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A new day is dawning mx5 98 rusty af - seating sorted

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Can I have a refund there's no power

And no pez

No kidding - thanks to Steve and 1point cos Mrs Steve was watching the bike racing lol

Edge of Worcester now 

Churchill can kiss my arse 

Pics tomorrow

And new dawning?

Never owned a conv or a Mazda (cough @Conan )

Or techinally a Japanese car

Things of hate

The seat - I won't mention the hood cos yes its religious but the noise wasnt terrible ( I ride a moped) so used to more noise

Can't figure out the stereo so bunged a cd in it -seal ftw

The mirrors

No pez in it

The luggage rack 

Goes ok and I've not quite ragged the tits off it yet

Fuck Churchill again



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  • hairnet changed the title to A new day is dawning mx5 98 rusty af - seating sorted

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