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  1. Oh boy. Well this happened. Nae moving pics or anything to say on getting it back. Other than it was soggy as fuck the night and the collection day was brought forward massively to tonight. Anyway. I've got it. Happy as owt. It's actually more soild than I thought for a shonky Spanish shopping trolley. I have put the Corsa up for sale on here. Only reason, because I'd been after another Nova for years. I wasn't passing this up. Because they are only getting more expensive I've found now. This weekend I'll clear a proper space for it. Because it can wait for now.
  2. Can weld. Maybe for FOC, but too much my own shite needs done first! As for divorce... Honestly Lionel Hutz would a better job than me 🤣.
  3. Also known as... "Ahhh I see you have chosen death!" 🤣 @Motown If you buy this. PM me your address, as I've got a few Ambassador HBOL's that I'll happily send you one FOC. BUT! Only if you do a buy and haven't been killed to death by the wife lol.
  4. Well I said to myself. "Feeling good at the moment, cars are progressing nicely" You know actual progress. Then spot an F20 gearbox for sale local. Excellent! Was at a good price too. Aye, I'll hae that! Awa doon to fetch it. Started chatting to the fella. Turns out he was having a clear out and would I be interested in what he had sat... Now own another Nova. MK1 Merit on an F reg. This time with a V5. Last white one didn't and wasn't able to get one either. Shell is pretty good considering it's age. Needs some welding, standard Nova really. With a good stash of spares and I have a 1600 8v that would be right at home in it. For now it'll be thrown in a corner. Badly want to tear into it, better not though as there is other cars need done first!
  5. For 2023 I really want to start on my Astra Saloon. It's been ten years in my ownership now. Just finding panels and parts has kicked my ass, as I've wanted good repro or genuine panels for it. Have enough now to start it. I'll finish the Corsa first. But it'll likely be up for sale soon. As on the last day of 2022 I made another purchase of something I wanted for years.
  6. Waay better with the dents pushed out. Should be not to bad to sort the remains of the dents now? As the doors look soild.
  7. Onyx Black GTI-6 ♥. Ph3? As not on the two tone side skirts? Yes very good cars. Also much better than people give them credit for.
  8. Thank you, genuinely. As I like sharing my work as it may help someone out in the future. I've learned a fair bit from other people on this forum. So do not mind returning that favour back if I can. I also get exactly what you mean about the Corsa pages. Found them less than helpful at times and that's being polite too. Most just fanny about or be just fannies! Because these shitboxes are going to be harder to get soon like Novas. Then they'll greet when they are paying daft money for them.
  9. GM just used two spot welds and black PU mastic to attach them. So cleaned everything up, tiger seal on the same areas and tacked up the holes. Dab of primer applied. Then flipped over and welded the cracks up. Made sure to tack into the plate too. Light clean up after that. Hot snottered the area back in. Once the welds are knocked down it'll look just fine. I'll repeat this on the passenger side soon. Glad I did it this way. As some have gone through the inside to get to this area. That's at least three layers of metal to chop through. Seemed daft to do that. This way means I can fix it on the bench.
  10. Holy moly! More welding done! If anyone is familiar with Corsa B's. You'll know the early Pre-97 cars were prone to cracked B pillars. Mine was cracked on both sides. Pondered on how to fix it. I might of went a tad overboard? Wasn't worried if I had taken any strength out of the shell. As it's just an outer skin. Then same donor Corsa I took cuts from was a Post-97 car. These cars were fitted with reinforcement plates to stop this issue. Ground the cracks out of the plate. Save any issues with fit. I fixed them and attached the plate. You'll see how they fit in the next post.
  11. Just got back from the unit now. So while I neck a beer. Here is what I accomplished on the Corsa. First. I hacked up the donor section. Then separated the two skins that make it up. The lower piece was let in first. Then quick lick of Bonda primer. Prepped the outer skin and welded it on. That actually looks not too bad.... I think!? Wasn't that bad to replace this. As it's mostly straightforward when you have the panels. Helps when you're not scratting about the floor too, ended up enjoying doing this for a change.
  12. I hope mine has arrived ok or is on it way. Nothing has arrived with me. Not that I was worried about seeing anything anyway. Just have to wait and see.
  13. Nexia wheel arch. After a wee rub back. Good enough. Slapped some red oxide on for now. Good test for the brand I use. When the weather warms up a tad. I promise* I will finish it off. It's back doing daily duties again. As the brakes on the Altezza aren't the best. Front discs are warped. New stuff ordered. Just have to wait for the delivery. In the meantime. Was thinking about that windscreen scuttle on the Corsa. Wonder how bad it is. OK. Not great at all. Well keep cutting until you find solid metal. Nice. That's a fair chunk out. Yep, reckon it's been like that for years. So not as sad about windscreen cracking. As I'd of been annoyed if I found it later on after I got the car back together. I'll start chopping up the clean section I cut from the donor Corsa I broke earlier this year. Save me a heap of fab work and it'll be not that bad to weld in.
  14. That's ended up looking sooo good. Amazing what a repaint can do.
  15. Well. That's a first. A wedge of filler to level up a throttle pedal. Got to wonder sometimes 😂. Glad to see an update, as I enjoy the can and will do attitude with your work. But important shiz and life does take priority. So it's fair dos that projects take a back seat.
  16. If I'm flamed tae fuck for this so be it. The painted bits on the dash were a little beaten on the Altezza. So I've put one Slap sticker to begin with. Want another to cover the rest. It's kinda period correct as lads and lassies in Japan did and still do it to theirs. Have also been busy with the Nexia. I had P40'd the new arch section. Have been knocking it down to get a shape back in. So far it's actually coming along really well. Much happiness! Skim of filler will true it up.
  17. That sounds fine without being in your face. Remember the day of the Rage rocket launcher back boxes or the completely straight through exhausts. Awful!
  18. I got L10 ERH that came with an Audi TT. Then I got C16 OPL for the Astra project. Because it's a C16SE engined Opel. Meh! I like it!
  19. It's more a common colour than I thought! My first one was the same colour too! Kinda want another one now 😂.
  20. Made a start on making that wheel arch look good at 50 yards. Please don't laugh too hard. As I'd feel bad if there was an injury caused upon viewing this quality. Joking over. First layer is the ole P40 just to seal over where I had welded and shape up the arch. Looks crap, but that'll be knocked down. Then once it's closer, skim of bog to finalise it. Inside of the tub is done. The fresh areas have been sealed with tiger seal. Not been mean with the stuff either. Makes a great coating as its tough as hell. Smoothed it off by brushing it over with thinners. Makes for neater finish. Then a coat of stone chip. Good enough for me.
  21. Have one or two useless tools that were a complete waste of money. Anyone want a Rover M series timing belt tool? Bought it thinking it would work on the later T series engines.... Yep. The pulleys were completely different. Even have a service reset thingy for an MG ZT/Rover 75. Only used once.
  22. Agreed. Surprising to see what everyone has.
  23. So much for getting rid. Ended up buying more, standard I suppose? IN. Toyota Altezza. Will likely stay for a while. That beams engine is rather addictive! Yet, it'll do car just fine. Aldi TT. Didn't plan this yin! CBA'd with it. Fur sell in new year. Stayin' put! The Opel (It's not a bloody BELMONT 😆) Astra. Had this for nearly ten years. 2023 I'll definitely knock some dust off it. Still hunting for NOS panels to fix it's rust issues. Corsa B. Welding stopped for now. Will crack back on soon. Nexia. Too handy to sell just yet. Little fettle of the mettal before test still to do. OOOooooT!! Awa tae f*ck. 306 Rallye. Loved this car. But wasn't using it a lot. So sold and now in Wales. Corsa B. Kinda doesn't count. As it was only ever a donor car to me. Vectra B. This still stings. I tried my best to fix it's rust issues. Alas, it was REALLY rusty. Broken for bits. Engine going in a Corsa VXR, trim went in a Supertouring ST200 and odds and ends kept for my other GM junk. So didn't die in vein.
  24. Posted last night. Sorry to the receiver if it's late.
  25. All ready to go here. Just need to fling it in a post box now.
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