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Well... it's been a while since I posted on this bit of the forum. After the failed selz/swappage of the current fleet I thought fuck it and do a thread.

I have the Alumina Green MGF which has been with me for about 2 years now I think. 

It's a non VVC model with black leather, glass rear screen, reconditioned spheres, stainless exhaust and manifold.  Excellent headlights fitted with spiffing Nighbreakers. Also a full set of good rubber.  I do like an MGF. Have had 4 now. I missed my dark green F VVC, reg ends in PBL. The headbaxket went and it was partially stripped and was sat at a shitters garage somewhere. It was offered to me FOC to get it out of the way but lots happened at that point and for some reason I lost the messages. Wonder it still exists. Reg ends in PBL. 

The R50 Mini Cooper in silver is a neat car. It was a straight swap for the Focus auto. I love it. It has leather seats, pan sunroof, slightly rorty exhaust and now has a face-lift rear bumper as the original was horrible. Much cheaper getting a replacement than sorting the original. The PO fitted an Android compatible pull out screen thingy. Its an unbranded thing so might replace it with a branded version at some point. Spotify, Waze and stuff reside on it.  It has LED rear lights and upgraded H7 bulbs which make a vast difference. It's a fun beastie and puts a smile on my face.  Needs a look at something at the front on the driver's side. It makes a grumble when the brake is pressed. Maybe just a set of pads. I will get it checked out.  It's bloody good fun.

Last is the Merc CLK 220. Dizzler with slush box. This was a swaperoo for a Z3 which was lovely but as it turned out was almost useless to me as it was so uncomfortable to drive in manual form. A crying shame but hey ho.

I also have 3 bikes. A late 90's 600 Fazer and a Honda CB250 Nighthawk, both are road legal. I have one project bike. A 2000 Ural 650. It hasn't run for a while. I am accruing bits and pieces and will start to strip it down in a couple of weeks. Am looking to replace the full seat with the single front seat and small rack that fits onto the rear mudgard. Just need to figure out where to get it all from. Plan is to clean it all up. Service it and respray it.







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I might imagine the Urals is a 'Skoda Estelle = can be wholly dismantled/nothing breaks off/thread strips..' kind of jobbie.

Scaffy-pole 3rd wheel, for 60s vibe 🤔

Love the whole Urals aura [... NOT to be confused with Hog licking 👌]


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