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Sorry no pics but just got a 1988 Nissan Prairie!  Well boy got it to do up!  Think we will be busy lol 

Oh it's complete with disable ramp!

68000 miles,  starts and runs from fuel feed so maybe needs fuel pump fuel line and or filter.  Also handbrake cable and will do breaks too and see where we go from there

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The plan is to keep it stock disabled access and all but to turn it into a ad hoc camper with rear awning and removable interior bed.  Boy wants to do mobile photography at shows.  


Also and don't tell the mrs with the disabled ramp would make collection of a motor bike dead easy lol 

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Ignition re wired, petrol in, fan belt tightened,   STARTS and RUNS! Fan cuts in and sits at halfway when warm. 

Won't settle at idle so will give it a service and carb clean also has a slight blow in exhaust. 

Power steering notchy have topped up fluid but little difference. 

Electrics all work apart from interior lights and horn . . Not checked fuse yet may just need a clean up. 

That's it for today lol cheers biff 

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