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Shite in Miniature II

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53 minutes ago, eddyramrod said:

I've just started a little sorting-out in my office/model room (front bedroom) and found a biscuit tin filled with broken and abused diecasts.  I'll take some photos in a bit and bang them up on my sales thread.

Got a link M9?

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20 hours ago, Lord Sterling said:

Got into a MINI mode recently. Just as the Corona virus thingy was unravelling, I landed myself a temporary job at an office in Birmingham. A lady who sat at the desk opposite was a fan of MINIs and had a 1/18 scale model by Motor Max on her desk. As corona got worse most of the staff were sent to work at home. I temporarily 'adopted' the green MINI as a desk ornament for the last few days I was there and gave it a good clean as it was very dusty.


It inspired me to buy one, I bid and got one for £10 delivered:


Mine is a 1/18 scale by Burago. The interior is a bit more detailed than the Green Motor Max one, the scale on mine seems bigger than the Green one plus the shape is more realistic than the green one. Mine also has realistic looking brake discs.

If you're wondering about the Blue car:


1/18 Citroen DS that I got given by a mate some years ago. Needs a hubcap.

I have the Bburago R50, interior detail is decent indeed, one of the nicer Mini models out there.

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I really rate Wilko paint but it's not the cheapest. Poundland normally only do black, white and grey primer, but I have had red primer, metallic pink, metallic green, two different silvers etc out of them when they've had it.




49078559958_a5ca75f10f_4k.jpg20191117_141722 by RS, on Flickr


Pink, over red primer


49467663598_9f52ab61cd_4k.jpg20200131_124409 by RS, on Flickr


Love this silver, made by Paint Factory which they have in stock occasionally. There's a straight silver and a sparkly one as here;


48171477842_e2bde35ddf_4k.jpg20190701_161843 by RS, on Flickr

47992126702_08be03ecf5_4k.jpg20190603_091927 by RS, on Flickr

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9 minutes ago, TheDoctor said:

@bunglebus, they're awesome. 

I think I'll quit now 😂


Don't be daft, I love seeing everyone's work. Each one done is another one saved.

I started as a kid putting big wheels on my Matchbox Beetles and buses and painting them with Humbrol. They were bloody awful but I loved them 

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As promised, getting on with the Yatming Chevrolet Astro I (XP-842) Concept


49697660966_13363be6e8_4k.jpg20200325_122336 by RS, on Flickr


Selecting new wheels


49697128398_0fa97b4a30_4k.jpg20200325_125103 by RS, on Flickr


Cleaned up all the casting lines and flash around the windows


49697129613_3f249c51ed_4k.jpg20200325_133532 by RS, on Flickr


I knew I'd have a fight getting the paint on, the flakes are huge so they block the airbrush and it's not easy dissolving the gel nail varnish into the thinner.

Also as ever a bitch to show the finish


49697137283_92c0529fff_4k.jpg20200325_153422 by RS, on Flickr


Actually shows up better out of focus


49697979407_fa67aabf41_4k.jpg20200325_153428 by RS, on Flickr


Base is in my favourite sparkly silver


49697685601_a49dda061d_4k.jpg20200325_153735 by RS, on Flickr


Done the interior in grey and polished the glass. Now I just need to sit on my hands for a day or two until the paint's cured.

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I got this in the post today having been alerted to their existence by @eddyramrod 






1/18 scale Otto models Capri mk2, in Miami blue. Obvious why I wanted it! 

Got to say, it’s absolutely stunning! It looks ‘right’ and the level of detail is amazing. Even comes with a separate aerial if you want to fit it. Not a particularly cheap model but one I had to have. I’ll try to get a pic of it with my 1/1 scale version soon!

I made the mistake of looking at some of their other models after this...

It seems they do a Volvo 740, which looks amazing too. 




So i bought one of those too!

Pics once it arrives.

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It's day two here of a 4 week lockdown, so I thought it might be nice to stick up an occasional photo of my latest buys (which I photographed a couple of weeks ago), over the next few weeks. Thing is, I've got a couple of friends staying with me from the UK (they were only staying for a week!) but that does mean I can't set up my home studio (aka piles of old books and a camera on a tripod) to take any more photos, lest I look like a total weirdo.


So here's the first one, an incredibly fortuitous Solido X1/9 hanging out in a deserted piazza:


Note the annoying bubbled rims, which have expanded for some reason or other, to the point of stopping the wheels turning. I've got a Solido Peugeot 104 that's similarly afflicted and it has the same small wheels as this one, so maybe it was an issue Solido had with these particular ones. Thankfully it hasn't affected the Citoren LN I've got too, which has similar ones.



Here's a bonus archive shot of said Citoren, which is a great little casting, although the headlights being a bit too small does irk me somewhat. 


Anyone else up for making some small car scenes in their time off?

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1st of today's victims is this MB Cortina. Some little oik has given it a gentle stomping, so the A pillars were bent to one side


49701040031_f6b5126101_4k.jpg20200326_133034 by RS, on Flickr

49700505623_9bb9376690_4k.jpg20200326_133504 by RS, on Flickr

Better, but both pillars are cracked and require supergluing. Off to the dunk tank to get the paint off.

Next, Corgi E-type. I'm not really a big Corgi fan as a lot of the Whizzwheels era stuff feels a bit cheap. This is a metal base car, spoilt by thick paint and naff wheels. Not helped by some previous customiser's efforts


48758407993_77b8149569_4k.jpg20190919_103945 by RS, on Flickr


Once the paint was off and I'd cleaned up some minor casting marks, I realised what a lovely thing it actually is. The details on it are really lovely


49700621308_60613d806a_4k.jpg20200326_154840 by RS, on Flickr

49700622193_6eb3ede4be_4k.jpg20200326_154846 by RS, on Flickr

49701054708_08a2b0f855_4k.jpg20200326_154853 by RS, on Flickr

49701899527_5522f4bc48_4k.jpg20200326_154907 by RS, on Flickr


Quick mock up for now, there's only one colour for an E-type. May have to re-do it as a bit of crap found its way onto the N/S wing. Lots of work sorting out correct length axles, 10 shite points to whoever can ID the wheels!


49701924486_cb78efd77e_4k.jpg20200326_195216 by RS, on Flickr







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Remember this little dude with the broken roof?


49564078478_3cb7e9498f_4k.jpg20200221_101816 by RS, on Flickr


Paint isn't perfect as it's done with a paint pen, but almost unbelievably I had a set of Hot Wheels wheels the right size for the tiny thing! Think they're from under a boat or something where it has to roll but sit as close to the ground as possible. Even the axles were the right width


49701902747_a6501200c1_4k.jpg20200326_180708 by RS, on Flickr

49701056188_5a53327adc_4k.jpg20200326_180647 by RS, on Flickr 

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