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  1. Done well. I too like it and by the sounds of it you should at least get to drive it for a bit. Just don't go poking at it ffs 🤣.
  2. No picture update. Got couple of jobs done on the Corsa. It was pretty much a busted flush today. Both batteries I had were dead. A previous bodge on the fuel pump wire needed rebodged as nae power to the pump. But as a final boot tae the baws. Find the feed aff the fuel pump is leaking. Pipe is fucked. Tank out job to replace that pipe. Tidy 🙄 . Here, could be worse. Plus I'll be able to do a better job of Gravitexin the arse end. Joys of projects and the problems it throws up.
  3. So. Corsa has fuel lines and gear linkage engaging all gears. Will attempt making it run today. Fuel and gearbox oil to do and put a battery on charge. If everything is back as it should be. It'll start no bother. Finally got the correct adapter for bypassing the amp on the Altezza. That converts the Toyota plug to standard ISO connectors. End result is tunes in the car now.
  4. Thought that was nearly an Uncle Roger reference for a minute. 😂
  5. After meeting you in person. This is what I expected you to say after that. Totally chill despite what happenend But wondered at the same time if you had gone "foo radge" due tae it in aw😂. Still, I'm gutted for ya that happened. It'll be fully sortable though as ya say. Could touch in the lacquer, then wet sand and buff it to help blend it in. Take the eye aff it like?
  6. It's mind boggling at how people treat a machine with working parts. Specially when it costs a lot of money to pay for the thing in the first place. It's the same in the industry I work in. Seen in agriculture side it can be extremes of how stuff is looked after. Some tractors and machinery has gone out with scant regard for the upkeep. Then cry "but isn't that covered by warranty!?" when something shits itself big style. Even though it's been out of warranty for at least a year. With sod all servicing done. Seen quad bikes suffer from this too. Quoted a customer thousands to rebuild an engine (parts and labour) , which if he had it serviced would have still been running. These things are near essential come lambing time. That said. You'll get some people who realise having their means of income shut down at the worse time is a bad thing. So at change the basic wet filters at their bare minimum. That leads me on to a saying that a customer told me once. "Grease is cheaper than metal" It was said in jest. But it's bloody true!🤣
  7. Now know how to get the amp and radio out of an Altezza/IS200. It's easy, after having it apart six times. Got a proper amp bypass adapter. Missed the joys of a working radio..... Oh! Aye, need to fit an aerial. Make that seven times soon.
  8. Seat Ronda? Anyway, Chodspeed good sir!
  9. Daewoo Nexias (and Esperos). Another cheap Korean built car that got no love. Most scrapped due being worth bugger all or being used to reshell/repair an Astra GTE if it was a 3dr.
  10. Most survivors I've seen have been in Ireland (still one or two in the UK). Just so happens most of the oily bits from an AE86 Corolla fit.
  11. I do! Owned both a Coupe and a Satria GTI. The coupe was the parts donor for the Satria. Learned very quickly, they rot like fuck, mine was really badly rusted out. But still a strong following for them. So made my money back from breaking it. I'm gonna chuck in another contender. Another Mitsubishi. Remember these were every where. Thanks to Border cars pumping them out, but the cars quickly died off. Hardly see any about now.
  12. Aye. We were. I had one, 1.3 LE (I think). After working on it, I started to wonder if KIA just took a Pride and extended it in bits. Aye, it was the cheapest Focus/Astra sized hatch you could buy. But it also felt cheap and slightly nasty. Can't believe I'm gonna say this, but my Nexia feels better made and is better to drive. Despite Daewoo using a design that first came out in 1984! Give the Rio it's due though, it did amazing burnouts! 😆
  13. Thanks! It would be a waste if I gave up now. Spent a fair bit of effort on it already. This year I hope to have it up and running, with serious thoughts towards getting it painted.
  14. Some folk reckon the VTS ones were better to drive than a 306 GTI-6. Better suspension geometry at the rear. Quicker steering racks and the five speed gearbox suited the XU10J4RS engine better. Plus the steering lock was miles better than the 306 too... Because it didn't have a soddin' lock stopper in the rack to stop the left hand front wheel smacking the gearbox due to the six speeder being a million miles longer! Unfortunately they became cheap throw away parts donors for GTI-6's.
  15. Picked some jobs off on the Corsa. Began with this new tool. You'll see what it's for in this post. Took out the gearbox. As I had used the one I got with a 1.6 8v I had stashed on the 1800 swap. Wanted said 'box back. As the gearbag will go back on said 1600 and eventually into the Nova. Que, an eBay purchased gearbox. From a 2000 Tigra A 1.4 with a supposed 45k on it. This is an F17 C374 (Close ratio with a 3.74 final drive). But I had to change the speedo drive as it's an electrical pick up style. Needed a mechanical gear type. So said tool slots into the toothed cap you see on the diff area. Tada! One diff out pick ups swapped. This picture was taken before I realised I had the blessed thing upside down. These gearboxes are great as they are very easy to take apart. Providing the casing isn't smashed to shit you can swap gear clusters and diffs without actually taking the thing out. Early ones allowed you to swap clutches without even taking the gearbox out. A very service friendly item. Served GM very well. Late 70's to about the 2010's that design lasted for. Had great plans for making a hybrid of clusters and a shorter final drive. However I didn't have the time to be dicking about trying to set the preload on the taper bearings the diff uses. Kept it simple. Marked a point on the diff cap to the casing to help set the bearings back to their original setting. Will bugger about with the gearbox destined for the Nova, as there is play in the diff. I also plan doing a cluster swap on it too for a close ratio set. Last picture is me getting suspension and running gear back on after me and a pal got the replacement 'box in. Hopefully the next update is me cracking on with making the car driveable again.... Well I like to kid myself sometimes 😆.
  16. Yep. Picture taken at Billing Aqua drome back in 2014. My Astra 160iE and a friends 200tS. Who'd of thought they'd be nearly the same. We both still own them too. Both are fairly rusty as well 😆.
  17. Good result that @Datsuncog. Yeah, I'd keep the 'Rolla going for as long as you can. I'll second that! That or Kirin Ichiban 👍.
  18. Thanks. Might of figured it out now. From what I've read, they have an amp in behind the glovebox. I've got to take that out and plug another adapter in that goes to a ISO plugs. Just means i've got to stick my coupon in and look. So, assumption got me good again 😆.
  19. I did a thing. Fitted another hanger to the Nexia. Typical cheap parts, as the last one just rusted and broke. So did the right thing and fitted another cheap hanger. The back box will rot out before that breaks again. I've also pulled the gearbox out of the Corsa. I wanted the g'bag back as it came from a 1600 engine I've got sat. Got a wee plan cooking up for a replacement 'box. Involves much fuckery with swapping gear clusters and playing with gear sets. If it works, then it'll be interesting to see how it goes afterwards. Oh! Would you believe it! JDM spec cars sometimes use different wiring than UKDM shit.... Case in point. The Altezza's radio commited die. So I'll wang in a single din head unit. Easy, got an IS200 face plate and wiring adapter for that plug and play goodness. Same platform right!? Should be easy as. Well turns out the standard plugs are completely different.... Fack! Why do I have to learn that assumption is the mother of all fuck ups on a regular basis. So to the people of AS. Have you come across the same style plugs on their JayDeeeeM whip. So I can stand a chance of finding an adaptor. I'm no choppin' it about to get a ISO plug on just yet.
  20. JMotor

    Best fleet

    Good question. Because last year was good. As I owned the following at one time. 306 Rallye Daewoo Nexia Toyota Altezza Opel Astra 160iE Vauxhall Corsa. This year I replaced the 306 with a Nova. So peak time for the fleet for me. Well, or maybe about ten years ago. I had a C20XE swapped Cavalier and a Nova. That was good too.
  21. Not much of an update. Last weekend I took ill. So no car work got done. The rest did me some good. But it didn't do the bank balance any favours though. That is a boot spoiler from an Altezza Qualitat. A special edition model. Mostly a styling and interior job. The kit is a bit how ya goin' for me. But I do like that boot spoiler. It's a subtle looking one. Didn't want a carbon copy of all the other IS200/Altezzas you see on the web. Same TRD Sports kits, same rear spoilers even the SAME TRD stickers on the rear doors! Naw. I want OE plus with period correct parts! Something like what a person in Japan would do. Then saw the same seller had something else too. That is the correct year (or possible first model year) brochure for my Altezza. So had to have that too! So stoked to get this. Above is what my car would of looked like when it was sold by the Toyota Netz dealer in Japan. Also covers the AS200 Altezza, which became the Lexus IS200 here. With a BASE model that had wheel trims!
  22. I already knew. But let's not spoil the moment. That's class. Should be a good little project to chip away at. Doing the bare minimum to make it AN CAR, getting a ticket and then throw money at it to make it look better. The rust not being a major issue is the biggest win.
  23. Good buy that. Nice cars those. That interior is better than the leather imo. Gad! Wish I hadn't flogged my 9-3 now. Same outside and inside colours.
  24. Sounds daft. But I was very happy with this on the Corsa. Couple of areas to touch up. But that's the rails and front inner arches now coated in Gravitex. Used PU18 instead of Tiger seal for the seams. Works well and cheaper too. Four tubes for £20 delivered iirc. Once this is all dry. I can start putting parts back on.
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