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  1. Thanks man 😎. Yeah it's definitely staying. Will be great to see it the same colour as the car.
  2. Not much happening on the car front. Last weekend I got a tracker fitted on the 'Tezza. While that was happening, I gave the car a hoover and trial fitted the spoiler. Suits it I thought? Must get it and other bits of bodywork done. Looks crap with the clear coat missing in places. Ah! Almost forgot. The Corsa, started up and ran perfect. Took robbing the battery out of the Cavalier to get it going. Turns out all my spare batteries are fooked. Bugger!
  3. Like the Panda 86 look. It's ready for the Touge now.
  4. JMotor


    Oh. Yeah, that'd be why then. Whoops! Easy fix though.
  5. Tried. I must bully him a bit again to do so! 😂
  6. More nonsense and progress. Altezza. Yeah, that'll do. So far after a short drive I can conclude BC racing coilovers are worth the coin. Still rides really nice, with giving me the look I want. Needs a alignment now. Nexia. SELT AN AWA. New owner was happy. Car behaved itself. Happily it's getting the bodywork done. Chavvy Cavvy. Damn! That colour just hits different in the sun! Parked with a pals V70. He's also a closet Shiter. Mentioned him before as he has the Fabia Estate and an LDV Convoy. If peeps want, I can post a bit more about them? Did a thing too. 17 inch alloys came back refurbished. Another friend was having a few sets of his wheels redone. Made sense to chuck mine in too. Enough of metallic flake for that OE finish. Back working on the Corsa this weekend. Setting my ambitions high for today. It WILL be running today.
  7. Like the Celica. However, it's big FUCK THAT from me as well. Shame as they still do look good now. Also sad react for lockers too.
  8. JMotor


    Kinda struggling with most of them. Do know what number six is though! Seat Bocanegra! Think it mean black nose in espanol? Seat then did a model of modern Ibiza called the Bocanegra too.
  9. Aye. I had a poop coup. Was proper fucked wie rust. Broken to fix my Satria GTi and made some coin breaking it.
  10. Seem to be more MK3 Cavaliers about than Vectra B's. Guess it's for the same issues as Sierraman mentioned with Fords. Why put a clutch in a Vectra at huge cost when a much better car could be had for not a lot more. Still see a few Corsa B's and C's on the go too. Not as many older Fiestas (pre MK6) though.
  11. Trying to remember Edd's handle on here. But yeah he's owned a few Sambas including a Convertible. EDIT - IIRC the username was SambaS?
  12. Small fleet update. Altezza - Getting the coilovers fitted. Lost the heed at the front drop links. So took the grinder to them. Was a time years ago I'd of fucked on with taking them off carefully. Not now. Will be tweaking the ride height once it's all done. Not into slamming cars, just want to sit a little nicer on the 18's. Nexia - Is getting picked up next week. A previous owner wanted it back. So more than happy to sell back to them. Que doing the niggles on the car. Usual thing I do to stuff I sell. Dunno why I didn't bother sooner. Cavalier - Now full time daily. I remember reading the clutch wasnae great. This is very true. So eBay hunting for the cheapest one I can find. Still love driving it and it's an old Vauxhall. It'll have issues. Trick is to get the least amount you can 😂. I like the Mini steels too. But I wanted to make the car more mine. I like how these look lowered and on 17's. Had something in mind, after seeing a Cavalier on @Split_Pin's thread confirmed I made the right choice. Corsa D SRi 17's. They are going away to be refinished. Think a nice silver would suit the Roija Red car. These are also easy and cheap to replace if one gets damaged. Most old school alloys are surprisingly dear now. Nova - Still sat. But that was the intention. I want to tackle it at a later date. Corsa - I'll get back on with it again just shortly. Still some areas to seam seal and raptor. Then build it back up and make run.
  13. I like that. They suit the Corsa D wheels.
  14. JMotor


    Nice! It'll be running in a no time 👍. Joys of an A-Series, simple wee things.
  15. *I've still got that 225 vert for sale. Totally not a sales pitch at all.... Honest*
  16. Chipped away at the Corsa again. Amazed at the back panel, really thought it was going to be kippered. This was the biggest area of rot. Cut out ready for some fresh metal. Just cut some patches off a sheet of steel I have. Didn't need to be fancy. All done and ground down. Didn't need to do that, but not a bad habit to have. Rest I'll worry about when the bodywork is getting done. Couple of areas to paint and then put the fuel tank back in. Got replacement fuel hoses bought and fitted on.
  17. Peugeot 206 1.6 16V? Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing it.
  18. More "too cool for these pair of nerds!" 🤣. Interesting see the fuel filter on a petrol. So the 1.2's must be a deadhead/return less fuel system? The sun strip turned out better than I thought too.
  19. I'd agree, it's not a bad start. Hopefully you'll have it sold in no time at a decent price. But I get why she's sad for the reasons mentioned by the last few posts.
  20. Was very taken with both MX5's. But love that steel wheeled MK1. It's how one should be*. *In my opinion* Z3 is damn nice! Just suits that colour. They've aged well.
  21. Great day had. Had a visit from @AnnoyingPentiumtoday. He brought me a present. A mix CD of dance tracks specifically for listening in the Cavalier. Aye, it reminded me of the evenings spent doing laps of the toon or going to cruises at the retail parks. Shit! I feel old now 😂. Got some car stuff done too, but I'll let him tell yous about it.
  22. Glad you're getting on with the Nova. I love it! Such an unusual model now.
  23. First clocked this album cover in a music shop in Northallerton in the early 2000's.
  24. JMotor


    It's a shame about the seats. Thought they suited the vibe of the A40. But yeah, better off with something you can sit in without issues. I do like it, such a cool looking car.
  25. Live action shot of @GMcDin said Z3. Srly doe. Well bought sir. What's it like to say compared to an MX5?
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