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  1. It'll be worth it. These are worth saving. Plus good work so far dude πŸ‘. Kinda wished I kept my first Cavalier. Was a cracker of a car. Was an 1.8 GLS hatch I then XE swapped. Tell you what, yon thing was a flyer! They go really well with the ole REIDCHAP in them.
  2. Actual progress made today. Inner and outer are on. Starting to smooth out the welds. Wee bit of bodywork to do. Better than rusty shite before. Had to bugger about as I had trimmed the inner repair panel too short. But it's on.
  3. Wot he sed. I'm also experimenting with a red oxide primer called Bonda. Brush on stuff and seems to be quite good so far. A bugger to remove which could be a good thing? I've used it when doing the repairs on my Corsa project. Not fully sure on how it'll last at the moment.
  4. After this weekend. I'm grumpy as fuck with welding cars! Also grumpy because I was dumb and cut a repair panel too short and have to weld said piece back on with no proper access. Really wish sometimes I wasn't an idiot and spend a little extra time looking at the job before steaming in.
  5. It's sad to see it now being broken up. However it's better seeing it being parted out than just tossed in a crusher as a whole. Now that is a waste! Plus the car got too see a good few years extra use too thanks to eddy.
  6. Top work! I've got a TT roadster sat waiting for me to do something with. They really are the bottom rung price wise now. Just in two minds to fling it in for an MOT or punt it on as is.
  7. You have my sympathy. Because it is shit. But I do hope you win the battle with the suspension arm. Only as I've been there too.
  8. MoAr weldin' on the PontDaeHallPel LeNexKadTra. Spent ages getting the arch gap right. Until I saw the drivers side. Yeah... Daewoo didn't even care! πŸ˜‚ So good enough is fine with me! Tomorrow will be more of the same. Ended up buying an inner arch. Which as per pattern panels, doesn't fucking fit... *Sigh* But I'll adopt the "Make The C*nt Fit" method for that.
  9. Looked a great trip had there. Japan is a country I'd love to visit someday.
  10. Started on the Nexia. Usual small hole grew bigger. Then started making patches. Welding started. It's patchwork quilt. Figured it was better than rot, so that'll do me. Outer arch to go on then build an inner one to suit.
  11. Couple of things happened this week. The Altezza got some number plates fitted. Then I took it for it's first run. Nervous as all hell, which was for nothing. As it goes very well. Comfortable to be in and with a big plus of the engine and drivetrain being in rude health. No odd noises from the suspension either. Clutch release bearing is howling though. So that'll be sorted, I have found these have a dual mass flywheel and there is no ill effects from fitting a solid (and lighter) flywheel. So I'll change the lot while I'm in there. Overall I'm chuffed to bits with it.
  12. It's actually miles away lol. I'm in the south west of Scotland. Only said about the engine size as it said you couldn't have it as 1600, had to be 1598 or somethin like dat. No matter. Also not worried about the Model either. Because they'll likely not be one for an Astra 160iE. Having solid metal back in it will be a bigger priority πŸ˜‚.
  13. Ahhh. Did not know that. So stand corrected on the area. That's the thing. The XE chassis was sold here. But only as the Lexus IS200/300. But the Altezza RS200 was JDM only. Unless its a new thing they are doing now? But I just filled the form in and noticed straight away it said Altezza on the V5. Wonder what the other ones that were imported into the UK say? My Opel Astra which is an another Import doesn't have anything on the model code. It's also weird too. As the engine size is down as 1600. Which I thought was a no no?
  14. Altezza update! I received an envelope today. @LightBulbFun I ken your a number plate/DVLA perv. See how they've given me a random Norwich (?) area plate. So a V55/5, was a piece of piss to fill in. Only took a little longer because I was a dingus and forgot to put in one piece of paperwork. I also wasn't required to have it inspected. We're a set of plates and tell the insurance away from being on the road!
  15. Was going to guess a QX. But to be weird, will say it's a Jap market Cefiro version instead.
  16. Got a Lanoguard kit for doing the Altezza. So cracked on with it. Dead easy to apply. I was being lazy (and stupid) to just go with it, as there is cheaper options. Found the smell although not horrible, doesn't half stay on your hands! Anyhoo, hopefully it'll keep the car protected for a while. While I was doing that. I saw how the wheel was sat up and it gave me ideas to how it'd look lowered. Also found the tyre won't clash the arch either. So for now I won't need to roll them.
  17. Nice work! Getting quite rare the XE powered SRi's. Plus its not as bad as I guessed, thought for sure those sills at the ends would be completely gone. Better off making that panel anyway. As I've used carz2 before. They unfortunately have long lead times for delivery, not their fault BTW. As stuff is ordered in because they'll not be fast movers.
  18. Holy crap @hairnet. You OK dude?
  19. Daewoo is due MOT next month. Oh joy because the wheel arch on the passenger side I've been ignoring since the last test has now crumbled to the point I think it may be an issue. Inner arch will need repaired too. Glad I switched to 1kg wire spools now πŸ˜….
  20. Welding is disappointment, rogue spark burns, piss poor access and burnt grinder discs. It's really not for everyone, so I don't blame you for not wanting to do it. Hopefully you get someone who will be able to sort the patches. The arch liner mount looks about the worst bit.
  21. Likewise πŸ™‚. Much banter was had. As said, your welcome back any time. Will also confirm those seats are much better than the stock ones. Stock ones just suck. I'd just stick with that car for as long as you can. If it works and all that. Again, I'll really recommend a PD100 next. Best engine for a Fabia I think. Surprised Ryan never took you out in his Estate, yon's fully rapid min!
  22. Your spot on. It's a GM F13 gearbox with bits added on. So the selector is auto controlled and the clutch is done by a ECU controlling the slave cylinder. That's what the clutch pack look like. Which gives the most bother. That packs up and you get the flash F of doom on the selector indicator on the speedo. Can be fixed though. ECU testing did my one, but pretty sure someone on YouTube will have a DIY guide to fixing them by now?
  23. Couple more photos of the Corsa. Closed the inner wing back up. Then a shot of the outrigger fitted. Pretty pleased with that.
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