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This is my first attempt at a collection thread, I got home late last night and sorted insurance on line, then put a battery on the truck, I hope it will start. This thread could be full of disappointment, the vehicle for the outward journey is certainly not exciting, neither is the first breakfast. I am not sure this is worthy of being called breakfast but it is the first thing I will eat after getting up:


It will not be a live collection sorry as I am a Luddite.


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This is why I love dogs, they're not like a mate that promises to keep you company on a long journey that gets curtailed as you arrive at his house as his Mrs wants to go curtain shopping, they're always like "a day out? fuck yeah, let me get my ball and take a quick shit DAD then I'm all yours" 


🤣 🤣 🤣 

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7 hours ago, dozeydustman said:

Dog or owner poo count? This is important!

Good luck with the kolekshin kaypa

The dog, fortunately the count has not increased in the 12 hours we have spent together. The journey time increased significantly due to the M4 being closed near Heathrow.

Can you tell what it is yet?
Taken in a traffic jam on the way home.

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Sorry, just got in, it has been a busy day!

Breakfast stop:

Saw this on the M4 in London


The full reveal:



First impressions are very good, it has quite a lot of service history, 4 owners, the last since 2012, and he replaced this with a Lexus LS400 due to  ULEZ.

In 2002 I bought a 1982 Cortina 2.3 Ghia estate in silver and it is the best car I have ever had despite the boring colour. This could be the closest modern equivalent, first impressions are certainly great.

I hope to have a better look at it tomorrow as I am cream crackered now.



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  • 1 month later...

I have had this car over a month now and like it far more than I thought I would. My first two purchases were a brochure and a pixel repair ribbon kit. The temperature gauge and clock were faulty so after watching some you tube video’s I bought the ribbons on ebay for £5.29! After watching several more video’s on instrument panel removal I made some removal tools using a metal coat hanger.  I now have a working dash panel and can look at the time and outside temperature when driving, plus the added bonus of the selected gear being displayed.

According to the 2001 price list the car had a list price of £33,595 with metallic paint £590. (If only the first owner had chosen blue, red or gold instead of boring silver) and two tone nappa leather at £1,660! Total: £35,845. I paid a fiver short of £35k less, so can forgive it the odd minor dent and mismatched paint. What I find odd is that the petrol E320  was £1195 more new with the same performance, worse emissions and much worse fuel economy. I am no fan of diesels usually but in a Mercedes it makes a lot of sense. The car is really nice to drive and mechanically appears to have been well looked after. I made a mistake above, now I have got the logbook and read all the receipts I see the  previous owner bought the car early in 2008. I have receipts going back to 2008 for £12,450 spent mostly at Mercedes Brentford. I have given the headlights a quick polish with G3 but intend to do them properly and put UV film on. It could do with some repairs to the paintwork at some time as the previous owner did some diy repairs which are not fully to my exacting standards but do show that he cared for the car.
Not the most exciting car in the world but far better than I expected and far nicer to drive than expected. Thanks to Talbot for the advice offered on his thread.








Sorry for being thick but how do I change the thread title?

Instrument panel removal tools (coat hanger)



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  • Shite Ron changed the title to This is the modern world - ‘new’ Mercedes E320 CDI

See, these are proper estate cars. Those things hold more kit that any of the dumpy SUV things around...........even the big ones.

     Decrepit fact;  I can't get down into them anymore.  It's either stiffness or my head has grown three sizes.

 They are classic if you can beat the rust.

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Lovely, always interesting to see the options ticked on these. Have you got a pic of the centre console? Be interesting to see what other kit you have.

Have you lifted the boot well side hatches to look under the spare wheel and the opposite side? Interesting quick test to check a common rot spot.

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You are a gentleman of superb taste - And I definitely am not biased by the fact that I also have a 4x4 for collecting things, a labrador as a travel buddy, and an S210 E Class Wagon 😅 They're fantastic cars, one of the most comfortable I've owned and they still feel luxurious even compared to the new cars I used to burn around in when I was a salesman. Mine is a V8, and whilst it's got engine noise novelty value I really wish I had the 320CDi as then I could actually drive places without worrying if the fuel cost will mean I can no longer afford the rent... A salesman I used to work with had owned a lot of these by way of taking them in chop against Jags when he was at JLR, and he was adamant that the 320CDi was the pick of the bunch as it pulled like the V8 but returned some level of fuel economy.

Well done on fixing the pixels, I wonder if it's much the same to do this on other German motors that have similar issues 🤔

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