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Never owned a Seat before..


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This will be a short term project so going to start a thread rather than cluttering up my ‘Current long term car’ diary thread.

So, after the shit storm of Corsa B to roffle ownership it got me in the mood for another project after the bargain Volvo last year. 

Had a look on FB marketplace and stumbled across a 2010 new* shape Seat Ibiza. Pretty poor photos, unwashed, unhoovered, just a lazy effort but I could see potential. 

So what do we have on offer here? 

2010 ‘60 plate Seat Ibiza ‘Sport’

1.6 Pez, N/A, chain driven.  

7 speed DSG

ULEZ friendly 

134k with full stamped history from new, only missing this year as it’s due now.

MOT’d last month, runs until 19/03/2025

2 keys

Whats wrong with it? The main thing is NSR quarter, they scraped a post in a car park. Unrecorded. Air con isn’t very cold.

It was up for £750, I threw a cheeky £500 offer and they replied £600, we met at £550. 

Here are the advert photos:







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Today I set about giving it a quick clean just to see what we’re working with really. 

Issues I’ve found so far:

Front end knock over bumps - advisory for drop link, pair of Febi’s ordered and due here tomorrow. 

Blower motor doesn’t sound very happy, sounds like it’s catching on something. Plan to remove it, check it, fix or replace.

Seats are hanging, they’ve had kids in the back and there’s all sorts spilt on them. I’ll either wet vac them or if I can find one being broken, I may even just replace all the seats.

Overall though I’m very happy. I honestly think just by washing and hoovering it and taking half decent pics I could advertise it now and double my money. 

The damage is a real shame as it’s a lovely car but it’s just not worth repairing. Touching it I think would make it look worse, probably best to just embrace it!








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12 minutes ago, SEATMad said:

I know I'm a little biased however for £550 you've got yourself a proper decent little motor I must say! 

I’m very impressed. Engine sounds lovely and smooth/quiet. 

I have absolutely no need for it, it’s not my sort of car at all but I love a bargain and an easy project! 

Not quite sure where I’m going with it, I’ll sort the few niggly bits and then decide. I’m going to be a little bit greedy so doubt a roffle will happen as I think could comfortably get £1500 back for it!

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37 minutes ago, JJ0063 said:

Blower motor doesn’t sound very happy, sounds like it’s catching on something. Plan to remove it, check it, fix or replace.

This could be the recirc/air flow position baffles. They’re electrically controlled  and the teeth skip then they shit their little brains as they don’t know what position they’re in. It could also be why you don’t get very cold cold.
Normally you get the clicking when you key on, and if it stops you can trigger it selecting reverse or the recirc button. The gearbox for it is in a box behind the glove box. I only know about this because had to fix it on my mum’s 64-plate and there seemed quite a bit of info on it on the forums once I started digging. 

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1 minute ago, CGSB said:

That is prime "run it on a shoestring to the end of its life" fodder.

Never worry about a supermarket ding, cos the bodywork is already hammered, keep giving it basic servicing and running it on a "what it needs for the MOT" basis each year and you're laughing it up. Bet you get 7+ years out of that for minimal outlay.


I was pleasantly surprised to see an NA so no turbos or anything to worry about. I know people aren’t keen on DSG but autos are definitely more popular than ever before so I imagine it’d be quite sought after. 

The fact got a full history says a lot, it’s clearly been owned by non car people who have just serviced and MOT’d each year.

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41 minutes ago, UltraWomble said:

Does the expansion tank say "Mit Silica"?

If it does then have a shuftie on you tube about removal as it can end up clogging up the cooling system if the bag bursts (which they do)

Cheers for the heads up, I’ll check!

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Don’t know whether I’ve made it look better or worse but here we go. Took the door card out, pushed the top part out by hand and then got a block of wood and a rubber mallet to get as much out from the lower part. 

It’s certainly still very uneven but it’s not so caved in now, bit less noticeable. 

Also took the blower motor out, it seems to be the actual fan making the noise so will likely just replace it. Have put some oil on the bearing tonight, will let it soak for a day or so then plug it in and see if it’s any quieter first.







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2 hours ago, JJ0063 said:

Bought a Vax spotwash machine partly for this and partly because Labrador in the house..

Ordered some drill brush attachments but in the meantime I decided to give one of the rear seat bases a quick pass over with just the machine. Not bad for a single going over!

(Patchy as it’s still damp)




That's an impressive transformation.  Looked minging before

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Right all seats are done, it’s not perfect at all but you wouldn’t open the doors now and straight away think wow those seats are filthy, they just look normal now!

Ive now done both drop links 

Heater blower motor I have taken out, oiled, refitted again and it’s quieter but really would want replacing unless the slight noise doesn’t bother you. 

I have noticed a slight clicking when turning, it had an MOT advisory for a CV boot so guessing it’s that, not sure I can be bothered to do it though TBH. May just sell as it is. 

I’ve pretty much done what I want to do with it now I think. It’s cleaned up, drives nice, sorted the knocking, not really sure where to go with it now though. 

Im pretty sure I could shift it as is for £1250 quite easily, would happily roffle for a grand on here but not sure £17 a ticket would sell very well?

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