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  1. It's a time of year thing tbf. Half of them are ex commercials so they've earned a break Henshite, your birds are our concern
  2. It was a really nice journey home, very comfortable and no surprise its very happy at 60/70/80. Its been a while since i had a diesel. The old skool turbodiesel power delivery is hilarious but lots of fun once it comes on song. Stirring the pot for the right gear is fine because the gearbox is really nice to use, which I wasn't expecting. Its a bit tricky on the hills by home when I changed up too quickly and caught a face full of turbolag instead of a nice wave of torque. It's clearly a nice example that's been well looked after, cheers again to dave hedgehogs for a smooth transaction.
  3. They've basically stopped laying. A dozen hens and I'm lucky to get an egg a day, and that's from the same bird. Lazy freeloading bastards
  4. Ta da! Big thanks to @davehedgehog31 Now I've got a long way to go and a short time to get there
  5. On the third train of the day, no photo because I'm surrounded by a hen do Will strip for pez tokens etcetc
  6. Waiting for train 3, nice station this
  7. Forgot my powersauce bars so the murderhorn will have to wait for another day
  8. It's not a saloon....
  9. Not as comfy as looks, my home for the next 2 hrs 30 mins. Still the phone charging socket is working and I have the entire Internet to keep me entertained
  10. The wheels on the buz go round and round...
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