 but they aimed it when we were in the middle of a fuel crisis not the best time to try and sell v8,s
  16. id suggest footman james got both my cars with them (72 Cortina modified ) (90 range rover standard) not garaged used for commuting not a problem
  17. just drooling over yellow car behind it valiant charger
  18. ive got bf Goodrich touring on the Cortina £32 each theyre great really grippy in all conditions
  19. I love all aussie cars I was born over there the first 3 years of my ife my dad had a proper aussie muscle car a Chrysler valiant charger with a 318 (5.2 ltr) v8
  20. quick someone needs to retrieve it and get it on ebay "genuine sea find " get at least a grand as is lol
  21. you can get a kit in America to put a v8 in a focus now that would be good a v8 focus
  22. going back to the us spec vans I have seen on sme us tv shows sprinters badged as dodges
  23. the biggest problem with these 4x4,s that never go off road is a) the drier who hasn't the first clue about their car so don't know what to select and is wide low profile sport road tyres my range rover classic with all terrains on is no problems in snow and going downhill I know to use engine braking because mine does go off roading as well but saying that my Cortina is great in snow the worst car I have ever driven in snow s my dads citroen c3 Picasso with low profile tyres literally no grip at all
  24. talking of car ads the one for the Vauxhall mocca got me with the line "stand out from the crowd " but blend in with the 1000s of others that have been sold the most infuriating ones are the ones on dave or radio for Halfords we fit like the radio one " don't lick the battery " whos got a tongue wide enough to lick both terminals on a car battery my last one is when you put in a search on ebay for parts for a car and you see loads of pages but over half the pages are the same ad for brake pads really pisses me off
  25. its unfair to single out fords as rot boxes all cars in the 70,s / 80,s could rot but the worst were the Japanese I remember a joke going round when I was at school "stick a penny banger in an old Datsun itll blow up " and through the mid 90,s a common sight was montegos with rotten arches I remember a friend of mine had a c plate metro he sat in it one day and ended up sat on the floor it had rotted through the seams on each side so the floor fell out
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