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306 reasons to own an old Peugeot

michael t

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Phase 1 Peugeot 306's are, in my opinion, exceedingly attractive little machines. The facelift in '97 modernised the looks but killed a little of the style and individuality. Still would obvs...

So when a late phase 1 appeared for sale in my locality I knew I wanted it. Add in the fact it had been owned by a (presumably elderly) lady since 2001 and looked rather fresh in the pictures I thought it was worth an inspection. The test drive showed a hefty oil leak, grumbling front wheel and squidgy brakes. 'Want' levels exceeded the maximum mark. A deal was done and cash exchanged. This little beauty was mine....

I spent a little more on it than I usually would on an old car but this is only the second  Irish Ph1 306 I've seen in years. Sadly there's no service history (apart from a stamp or two about 25 years ago) but it seems well cared for with no visible rust and no dents or scrapes. It's the 'Genoa' model which as far as I can tell must be a Peugeot byword for 'fuck all' as it does not have a passenger airbag, or front foglights or rear headrests. It also has keep-fit windows all around and plastic trims. I love a bit of poverty.

It drives fantastically and sits at 70 without any hassle at all. The oil leak will need attention as will the groaning front passenger wheel. Just a wheel bearing I'm sure......

Anyway, what do you all think?






Ooops! Almost forgot. Here's the collection video 


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I love a ph1 306.

I may be biased due to my first car being a white 5 door XLdt that I ran on veg oil at somewhat more boost pressure than standard.


It's still odd how they decided to forego the left rear arch liner until ph3.

I got a left rear arch liner out of a ph3 in a scrap yard and fitted it to my ph1...

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There is something so right about a 306. We had an early 1.6, a late 1.4 petrol and a late 2.0HDi. we loved them. Incredible how much space is inside for how compact the my are. Handling is properly sweet too. We have since had Xsara Picassos which are based on the 396, but obviously no where near as fun!

Just the one photo, turns out I don't photograph my wife's cars 



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