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Growing a Toyota Fleet


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Hi all, I'm Lucy and I'm a very big fan of Toyota's:

I'm planning to expand my fleet of cars in the future some day, but for now as a student all I can do is have my one car, and here it is:

It's my very own (ZZE120R) 2005 Toyota Corolla 1.4 T3 saloon, and in manual variety. I got it for something like £2000, and its on about 26600 something miles? The MOT says 27170 latest, but the man at the garage was supposed to put 26170. Oh well. It seems to be in decent shape, and the 4ZZ-FE runs great and suits my city driving demands.

Anyways, updates may go here. Thanks for reading!







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Welcome along, that looks like a really tidy car. I've always quite liked the Japanese compact saloons, something a bit novel about them as hatches are so popular on our market.

RE the MOT certificate having the incorrect mileage on it, I had this previously and I contacted the DVSA to get it corrected. If I remember correctly they mentioned that within a certain grace period (something like 30 days?! Someone will correct me if wrong...) the garage can amend the certificate too if they've made a mistake recording the mileage.

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  • 10 months later...

hiii! sorry for not replying, I'd forgotten about my account details for a while and only just got back to getting them reset- I've lost hope for acquiring my next Toyota, a dream of mine: An AE91/AE92 Sprinter Trueno. 

Instead, I go back to my soviet roots: I'm on the hunt for a Lada Samara, one similiar to my granddad's old one. Hopefully one day I might be able to snag a Trueno, in the far future when money isn't sooo tight, or maybe a HiAce or something similiar! Would love to have a support van for me and my girlfriends shitboxes, although I fear there might not be any space for a third car, let alone the Corolla and the Samara I will get next.

So far with the Corolla, which a friend aptly named Carl, nothing much has happened - I've serviced him with genuine parts and oil (cheaper than equivalent castrol), managed to put a small scratch in the rear passenger side of the bumper (sad! will get it fixed myself one of these days when I've got the right weather) and the headliner is still saggier than a cheese pizza from a cheap prison cafeteria. Running fine at about 28k miles!

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If anyone has any leads on a Samara for sale that is fairly cheap, please get in contact! Would love to own one, as my dad had to sell my granddads' one back in Russia when he passed, and I always loved that shape and that car ever since then. Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but it would mean a whole lot to me.

Many thanks!

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On 6/27/2022 at 10:15 PM, J R Hartley said:

Looking forward to updates.  I do like 90s/00s Japanese tin and yours looks very rust free.

I think the saloons were built in Japan and the hatches made in Derbyshire.

Oh! Fun fact, the saloon/estate were built in Turkey, so received lower spec than the hatch: no fancy options, no heated leather, no steering wheel audio controls, no colour nav etc. Still, none of that is really needed anyway, this is plenty of car for daily driving.

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18 hours ago, Executive said:

I'm on the hunt for a Lada Samara,

Can't be many Samaras left. Might be worth a look on howmanyleft.co.uk to find out if you're hunting for something as rare as hen's teeth. 

18 hours ago, Executive said:

the headliner is still saggier than a cheese pizza from a cheap prison cafeteria


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