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  1. Check out those wipers!
  2. Not much to live like a Duke
  3. All those words and not a single decent photograph of any part of it. A picture paints etc etc
  4. Delivered pizzas in one in the early 2000s. Red with a big yellow light up telephone on the roof. The 3 pot sounded good but it had to be driven flat out everywhere. All the controls were incredibly heavy. I once saw 75mph on the clock, that was as fast as it would go. It died an undignified death at the hands of teenage me when the engine caught fire in the middle of my shift, in the car park of the shop, and nobody hurried to put it out. Still, it was the vehicle in which I perfected handbrake turns and for that I will be forever grateful
  5. My mum had a turbodiesel one of these when I was learning to drive, so I'm quite nostalgic about them. Clutch was very heavy but the seats were comfy and you could get a decent amount of bass out of the speakers, obvs v important when 17. I much preferred driving it to the 1.2 Corsa b that replaced it
  6. This is a terrible post because no photo, there is an ERF EC11 tipper still doing quarry runs passed our house. Several runs a day over steep country road. It sounds absolutely mint on overrun coming down the hill.
  7. I dunno but I've done 3 of them, make of that what you will...
  8. I get a travel allowance from work so, when I was doing the commute, it mattered cos every mpg was cash in my pocket. Having said that I run a 1.8 petrol mondeo and find 38-40 mpg is the best mix of speed and economy over a very mixed 80 mile round trip. Anything steadier and it becomes unbearable pretty quickly
  9. I am one, cannot remember the last time I received a fax and haven't sent one in over ten years. We have a fancy system that converts emails to faxes (and vice versa) so it would be easy to do. I agree that it's simple and secure, as long as it has paper in it its not a problem!
  10. Tbf they're not wrong about the security thing, partly because who has a flipping fax machine now anyway
  11. They'll run on contaminated fuel so (assuming you can find a supplier) could be relatively 'cheap' to run. UAZ452 would be the ultimate day/surf van. And for peanuts compared to a VeeDub
  12. If gangsta rap has taught me anything its that PO means 'parole officer'
  13. Lots of (most?) people are prepared to pay a more money to have certainty in their outgoings (paying for peace of mind etc). Its the same reason the majority of people fix their mortgage at a premium when tracker rate mortgages have been consistently cheaper for the last 15 years. People will happily pay for someone else to carry the risk. We have one pcp and one not so I'm on both sides of this
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