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Lazy spotters thread


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Some from the weekend. Seems like I've hardly seen anything interesting for months, and then suddenly there's quite a few around.


SWB Gelandewagen dumped on the double-yellows, when it could have parked legally by just moving back a bit.




Very, very nice indeed.




Avensis saloon; going a touch green.




Slightly ratty ZX TD.





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We may be running out of gas and the world may be ending but carspotting continues. Citroen HY in the distance in S. London. At one time this was gambolling through the lavender fields of Provence loaded with fruit driven by Monsieur Jacques in a beret - now its propping up an 'artisan' coffee company in downtown badass Lewisham. Makes you want to cry and set it free like a caged bird.

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