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Lazy spotters thread

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Three spots from the last few weeks, starting with today's find of a P38 with a numberplate that could easily pay for at least one and a half FTPs if necessary.



Just a red Corsa. In very good condition, too. But just a Corsa.


Best until last; this Proton is absolutely perfect. I've seen it a number of times around the town where I work. If I ever see it with a 'For Sale' sign in the window I'm going to have a genuinely difficult time walking past...


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Not sure if the spots have to be working and on the road, but found this in someones back garden the other day.  Early Vauxhall Frontera.  Been there for over ten years and now part of the garden.  Fella is refurbing the house, so no doubt it will be down the scrappers shortly.  The bits that were visible looked a bit past it to say the least.  Could still have some useful parts on it if anyone is desperate.  Located in Coventry



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Been passing this for years and its always parked in the same place. About this time last year I noticed it parked a cars length away from its normal spot. There were two people cleaning the grass from the road that had grown underneath it. Drove past today and its gone, looks like its been replaced with some euro shite.



Vag shite at my local mini market car park.



At the same car park yesterday, decided it needed more than a lazy spot.




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