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1963 Mercedes Benz 190DC Fintail. On the road.

Dyslexic Viking

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1 hour ago, 320touring said:

Great stuff! Hope you have a good journey and the car is great!


Any clues about what type of car it is? (People usually like to guess😁)

Thank you and i hope so.

And can give some clues.

The car is old, very old. Will be among the oldest cars on here and the oldest car I have owned, if it is a purchase.

It most likely started life as a taxi and I wouldn't be surprised if it has done half a million kilometers or more.

These cars were very popular taxis in their day.

I have also never driven such an old car before and if I buy it, it is at least 6 hours driving home in a heat wave in it.

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*Peter Kay voice*

A cake. Of breakfast?

A breakfast. Cake?

*Walks to far side of stage*

Did you just say a breakfast cake?

Am I hearing you right?

A cake for breakfast? Bluddy world's gone mad. 


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