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  1. Ooh a Silver Combo. Like the Calibra 15's, should be a good wee van. Give a few years of reliable serv.... Wait a minute..? Easytronic gearshifter....!? *Shudders* Long story short. Genuinely didn't know it was a thing and I had a Corsa C with the same gearbag. Wasn't a fan, to put it mildly. But should do your mate a turn. I also had a Combo and it was a great wee van.
  2. Perhaps I'd maybe go for wheel balancing and spin the front wheels to see if there was wheel bearing on the way out? Or maybe the top mount is gubbed as well? Quick and easy to check. Otherwise, sorry I don't know beyond that.
  3. Oh how I missed welding. Nahhhh, really haven't. Scratching about the floor is shit. Progress was made regardless of my gurning. I near drowned the rail in red oxide and spray undersealer. The outrigger has since been fitted. Which means that's the biggest job welding wise done. Still a little fettling to make it 100%. Because aftermarket panels. Strange though. I'd of binned this off years ago because of the rot. Now. Yeah, I'm glad I tore into it and now fixing it.
  4. Yeah nah nah yeh nah! I really enjoyed the series about Sassy. So the last episode is well worth the watch if you haven't by now. Think I'll be repeating the Nolan series soon too. Oh! Remembered I did pick something else up for the Altezza... At a price I couldn't say no to!
  5. Thanks, it makes a quite a difference like. I'm UK based. It just happened to be the Van had an NI plate on it. Yeah did change it to Sassy just recently, got a hat like it too with the "Fackin googly eyes" on it ๐Ÿ˜„. Fair like Jarrad's work so far. But haven't watched Choomah Island 3 yet, but only because of what happened to Big Lez ๐Ÿ˜ข.
  6. Have heard good things from them. No wonder they use them in older VW's. Great platform to start from. On a side note. Still remember (and have the issue it was properly featured in) of this car from Performance VW. TT wheels, 1.8t and TT dashboard. Might not be to everyones taste, but I loved it!
  7. Sums up the last weekend dealing with spot welds on the Corsa. Powerfile made the job much quicker fortunately. Was getting very scunnered with the spot weld drill bits.
  8. *Laughs in driving the fucking A75 everyday for work* Yes, people are genuinely that brain deed noo.
  9. Seen this going by me as I was coming out of Crocketford on that day. Was a surprise to see it.
  10. While I'm still waiting on the DVLA regarding the Toyota. Thought I'd chap on with the Corsa. That chassis leg looked better than it actually was. Did not see the point of repairing this one. As you'll see. Still not the worse I've seen or had. Figured that chopping the whole thing off and replacing with fresh would be a hell of a lot easier and tidier. Glad to see the floor was fine. Still some old chassis leg to remove. Welding in the new leg and outrigger should be quicker and easier,
  11. @davehedgehog31 Take it you can use white spirit to clean everything afterwards? I had considered using corrolan on my cars and after seeing how you've got on with it think I'll be getting some soon too.
  12. Aye, I dae too. Just different to see. As I'm used to the full leather in others.
  13. Can finally upload some pictures. So have TT pictures. Should have known better really.
  14. This past weekend was spent mucking about again. A GM wiper relay does work on the Daewoo. Have fixed the original, took it apart and found a contact had moved. Persuaded* the contact back into position. Now have a new issue, wipers park halfway up the screen. Reckon it's the same thing as what a Corsa C does, a contact wears out in the wiper motor and causes the same issue. So I'll pop the gear cover off and have a look. Glad it's simple anyway and very fixable. Corsa, yeah nah the chassis leg is cooked. I have the new one sat, figuring drilling out spot welds will be easier than chasing rust back. Then fit the other outrigger I have too. Great chance to fire a shit ton of rust preventatives into those areas. Then as in the news thread, I went a got an Audi TT. A pal was selling it, naturally I jumped straight in and bought the thing. It's a 225bhp 1.8t convertible. Interior looks clean. Usual dash display issue was surprised that a new screen is cheap to buy. Plans will have to wait though. Want it at the lock up first and check over and see if it's worth fixing.
  15. I did a very silly thing this morning. Plan is to return it to the road.
  16. Vauxhall Astra MK2 and Daewoo Nexia. Forgetting the changed styling front and rear. Rear doors were completely different on the five doors. Nexia used Saloon/Belmont style doors and had a quarter glass. It was a mash up between the 3 door and saloon pressings.
  17. This weekend saw the timing belt finished off on the Toyota. Sent off all the paperwork to the Doovla on Saturday. Hopefully not be a silly long wait. Now, I can turn to the Corsa again and fix some more rot spots. *sigh* That scuttle was the cause of the windscreen cracking. The section I chopped out of the Black Sport will sort that. Passenger side chassis rail will be sorted before that. I'll peel the outer layer off and see how bad the second skin is. Should be an easy enough repair anyway. Bonus being I don't need to chop the outrigger off like the drivers side (I hope). Sounds daft but for nearly a 30 year old shitbox shopping trolley. It's still quite sound.
  18. Tried to swap the insurance from the 306 I had to the replacement Lex/ota Altezza. Current insurer doesn't cover RWD stuff. Oh fudge! Did get sorted as the car is still unregistered at the moment and need it insured for getting it taxed/rego'd. Reminds me, need to do another V55/5 because I R THICK and messed it up.
  19. I'm gonna find out the hard way. Found a GM one same as a Lanos one (with one less thinner pin). But I'm no spendin' dollar on yin. I'll pinch yin oot of the Corsa to try it! Knowing my luck, there be something about it that'll mean I need another original one.
  20. Think Daewoo changed a lot of things over the years for the sake of using local suppliers and not relying on GM for sourcing parts. The wiring for example looks more Japanese/Korean and some relays been made by Daewoo themselves. Looking at older Vauxhalls just incase there is one. Depending if the pins are in the same place. I tried a similar looking Saab relay, blew the wiper fuse soon as I put the wipers on. May have to be another original one.
  21. Another joy* of owning an old Daewoo. The intermittent wiper setting stopped working and found it's on a separate relay. Just in two minds on getting this relay from Lithuania or try a Lanos one which is the same bar one less of the thinner pins. Or live with the remaining two speeds and no self park. Reason is, I was wondering about selling it. Now not so sure. More so with the price of cars now, it maybe worth tidying it up and see what the MOT brings. Despite niggles, it's actually been a very reliable little car.
  22. As a Nexia owner. I REALLY wish they were still Astra based. It'd make finding certain parts easier ๐Ÿ˜…. But OH boy they did more than tweak the styling. The body shell is a bastard child that Daewoo came up with from the saloon and three door hatch. Changed a lot of other things too, near melted my head when most of the bolts were either 12mm or 14mm headed!
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