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  1. Looks similar to the Grinnal Scorpion
  2. Was going to say they are part of the same chain but a quick Google shows one is part of The Restaurant Group plc and the other Restaurant Brands International. Best avoided either way
  3. perfect* for covid camper conversion carry on
  4. Corley services had a well used secret entrance/exit. It's been a while so I couldn't say whether it is still in use. I prefer Tibshelf to Trowell or Woodall on the m1, for a long time there was still a Wimpy there, now a McDs sadly. It's generally quieter than the other services and not so far to run for a pee
  5. Shame, there are some absolute furniture bargains to be had if you have a van and don't mind a bit of heavy lifting
  6. I've only ever played the first one but my car of choice was a brown Regal, maybe a Cossie if I was feeling spicy
  7. To be fair that's just two bags full in waitrose
  8. Tbf, when I was delivering pizzas it was amazing how many people thought they'd spend their time that way whilst waiting for delivery. Nothing wrong with that but make sure your dressing gown is closed properly before you answer the door ffs
  9. I definitely filed: what's your postcode? BE11 3ND for future use 😄
  10. I see you've already met the kids. You have my sympathy. When I was doing this there were a couple of bailiff squads who specialised in dealing with travellers. Unsurprisingly they all loved a scrap. As a general rule they complied with the injunction and moved on before that was necessary. It was always very messy
  11. When I was a trainee solicitor I had the dubious privilege of serving the injunctions on traveller's sites on behalf of the local authority (and some private land owners on occasion). The adults were all verbals which was fine, you could ignore it or give it back depending on your mood or the situation. What I couldn't stand were the kids. They all clearly knew they couldn't be arrested (under 10) and so they'd be unleashed throwing stones, glass, dog shit you name it. I carried a sturdy umbrella which deflected all but the worst, but did make me very conspicuous
  12. Not sure if this floats anyone's boat. The graphics are pretty speshul
  13. Quick spot in Morrison's car park
  14. Tbf I think they do cover it off in the film (sort of). In the scene where they're modifying the cars "Will it take the weight?!" "Yes Charlie"
  15. Not sure if this plate sends the right message🤔 https://dvlaauction.co.uk/auction/B247/A80FKU
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