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  1. I know most people only pass through but it has to be Dover
  2. The precedent has already been set by the climate change bloke. It will become an issue when there is a clash between rights say, trans rights and someone's philosophical and/or religious belief that people are the sex they were born with. LACS aren't disputing his arguments on the vegan stuff, just that he's a twat not a whistleblower
  3. I know its trite autoshite but been rewatching Ronin this week, what a great load of cars 😀
  4. Mrs H's Leon Cupra was like this, this morning, its less than a year old so not just an old car thing!
  5. As one of the major providers of GAP went bust recently (Lamp) its probably not going to be an enormo scandal. The insurance thing is very roughly that if you're the sort of person who leaves sorting your car insurance to the last minute you're likely to be the sort of person who takes other unnecessary risks so the premium is loaded to take account of that.
  6. That was one working theory, the other was that instead of getting her a guide dog her relatives had just bought a black labrador and a harness and hoped for the best
  7. I used to work with a blind woman who had a guide dog, god knows how the thing ever passed his training, he would walk her in to every single solid object around, desks, door frames, random pillars... One day the canteen were doing bangers and mash and he ran into the canteen at 100mph with her being dragged virtually horizontal in mid air behind him. I spose what I'm trying to say is not all guide dogs are made equal
  8. Group of 'bad ass' middle aged bikers went passed the house this morning. Forgive me - I don't understand the genre - but what is the point of speccing a brand new black on black Harley and then riding around in a hi-vis "POLITE" jacket 😂
  9. That tyre looks like a transit connect to me, so I'm going to say it's because van driver
  10. Pang of nostalgia for the green seats of midlands trains GLWC!
  11. Insane ETA i was only posting to rofl at 'big hoops' but the pics blew me away
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