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  1. Its gone now, did not stick around for that price! Anyone want to donate to my birthday trike fund
  2. Not ebay but FB Marketplace.. what a machine - would be on my way to get it if I had the cash! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1467078963902965/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A75136bd6-3661-42a0-9427-98bfcf9f74b6
  3. Ha thats a joke! The Government hate drivers.
  4. We are actually planning a few trips for this, 1st is Wales in August and France likely nearer the end of the year. Great car! Its bigger than you think inside as well. I miss the Vectra, but this car is great! And far more practical for our needs! Its turning into the main family car!
  5. Evening all. I have recently acquired this from a fellow member of this Parish. I really wanted to not care about this car so I can use it as a tool\dog car! BUT it drives so very well! Its so comfy and my wife loves it! And a bonus is..... its cheap to run! So far ive driven it 300miles its had new bulbs in all front facing lights, a new battery in the keyfob and a new battery for the car itself! The old battery was about ready to explode, not kidding - the thing was sizzling with smoke coming out of the vent holes! Not seen anything like it. Anyway, stopped just round corner from ECP and picked up a nice Bosch!! Thought maybe alternator is over-charging but it sits at a steady 14.3-14.4 so alls well there I think. I actually like the car a lot, it drives superb! Plenty of power out of the 1.6HDI for me and good economy. Next week, hopefully its going in to the garage for some work! A couple of electrical niggles that need sorting! WIll keep this post updated as things happen!
  6. That gooner looks tremendous! Ya just dont get interiors like that anymore.
  7. Not ebay but Matthewsons: https://www.mathewsons.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-151---1991-mitsubishi-galant-gls-i-auto/?lot=27983&so=0&st=&sto=0&au=75&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=96&pn=2&g=1 Thats a lovely old thing!!!!! Looks like its running as well!
  8. Changed the Insurance on my Vectra to the 207 SW...... Im saving money! Its £1 cheaper. No shitting. They even wrote me a letter telling me a such lol. Good old Hastings!
  9. Thanks all - a local place has quoted me £180 supplied and fitted! Bargain so I shall be getting that done.
  10. If it isnt one thing its another... Crack right up the middle of the windscreen and its spreading! And no, dont be daft, I dont have cover on my insurance. Quote 1: Autoglass - £980.82p Quote 2: Nationwide Glass - £508 Quote 3: Awaiting Quote Other than that, this car makes me smile EVERYTIME I drive it.
  11. VK51 FPC Has passed MOT, needed Track Rod end and rear suspension arm bush. Job Done I love this car!!
  12. OK quick update: This happened. Which means the 'other' foreign key, is on my keyring with the main key acting as Keyfob and works excellently. Thatll do for me.
  13. Yeah tried that, Test does nothing at all. SOmeone mentioned iMay need to find the security code to login to the module.
  14. Quick Update. Glove Box Handle fitted. 5 minute job - once I had found the handle on ebay that was not £90. Dash cam is now fitted (Piggy backing off of Wipers Fuse) VCDS - Hex-2 lead has arrived - had a quick play around with trying to to the adaption for programming remote key fobs but Alas, did not get very far. Why my VCDS looks differnet when I go into the adaption part I am not sure - suspect CCM might be at fault. My drop down at the top doesnt work, (No Documentation Availble) supposed to be able to drop that down and hit Remote Keyfob Programming. Investigations continue.
  15. New Bosch wiper blades fitted today, old ones where terrible. Might be getting some Hankook Venus 2's fitted shorlty - will see how funds go!
  16. Yeah SEAT badged wheels not sure about them yet.
  17. I have acquired a new car at the weekend. A 2005 Audi A4 2.0 TDI. Remapped - very quick and quite loud (Sports exhaust - possibly a Tony Banks in Leeds Exhaust will have to check). Drives absolutely cock on. Gave it that name because it reminds me of the Mustang in Gone in 60 Seconds (Colour). Has 145'ish K Miles in reality, but clocks say 175k as there was a replacement engine fitted, before engine went in Belts and clutch where doen as well as Turbo. Its not perfect, there are a few jobs that need donig - first and foremost it needs tunes. Audi Concert keeps locking up (TADTS) and only way to shut it up is to remove negative battery lead. Keyfob needs a reprogram, going to need VCDS for that (Might have to borrow an cable for it) - if you change the battery in the key, it then needs resyncing to the car. Ive tried the methods online to no avail. Body work is tidy enough - it still has arches! Thats it so far. Will updat on progress as things move along...
  18. I didnt have to go far for these pics as it was parked in my Parking Spaces at my Offices.... 3.6 Mustang. Belongs to a neghbour at where my Offices are, he uses for spaces for his Fleet. I am sure for the right offer he would sell (and could possibly deliver).
  19. Can we let new members in? My Uncle is trying to join
  20. Anyway all you need is old Vauxhall deadlocks to defeat local scraots around these parts - hence thwarted theft of Cavalier polans when they couldnt unlock the doors lol.
  21. Its not just cars but Peds/Bikes is rife - more so now then usual it seems.
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